Tortoise and The Hare 3rd June

Although Hathamore was matched on Betfair yesterday, subsequent withdrawals meant we only got 14.3 and 4.2 after deductions.

No worthwhile markets formed yet on the exchanges, but I'll give today's possibles with a cautionary note on those with low early industry odds, marked with * but clearly 12/1 or less are worth watching on the exchanges for a few points more, similarly, 5 for a place probably won't be obtainable on up to half of these.

F3.30 Silver Accord 16/1
K3.55 Substitute, 12/1, 17.72
F4.00 Seventh Hussar 20/1
U4.10 Walls Way 12/1
K4.25 Baby's Hot 16/1
F4.30 Ray Diamond 12/1
U4.40 Inishrush 12/1
L4.45 Raheenwood 25/1
F5.00 Ilewin Tom 20/1
K5.25 Oscar Glory 16/1
F5.30 Appointment 12/1

I'll update prices as we go.

Have fun! 🙂

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