Tortoise and The Hare 2nd July 2012

A shame that Ultravox (2nd 7/1) plummeted quickly into single figures making it a non-bet for us. In the words of their song, "It means nothing to me...". Also, Graceful Descent had a rapid descent in to 6/1, no use to us. Of the other two, Crazy Bold was a trier, finishing 4th and Aviso was matched for the 5 for a place (2nd 20/1), saving the day and leaving us with +0.8 points. Having peaked at 6.8, it was eventually returned at 5.9 BfSP, but I'm happy we got our asking price.

No jumps today, but tomorrow evening we have three races to look at, then on Wednesday I'll post the complete stats for the last 6 weeks.


Until then, have fun! 🙂

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