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The Trends Experts service claims to have a superb track record of winning major races – with winners at up to 100/1 (161/1 on the Betfair Exchange) plus many very high priced places (at up to 100/1).

The profits are based on easily obtainable prices, advised early and the selections have also produced some huge winning forecasts and tricasts too. Like winning forecasts paying up to £1,355 to £1 unit stakes and winning tricasts paying up to £3,997, again to £1 unit stakes.

Trends Experts have a race win rate of around 50% and will usually tip in 1-3 major races on a Saturday. They also tip in other major races which are not run on Saturdays. There are typically around 10-12 races per month.

So far, in the first 10 months of 2018, the service has made 368.57pts profit at an ROI of 42.4%.

The selections are arrived at by an extensive analysis of the 10 year trends of each race and the focus is on major races, mainly handicaps of Class 2 and above.

The Trends Experts selections are emailed to members on the evening before racing and the email contains simple, step-by-step instructions on what bets to place, stakes and what profits to expect. There is also the opportunity to make money from combining the selections in multiples bets, forecasts and tricasts etc. You will also receive a detailed User Guide via email with full instructions immediately after joining.

How To Stake The Selections...

Each Trends Experts selection is backed to a specified number of points and there are multiple selections per race. The number of points recommended to be bet on each selection is based on the relative strength and price of the horse with the aim to make a race profit whichever selection wins but also to make the highest profit on the strongest selection(s). You just decide on the size of your point stake and stick to it on each race. In most races, the points total will be between around 10 to 15 points.

We are advised that Trends Experts subscribers will receive 10-12 races per month to bet on with the selections arriving the evening before racing and that we'd need a 100pt bank for safety.

All payments are made through ClickBank, which is a secure online merchant account. You can can cancel by stopping your subscription payment via ClickBank or by emailing Trends Experts directly.

And how much are those payments?

Monthly = £29.99 (after a 10 day free trial via this link)
Quarterly = £69.99 (22% discount after a 10 day free trial via this link)
Yearly = £249 (best value at 30% off the monthly price after a 10 day free trial via this link)

We'll now follow the progress of Trends Experts using a nominal £10 per point stake with the real emphasis on the ROI achieved by the winning bets.

Chris Worrall


Trends Experts Review Results

Trends Experts Day 1, 10/11/2018

Doncaster : November Handicap = No Winner (-15 pts)
Wincanton: Badger Ales H'cap Chase = 11/2 winner (+11 pts)

Daily Result = 1/2 = -£40.00 from £300.00 staked
To Date = 0/1 = - £40.00 from £300.00 staked
Current SR = 50.00% and ROI = - 13.33%


Trends Experts Day 2, 17/11/2018

Cheltenham: BetVictor H'cap Chase = 9/1 winner (+1.5 pts)
Cheltenham: BetVictor Gold Cup = 11/1 winner (+12pts)
Cheltenham: Regulatory Fin H'cap Hurdle = 5/2 winner (+3.75 pts)

Daily Result = 3/3 = +£172.50 from £447.50 staked
To Date = 4/5 = + £132.50 from £747.50 staked
Current SR = 80.00% and ROI = 17.73%


Trends Experts Day 3, 24/11/2018

Ascot: Gerard Bertrand Hurst Park H'cap Chase = 18/1 winner (+2 pts)

Daily Result = 1 /1 = +£20,00 from £160 staked
To Date = 5/6 = + £152.50 from £907.50 staked
Current SR = 83.33% and ROI = 16.80%


Your first 30 days for just £1

Trends Experts Day 4, 25/11/2018

2.30 Navan Troytown Handicap Chase (Grade B) = 10/1 winner (+15.25 pts)

Daily Result = 1 /1 = +£152.50 from £150 staked
To Date = 6/7 = + £305.00 from £1057.50 staked
Current SR = 85.71% and ROI = 28.84%


Trends Experts Day 5, 01/12/2018

2.25 Newbury – Ladbrokes Intermediate Handicap Hurdle = 5/1 winner (6.75 pts)
3.00 Newbury Ladbrokes Trophy Handicap Chase (Hennessy)  - No Winner (-15 pts)

Daily Result = 1 /2 = - £ 82.50 from £300 staked
To Date = 7/9 = + £222.50 from £1357.50 staked
Current SR = 77.78% and ROI = 16.39%


Trends Experts Day 5, 08/12/2018

1.30 Aintree - Becher Handicap Chase = No Winners (-15 pts)
2.25 Sandown - Jumeirah Hotels December Handicap Hurdle = No Winners (-15 pts)

Daily Result = 0 /2 = - £ 300 from £300 staked
To Date = 7/11 = - £ 77.50 from £1657.50 staked
Current SR = 63.64% and ROI = - 4.68%


Trends Experts Day 6, 015/12/2018

1.20 Cheltenham - Cheltenham Club Handicap Chase = 6/1 Winner (+12 pts)
1.55 Cheltenham - Caspian Caviar Gold Cup Handicap Chase = 11/1 Winner (+14.75 pts)

Daily Result = 2 /2 = + £ 265.50 from £312.50 staked
To Date = 9/13 = +£ 188.00 from £1970.50 staked
Current SR = 69.23% and ROI = +9.54%


