Tortoise and The Hare 16th June 2012

Another tantalising 2nd yesterday with Motaraqeb 20/1 at the bookies, but 34 matched at Betfair. Anyway, the second returned at 6.2 (5.94 after com) leaving us 0.06 down on the day, minus 0.84 so far for the week.

Two for Hexham today:

3.35 Prince Tam 11/1, 15**, 5*
4.05 Lewlaur Supreme 12/1, 18**, 5*

**match or take Bf SP at off
*5 match or cancel at off

5.05 Panther's Run fits all the criteria except number of runners (only 7), but at 5.9 for a 1,2 place, I'm having a pop. You might notice that the 3.35 only has 7 runners, too; but because there was a withdrawal from original eight declared, Betfair still pays three places.


Whatever you do, have fun! 🙂

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  1. Ronnie Combo says:

    Thanks for these Matt, I am now following regularly. Unfortunately can’t get on Betfair here in Italy but having a pop all the same – great fun!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You’re welcome Ronnie, though it’s Mondo Ray who deserves your thanks. He’s the man with the long priced picks.

      Hope ‘la bella Italia’ is looking after you. I’m sure it is!


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