Tortoise and The Hare 27th June 2012

A poor week, where the 26 placers did well as usual, returning 36.59 after comm for a profit of 10.59; however, zero returns from the 29 win bets meant a loss on the week of 18.41, bringing the ongoing profit at the end of Week 5 down to +13.85.

Four at Worcester this afternoon, including the return of last Thursday's fun bet, William Hogarth, clearly expected to win last week judging by the amount of money bet on him. Today, dropped in class and trip, he now fits our criteria.

W3.40 Sky Calling 14/1, 18.5, 5
W4.15 Akadyr 16/1, 25, 6.8
W4.45 McKyla 16/1, 30. 5.2
W5.45 William Hogarth 20/1, 27.58, 6.6

Have fun! 🙂

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2 replies
  1. chris says:

    Hi Ray

    I’ve enjoyed this series experimenting with small stakes. The dry runs, like at present, really seem to pale with a winner or two!

    Quick question though – your selections here were for a meeting which returned four winners you hadn’t selected at 12/1 or more and several more placers in its eight races. Just curious to know what your method is for selecting one outsider over another!

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  2. MondoRay says:

    Hi, Chris, glad you’re enjoying it! To answer your query, outsiders win and place in handicap jump racing – chase and hurdle – much more than any other type of race. In the study of form and statistically significant trends, I have developed a system/method that indicates enough of these winners/placers to produce long term profits.

    Criteria include races of 8+ runners, which meant the four at Worcs yesterday. The 12/1 winner of the 3.40, Canadian Diamond’s best previous over hurdles was a 23-length 4th. My selection, which finished an unlucky 4th, had won races over this distance and had placed at this track.

    In the 4.15, Fearless Leader’s previous best was also 23L 4th, and on SOFT. My selection Akadyr’s place rate of nine from 22 and the odds available deemed it worth a punt. It finished 5th.

    The 4.45’s winner, Commanche Dream, once won a chase on soft going, but his best hurdling performance was a 47L 5th. My sel, McKyla looked to be an improver, finishing a good 4th by only 11L last time out. Finished 4th again here, but one to watch.

    Hope that helps, Chris!

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