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Below are the details for the upcoming promotion of Geegeez Gold, which begins with probably the best freebie I've ever offered, Trainer Track Stats 2018/19. That product has sold regularly at the £57 price point and has been sold every year since 2006. You can download it here.


The quick version: please send an email to your list promoting TTS on Tuesday 25th September at 10am. Affiliate link instructions, and email copy, can be found below.


The Promotion

This is a promotion for a seven month (six month recurring thereafter) subscription to Geegeez Gold. The periodicity is a little strange, but naturally follows the National Hunt season in the first instance, running from October to April. Tracking is done via both IP and cookies, first click sticks, and tracking is lifetime. The subscription price will be set at £149, with a downsell to £30 monthly (current price). Prices will rise to £36 monthly after this promotion window, but existing subscribers are grandfathered at their current rate; so there is genuine urgency in this 'last chance' opportunity as well as it being essentially 7 for 5 up front, then 6 for 5 (at the old price) thereafter..


The Timeline

The plan is to follow a launch style timeline, as follows:

Tuesday 25th September 10am UK time:

Mail to your list about Trainer Track Stats. I've attached some swipe copy below which I encourage you to tweak and tailor to suit your voice and the elements which will appeal most to your readership. Apart from anything else, it's quite long!

Usual caveats about not mailing early apply: apart from 'not being cricket', I'll take the page offline until 9.59am so there won't be anything there! [Sorry, but there's always one, and it's not fair on everybody else].

Nothing for you to do after that if you don't want to as I'll be providing oodles of goodness as follows:

Day after opt in: A reminder to download the report

2 days after: A short 'how to' for people unsure of what to do with the content

3 days after: "The making of TTS", a report outlining how people can do similar research if they're sufficiently minded; and what to look for/avoid.

Thereafter, we go back to fixed dates, as follows:

Monday 1st October:

'My Story', the [mercifully] truncated version. And some content around the impact of the draw on flat races.

Tuesday 2nd October:

'Proof' - various demonstrations of how the kind of stuff found in Geegeez Gold is making people better punters

Wednesday 3rd October:

More free stuff, this time a look at PACE, the most overlooked key element in British (and Irish) racing today. The 'tutorial' will lead into a heads up on the offer, which opens on...

Thursday 4th October:

From 10am, I'll open the sales page and will email the opt in list (as well as my own list, of course) with details. On this date, you are welcome to email again, and I will be happy to provide some content for an email if you'd like.

Tuesday 9th October:

The offer will close on this date, and the price of a monthly Geegeez Gold sub will rise to £36 from the following day, Wednesday 10th October. The annual sub will remain at £297 for now.


Your Affiliate Details

You can log in to your affiliate account here: https://www.horseracingexperts.co.uk/affiliates/

The link to use for the TTS giveaway on 25th September will be in the form


where xxx is your affiliate id (a three digit number).

You can get the full link from Marketing Materials > Text Links from the menu in your affiliate panel. If you've forgotten your affiliate details, mail me and I'll help you get back in.


Refer A Friend

Assuming I can make the tech work - big assumption given my track record! - I'm going to try a refer a friend with an ipad up for grabs. All entries will get access to a page where the TTS qualifiers will be posted daily. I will of course feed back on how this pans out in case it might be something you want to use going forwards. (For info, I'm planning to use KingSumo Giveaways to do this).

I'm not going to do this now - it's too much faff without a guaranteed payoff...



If you've any questions, just drop me a line at matt-at-geegeez.co.uk.


Swipe Copy for 25th September mailout


The original, still the best. Now free…

Big profits since 2006. Free for 2018/19 [but hurry!]

Grab your free copy of this jump racing bible

[FREE Report] 40% strike rate (winners up to 10/1)


As we move into autumn and the leaves start falling from the trees, thoughts gravitate to those hardy heroes of the jumping game.

The big guns will soon be stretching their legs, many of them with Festival targets six months down the track.

And, to celebrate the changing of the racing seasons, how about a brilliant, proven winner-getter?

TrainerTrackStats (TTS) has been the jump race fan’s punting bible since it was first published in 2006 for the 2006/7 jumps season.

Back then, David Pipe won more races than any other (134 - he was 32nd last term with just 33 winners from 361 runners); Willie Mullins trained 79 winners in Ireland, 23 behind Noel Meade (he trained 210 last campaign, Meade 57); and Gordon Elliott had no winners from 30 runners in his first full season training in Ireland… but he did saddle the Grand National winner in England!

Meanwhile, TTS rewarded its followers with £1,207 profit (£20 level stakes, BSP) in that inaugural run. Their initial investment? £57. The following year, the profit returned was £1,936 to the same staking. And so it’s gone on for more than a decade…

Fast forward to 2018 and, for the first time (and for one week only), TTS is available for no charge.

[LINK] Download your copy of TTS here >>>

So what exactly is TrainerTrackStats?

Well, if you’ve not heard of it before – where have you been?! – it is, as the name suggests, a guide to the very best trainer/track combinations in Britain.

While most of the trainers have a negative profile overall, there are places they like to target with specific types of horse. Trainers, like all of us, are creatures of habit: what has worked for them in the past is what they look to replicate in the future.

The guy behind this, and the original creator of the format back in 2006, Matt Bisogno, has whittled 410 candidate trainer/track combinations down to just 45. That small subset form the ‘A Team’ in this free report and are expected to provide an average of two bets a day throughout the season.

Last season’s qualifiers amassed a whopping ‘five bags’ - £5,095.20 – to £20 stakes. And they did so at a strike rate of 40.58%, with winners at up to 10/1.

[LINK] Download your copy of TTS here >>>

For those who like a bit more action, Matt has included a ‘Director’s Cut’ in the back of the guide which contains the next best 61 trainer/track combinations, all of which have passed strict criteria for inclusion even on that ‘second tier’ list.

[LINK] It’s all free for just the next few days, and you can get your copy here >>

What are you waiting for?!