Trends Experts Day 7, 22/12/2018

2.40 Haydock – The Tommy Whittle Handicap Chase
3.00 Ascot - Silver Cup Handicap Chase

Daily Result = 1 /2 = - £ 35,00 from £285.00 staked
To Date = 10/15 = +£ 153.00 from £2255.50 staked
Current SR = 66.67% and ROI = +6.84%

Please note for the purpose of this review we only use BOG


Trends Experts Day 8, 27/12/2018

2.50 Chepstow -- Coral Welsh Grand National
3.00 Leopardstown -- Paddy Power Handicap Chase

Daily Result = 1 /2 = - £ 103.75 from £310.00 staked
To Date = 11/17 = +£ 49.25 from £2565.50 staked
Current SR = 64.71% and ROI = +1.92%


Trends Experts Day 9, 05/01/2019

12.45 Sandown – Unibet Handicap Chase

Daily Result = 0/1 = - £ 50.00 from £50.00 staked
To Date = 11/18 = -£ 0.75 from £2615.50 staked
Current SR = 61.11% and ROI = -0.007%


Trends Experts Day 10, 12/01/2019

2.10 Fairyhouse - Dan Moore Memorial Handicap Chase (Grade A)
3.00 Warwick - Classic Handicap Chase (Grade 3)

Daily Result = 1/2 = + £ 150.00 from £310.00 staked
To Date = 12/20 = +£ 149.25 from £2925.50 staked
Current SR = 60.00% and ROI = -5.10%


Trends Experts Day 11, 19/01/2019

 2.40 Haydock - Champion Hurdle Trial
3.15 Haydock - Peter Marsh Handicap Chase

Daily Result = 1/2 = + £ 225.00 from 250.00 staked
To Date = 12/22 =+£ 124.25 from £3175.50 staked
Current SR = 59.09% and ROI = -3,91%


Trends Experts Day 12, 26/01/2019



Your first 30 days for just £1
9 replies
  1. Brian Ind says:

    See they use BSP in results if bigger than SP or BOG,why are they allowed to do this? Surely has to be SP/BOG OR BSP ?
    Like having your cake and eating it!!

    • Chris Worrall says:

      No, Brian.
      Some bets are advised at BOG, some are advised at Exchange prices and some at Betfair SP.

      No vendor gets to pick and choose which price we settle their bets at, the prices are stipulated pre-race.

      All that said, however, I do agree that there needs to be some uniformity to the prices advised, so I’ll discuss this with the vendor.


      • Brian says:

        Bottom of tips email,states:If a selection wins at a Betfair SP which is higher than either the price we have advicsed or industry SP,the price of the winner will be recorded on our results table at Betfair SP.This means a horse could be advised at say 12/1 drifts to 14/1 but is 33/1 on Betfair ,then the 33/1 would be recorded.Fair ? or not?

    • David Leslie says:

      Please note that we have taken on board all comments and adjusted our results reporting.

      The first point to make is that we were sincerely not attempting to massage performance. The performance of the service with a near 400 point clear profit and 50% race strike rate since January 2018 speaks for itself. What we were trying to do (and in some cases has been misunderstood and construed as “massaging”) was simply to point out to members that the best returns would be achieved by backing selections differently according to their price i.e. broadly speaking a selection advised at below 10/1 would best be backed at the advised price with a BOG bookmaker and that higher priced horses would normally show a bigger return by being backed on the Betfair Exchange.

      However, to avoid confusion and any suspicion of “massaging” and after consultation and discussion, including with the service reviewer, Cash Master, we changed this advice a couple of weeks ago, to read as follows:

      Our selections table shows the current best prices available with bookmakers. We recommend that:

      a) You place bets on selections shown at prices of up to 9/1 with Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers.
      b) Where a price of 10/1 or greater is indicated, you either take a better price if it is immediately available on the Betfair Exchange or you place the bet on the Betfair Exchange at Betfair SP. We will record results at Betfair SP on all selections shown in the table at 10/1 or greater.

      So, we clearly state that results will reported as:

      1. Advised price (where this is below 10/1) or better ISP.
      2. Betfair SP where the advised price is 10/1 or greater.

  2. Tripper says:

    Such a dodgy way of recording results by the vendor would be more than enough to pass on their service.

  3. ronnie says:

    They do have a habit of spinning the results in the best possible light.
    As each race has multiple selections a high strike rate is to be expected but it means that in each race you stake usually as much as you stand to win or more.
    Multiples and forecasts / tricasts require either large outlay or small stakes per entry to cover all the selections.
    So far picking on relative strength does not work you have t cover all permutations.

    • David Leslie says:

      As explained above, we advise a staking plan on each race and specifically state whether each selection should be backed at the advised price with a BOG bookmaker or on the Betfair Exchange. Our results/performance is reported according to those recommendations so there is no “spinning”.
      It is also not correct that “in each race you stake usually as much as you stand to win or more”. A review of our detailed results table shows what is the case and clearly, we would not be 368.52 points in profit this year if that had been the case.
      As regards multiples, forecasts and tricasts, we specifically state that:
      a) these bets are entirely optional – a “bonus” if you like – and that all selections need to be included.
      b) unit stakes should be at a level which the member can afford and can be from 1 pence upwards.
      c) the results table shows numerous instances of where tricasts, for example, have paid out at odds of thousands to one, up to around 4,000/1.
      d) Multiples bets (each way doubles and trebles) are not shown on the results table but can easily be calculated from the wins shown thereon. There have been instances of those paying out at odds of up to over 3,000/1.
      e) We only report our P&L on win bets.


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