Tortoise and The Hare 18th June 2012

No jumps racing today, next meeting tomorrow evening. Today I thought I'd familiarise you with the system's winning odds values since we commenced using Betfair on January 1st 2011, by using standard common Industry prices within which to group our results, for example 20/1 - the most frequently occuring value on my chart - encapsulates exchange digital prices from 20 (19/1) through to 23.5 (22.5/1). Less than 20 falls into the 18/1 bracket, greater than 23.5 into the 25/1 slot, as per usual bookie odds.

20/1 is the Mode - most frequently occuring value, which is why I opted for it in the above explanation, with 19% of all wins. Splitting the remainder into above/below, we see that above 20/1 accounts for 43% of the remaining wins, the highest being a win of 95 (among the 6% of the 50/1+ group).

That leaves below 20/1 accounting for the remaining 38% of all winners, which includes the second most frequently occuring value - 16/1 - only just ahead of 40'1 and 28/1.

I hope that gives you an idea of expected results without being too complex or long-winded.


Have fun! 🙂

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