Tortoise and The Hare 5th June 2012

From yesterday's five, the one I indicated that I'd taken 5.68 on was the only placer (5.44 after commission) leaving us with a deficit on the day of 4.56, which brought this week's ongoing P/L down to +35.69.

We have four contenders today, showing morning Industry price followed by the win match we seek, or take BSP at the off; and the place match we seek, or cancel at the off.

Dpt 2.25 Ms Whatshername 25/1, 40, 6

Dpt 3.30 Maddoxtown 16/1, 21, 5

Ffo 4.10 Iheardu 14/1, 21, 5

Dpt 4.35 Kingsmoss 14/1, 21, 5


The requested figures aren't set in stone until they're matched; accordingly, as the off time approaches, they might be more favourably adjusted. It's usual with bigger priced outsiders for these matches to be met, but if money comes, shrinking the bookies odds, then it can be wise to adjust our requested figure downwards.


As always, the main directive is - Have fun! 🙂

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    • MondoRay says:

      Cheers, Graeme. Yes, good stuff. I’d dropped Iheardu when it plummeted to single figures, but the remaining three were matched, so a nice win (21) and two places at 5, left a nice 31, or 29.6 post-com, to add to the growing bank. Turned out nice again!

  1. Johnny5 says:

    Interesting stystem and staking plan

    Follow Matts SOTD with interest and wish you well too as looks a great opportunity

    Nice day today fella … here’s to more of the same for you this week

    • MondoRay says:

      Cheers Johnny5! Nice to hear some positive responses. Check my ongoing results against ALL the other tipsters and tell me what you think 🙂

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