Tortoise and The Hare 6th June 2012

Iheardu plunged into single figures yesterday almost immediately after I posted, so becoming a non-bet for us. From the remaining three came another nice winner plus a further placer for good measure. Three at Cartmel this afternoon -

3.15 Silver Steel 14/1
3.50 More Equity 16/1
5.25 Bagsy's Bridge 16/1

I suggest asking 21 win or SP, and 5 place or cancel at the off. And I'm going to do that right now!


Have fun! 🙂

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4 replies
  1. Joe says:

    Hi mondoray,

    Just wondering what system your using to pull these horses up with?



    • MondoRay says:

      Hi Joe, it’s a system of my own devising, distilled and refined over a few years to what you currently see, based on the fact that winning outsiders are found more frequently in handicap chases and hurdles. By applying other criteria – age, going, distance to name but three of the many – I’ve got it down to a fine art, or science to be more accurate! It’s not perfect (yet!) as there are occasional long losing runs; however, the placers get us through the winner droughts.

      Thanks for the post, hope that info helps.

  2. Joe says:

    Cheers for the reply.

    I was just wondering if it was like a key stat you were looking at within the hurdles or handicaps, but whatever your doing seems to be working! Keep it up.


  3. steve says:

    yes well done raymondo going well , just wish i had followed now from the start , but that always happens if you don’t

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