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Tough Times for Tipsters…

Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews

It was a bit of a struggle last week for the systems/services currently on review here at Geegeez and between the nine of them, they suffered collective losses of 31.92pts with only two services recording small gains of 0.5pts each over the past seven days.

SRT was one of the profitable services this week, hitting a 6/4 winner from its two selections. This is one of the less active services we've looked at, with just 52 selections in 35 betting days spread over the last 66 days. Mind you, if you look at the review which shows just 8 winners from the 52 bets and overall losses of 17.6pts, it's probably for the best that they don't put more selections up!

The only other service to show a profit was Duncan Robbins, who also made 0.5pts after finding 4 winners from 20 runners. A 20% strike rate over the week is decent enough, but the returns hardly made a dent into this service's prior losses and our full breakdown of this one shows they're still 5.2pts in the red with just five days of the review left to run.

As I said, all seven other services lost money this week, so in order of weekly performance, we have...

Over The Top, who "only" lost 1.79pts this week, but they did only have 3 place lays advised, of which two were successful. VRT continued to clock up winners, but they weren't quite as prolific as normal, as their usual 25% strike rate dropped to 19% over the week (4/21), as they slipped to a 2.25pts deficit. I should, however, point out, that they are currently still almost 39pts in profit after 51 days on trial and look fairly well set to get our seal of approval.

High Five are another who find winners with regularity, but when you play at the lower ends of the odds market, even a 37.5% weekly strike rate isn't enough to make any money. As it was, they hit 9 winners from 24, but still lost 2.76pts on the week. An 11.5% loss of stakes can be rectified, as our full review shows they have already made  over 28pts in the last 37 days. And it was a similar story for the Racing Consultants, 7 winners from 39 (18% SR) isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't enough to prevent them losing 3.78pts over the week. I'm sure that this will just be a minor setback for a service which is already 59pts to the good after just 23 days with us. The full details are right here.

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The story of profitable services having a poor week seems to be a running theme here and it proved the same for Winning Trends, who lost 5.78pts over the week, but are still 11pts in profit. This one places bets at Betfair SP and I can't help but wonder if using BOG bookies might improve their bottom line. It was also a difficult week for Michael Carr over at BackLucrative, who lost 6.17pts, despite maintaining his usual 15 to 17% strike rate. 6 winners from 38 this week possibly left him just hit away from profitability though, but if you read the full review, you'll see that he's still well ahead of the game with 15.8pts in the bag.

All eight of the above services have something about them that I could speak positively about, be it this week's performance or their overall results. Sadly, that just isn't the case for the last of the bunch and current "wooden spoonists" Top Notch Tips (sic).  Weekly losses of 10.39pts (29% of stakes) is bad enough, but the bigger picture shows an overall deficit of 27.4pts in a little over 5 weeks, despite a reasonable looking 28% strike rate.

And there you have it, a collection of widely available commercial tipping services all struggling over the last week, but if I may blow my own trumpet for a while...

Our very own Stat of the Day continues to perform at the highest level. We hit three winners from six over the last week and made 8pts profit from those selections. We had a 1-in-3 strike rate in June (8 winners from 24) and the resultant profits of 10.6pts were the equivalent of a 44% return above stakes.

This is no flash in the pan either. Myself and Matt have been putting up one selection a day for the last 32 months and we're over 200pts in profit at an ROI of 23.9% and a strike rate of 28.9%, after clocking up our 250th winner on Monday!

Stat of the Day isn't a commercially available product as such, but forms just a small part of the excellent Geegeez Gold package. I personally think that SotD is worth more than the £24 per month we charge for the whole Gold package, but if you're not sure, we're more than happy to offer you a 10-day free trial of both SotD and the whole Gold package. If that appeals to you, then simply click here for more details.

Until next time, have a great week,

Chris & the Geegeez review team.

P.S. Don't forget that all our reviews can be easily found together in one place, our system trials section of the site.


Your first 30 days for just £1
2 replies
  1. twood715 says:

    Blow your own trumpet Chris because it sounds terrific. I know Geegeez recommends various tipping services from time to time but SotD has to be up there with the best. Six days a week selections which are well reasoned and offer value and a proven return. An almost guaranteed return every month.


  2. Manyanga says:

    Since I started with BackLucrative 3 days ago, 23 tips (June 30 – July 2) have produced just one winner (at 13/8). Extraordinary. Stat of the Day and Double Dutch have provided some relief, and I agree with the previous comment that it helps to know the reasons for the selections rather than backing tips blindly.

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