Tortoise and The Hare 1st July 2012

Summer jumps meetings are few and far between, but today we have Uttoxeter, and four fit the bill. As always, we are looking for decent prices in double figures on Betfair that are bigger than industry (bookie) odds. If greater than 10/1 (11 exch) isn't available, no bet. Place bets are 5+ or no bet. Selections are posted here  with general odds, followed by Betfair win and place bets. **means if not matched take Bf odds at off; *means if not matched cancel at off. 


4.05 Ultravox 20/1, 26**, 5*

4.35 Crazy Bold 20/1, 34, 7.2

5.10 Aviso 16/1, 21, 5*

5.40 Graceful Descent 14/1, 21**, 5*


3.30 is a class 2 race, therefore not within the required criteria for the system, otherwise Mohi Rahrere 25/1 ticks the other boxes and I'm on at smallest stakes at 40 and 8.


Have fun! 🙂

Your first 30 days for just £1
2 replies
  1. graeme says:

    Hope you hit a few today as might pay for a few extra ‘birthday’ beers later.

    21+ again geez, time flies 🙂


  2. MondoRay says:

    Is it a whole year since your last 21st? Wow. I know that time flies like an arrow, but remember, fruit flies like a banana 🙂

    Hope we get a winner or few…

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