Tortoise and The Hare 23rd June 2012

Whitehead Lad plummeted to non-bet status almost as soon as I posted, leaving us with 5 win bets and only matched on 3 placers, two of which fortunately did the job returning at 6 and 5, or 10.55 in total after commission. That was a profit of a mere 2.55 on the day, making our ongoing weekly P/L +3.49 after deduction of stakes.

As there are no jumps meetings today (therefore no system selections), I thought I'd do another of my occasional updates of how the system works. You might have noticed that we haven't had a winner since the 9th (36 selections), yet the placers keep things ticking over so there are no massive losses during this time.  I've looked back in my records (proofed to SpawnofHYS site and still there to be viewed) at the last two Junes and here's an interesting trend:

June 2010 - Losing run of 38 between 10th and 20th of month. Profit on WIN bets only for month using bookies' BOG - +55

June 2011 - Losing run of  51(!) between 5th and 15th of month. Profit on WIN bets only for month using Betfair - +49


Previously published profits monthly/annually have all been for WIN bets only, but knowing the value of the placers and being advised accordingly, I've begun including place bets/results as an integral part of the system since joining Geegeez last month.


A transparent and accurate record is all-important to published systems, so anything else you might need to know, just ask.


11 possible races to consider tomorrow, so in the meantime - have fun! 🙂

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