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Blimey, dear reader, who'd have thought it? The hugely awaited launch of Trainer Track Stats 2009/10 was due to be midday today (10 am if you're an 'early birder' - they catch the worms!), but had to be moved back due to a last minute change of heart.

Now for those of you who haven't been following the action, Gavin's given away an absolute shedload of racing related information and 'stuff' in the last week or so and, whilst researching all that lot, he sort of... well, he forgot that he still had a shed load of things to do to get Trainer Track Stats (TTS hereafter) ready for you..! What a man - so worried about 'moving the free line' that he forgot to release the paid thingie! (Sorry, I've been ribbing him mercilessly about it today...)

Anyway, your loss is his gain. When I spoke to him last night, he basically said he'd [insert rude word here]'d up, and what could he do to put it right. Given that he's now officially fresh out of freebies, we thought a price reduction might be a good idea. I mean, same great manual, new brilliant software, and less for people to invest has to be a good combination, right?

Well, I was a bit surprised when I awoke this morning to an email saying he'd lopped a full hundred quid off the price! But, fair play, it's his call, and I reckon its a very generous one at that (he'll certainly learn the lesson for next time).

So, all the detail is out in the open now, including the price. TTS will run from October 1st to April 30th, and you can get the whole shebang - manual, automated software, and daily selections - for a single one off £197. That's less than a quid a day, and it's also less than monthly subscribers paid last year, when there was NO software!

I know we hear cliches about 'recession busting', and such like (often from me!), but - considering Gavin paid three grand (I've seen the invoice!) for the software, and how hard he's worked on the manual for the last two months - I honestly believe this is a steal.

Incidentally, I should also add that there are other options for the 'traditionalists' amongst you (I was one of those until I saw the software - I'm now officially a convert!)...

If you just want the manual, you can get that for a single fee of £67 - you'll also get the first month's access to the membership area with the selections in it (but no bot access). If you want to keep getting the selections each day, it'll cost you £27 a month thereafter (that's ten quid LESS than last season).

NOTE, if you just want the manual, simply unsubscribe from the members' area - if you're not sure how, ask Gavin or me. It's dead easy. No catches here.

Any questions, just leave a comment below and I'll do what I can to help. I don't profess to know all the answers, but I've been in touch with Gavin a fair bit over the last few days, so I've got a fair handle on things.

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In fact, talking of steals and recession-busting, I wanted to show you why I believe that. So... not entirely with Gavin's permission (thought he doesn't normally mind), I've done a little sneaky preview video to show you:

a) why I think the research this year is better than ever, and

b) what the bot does and - more importantly - how unbelievably simple it is to operate.

Enough of the blustering from me, here's the video:

What do you think? If you like the look of the numbers, and the software, you're going to love TTS and - I'm assured - it'll be ready from midday tomorrow.

There's a lot of people waiting for this, and Gavin's spent about half of today responding to 'where's the link?' type questions, so if you think you want it, I strongly advise you get on the 'early bird will be offered the worm and has first option on catching said worm' list...

You can do that from the VIP members' area, and you can get to that by signing up here.

If you don't want to sign up for the goodies and the early bird option, fair enough. You'll still get an option to secure a copy from midday tomorrow (though there may not be many left).

Two final notices:firstly, the software will only work if you have a Betfair account (if you haven't, details of how to sign up are here). Secondly, your Betfair email address and the email address you use when you sign up for TTS need to be the same. If they're not, you can easily change one or other so they match.

Phew! That's it for this most interesting of 'nothing actually happened' Mondays... it feels very much like the calm before the storm...

Until tomorrow.


4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
11 replies
  1. Andy Stacey says:

    Hi Matt

    The preview of the TTS ‘bot’ was interesting and it looks a really good tool. Just wondered if you knew whether this ‘bot’ only worked in conjunction with the TTS system or whether it could be used independently to place other bets?



  2. John says:

    Hi Matt,
    Looks very similar to your own bot for the lays which while I am here got a problem with your bot It is laying horses(Treaty Flyer)@24 which cost me £460.00 on saturday and to day it laid (La Marseillaise) @22 Lucky it did’nt win. Any suggestions?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi John

      Yes, it says very much as though you haven’t set the ‘Also apply GLS Max Odds’ box in the bot. Do email me on if you need more help with this, and I’ll work through it with you.


  3. Eamon says:


    Can the bot be set up and left to run with the computer turned off or does it have to be set up and left on each day.

    Is it possible to load the selections remotely ie. onto the bot from anywhere that has internet access?

    As I’m at work from 8.30 to 6, I’d like to know before purchasing it.



    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Eamon

      The computer must be switched on, as it will need to connect to both the live shows data feed (on the internet) and also Betfair itself to place bets.
      That said, you can turn it on, and then leave it running whilst you get on with your daily life.

      Hope that clarifies – please email me if it doesn’t, and I’ll try to answer your further questions.


  4. Paul says:


    I see it looks exactly like your own Lay Systems bot. Would there be any problems running the two in tandem ?



    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      The bot is based on the same principles as the Laying System software, though of course this is a backing version. And no, there is no problem with running them both in parallel (though it is possible for a horse to be selected as a lay by Laying System and a bet by TrainerTrackStats – I’m not sure what I’d do in that situation!)


  5. John Shuff says:

    Hi Matt nice very nice.

    I’m guessing that the percentages come from back testing? Appologies if I’m wrong. Even so they are impressive. And the software looks simple to use.
    The only thing is with an average strike rate of 21% (1 in 5)what are the average odds?
    This being my only concern regards R,O,I.

    Cheers Mate.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bobby

      Firstly, thanks for including that other comment – I wasn’t able to get all three links in my previous comment for some reason!

      In answer to your question, Betfair odds are pretty much always higher than the starting price reported in the betting shops. The odds of horses being backed by TrainerTrackStats subscribers are up to 14/1. For this price range, an estimate of 16% over SP has been used (and is probably slightly conservative, if anything).

      However, it is also necessary to pay a commission on winning bets with Betfair. This ranges from 2-5%, so the results use the ‘worst case’ of 5% as a deduction. The aggregated percentage increment, factoring in the enhanced odds and the commission payable is 11%.

      I hope that makes sense,

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