Tortoise and The Hare 29th May

Selection unplaced yesterday = -2 points
Current bank +

7 selections this evening

Bal 6.35 Imperial Joey 25/1, 34*, 6**
Hun 6.55 Musashi 16/1, 24, 5.5
Bal 7.35 Twin Plan 16/1, 24*, 5**
Bal 8.05 Information 20/1, 32*, 5**
Hun 8.25 Yvonne Evelyn 14/1, 17, 5**
Hun 8.55 Galley Slave 12/1, 18.5, 5**
Hex 9.15 Almutaham 20/1, 25, 5.35

*all unmatched at Ballinrobe as market sluggish early
**match or cancel at off

Have fun 🙂

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4 replies
  1. Bill the Bus says:

    great finish to the night, shame Galley Slave faded, was looking strong but top pick with Almutaham……..

    • MondoRay says:

      Thanks Bill, at least the saver on Galley Slave – 5 place – paid off. Check in again tomorrow; I’ve a possible 7 during the afternoon and 2 for the evening over the water.

  2. Tom Bates says:

    Thanks very much for 14-1 winner in last, Almutaham!!
    I love this feature!
    Keep it going, please!!!!

    • MondoRay says:

      Cheers, Tom; nice to get the feedback. I do put the work in, and it’s been paying off for a few years now. I do emphasise that you get a Betfair (or other exchange) account. You would have got 25 returned (24/1)had you gone that way. The 5.35 I took for the place bet was way better than the 14/5 from the bookies! I’m proud to be part of GeeGeez after following Matt’s posts/blogs for so long.

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