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First up, dear reader, and by way of closure on the matter, thank you thank you thank you for your overwhelming and most generous support of both this and the Nag3 blog. I knew we had a loyal following but I had no idea that so many of you would 'stand up and be counted' by leaving a remark.

And what sound sense you make as well. Some pointed to the right of aggrieved punters to speak (absolutely supported in this camp); many resonated with the personal accountability element; and all were positive in their overall view of the blogs. Your kindness is truly appreciated, and both Gavin and I will continue to do 'our bit' by giving away loads of stuff and nonsense on an ongoing basis. [In fact, there's something at Nag3 now - no email required as is usually the case. :o) ]


To today, and lots of racing with the return of evening action to support the usual afternoon meetings. They race at Kempton, Southwell and Folkestone this arvo, with later races at Towcester and Bath (and Limerick to boot!).

At Folkestone, the draw can be a little tricky, and I'll be keeping a close eye on the opening 2.00 race to see which way the race falls. It's likely that the side favoured here will set the tone for the rest of the meeting (at least in races up to a mile), so it could prove enlightening. As things stand, course and distance winner, Miltons Choice (trained by Milton himself, of the Bradley clan) has the toppermost draw after the defection of Bataleur. He won the race last year and, if the bias is to high, then he'll go well.

Should it be low that prevail, I'd row in with Who's Winning. He's got his ideal conditions here (6f, good ground, and has won off much higher ratings). Moreover, he's a three times course winner, twice at the trip. Brendan Powell suffered a mediocre season over the jumps (as TTS punters will know), but he's way better than that as a trainer and his horses are now coming into form again.

These two against the field should give us a decent run. A point of caution however: many of the jockeys are extremely inexperienced apprentices (and all are apprentices), so small stakes only.

Your first 30 days for just £1

[STOP PRESS: First three home drawn 2, 4 and 1: low have it.]

At Kempton in the 4.50, Count Paris - being a son of Pivotal - may well prove effective on the All Weather, but the one bold duck egg to date gives limited hope, despite Mark Johnston's string flying and the attractive booking of a certain cheeky Italian in the plate (no, not me!).

Silent Hero is a progressive beast, but his draw in stall 2 looks tough to overcome, and this is a lot tougher than the Southwell contest he picked up as a juvenile.

I'll overlook them this time, in favour of Seek The Fair Land, who won last time out at Wolverhampton by five lengths to demonstrate his wellbeing. It's true that this is a far stiffer challenge, but he has proven his wellbeing as a 3yo (i.e. that he's trained on) and, from trap 6, he can stalk the likely pace-setter, Bobbie Soxer, and hopefully quicken at the furlong pole. At around 8/1, he looks an each way value punt.

Over at Southwell, a horse for whom I have a soft spot runs on unfamiliar territory. Pagan Starprincess is a thoroughly genuine young lady, and will take a lot of passing in this two miler (3.40). It's no surprise that she's been well backed, and she's worth a wager this afternoon. The mitigation for my reservation about this being her first run on the all weather, is that she wins on soft ground when hurdling, and the deeper surface here ought to suit. The kickback of course remains an unknown.

Bath tonight is, as it often is for me, unfathomable. I was looking for a low drawn front runner to oppose over 6f for the FRP subscribers last night, but could not find one alas. There will be other days for us soon enough.

Best of luck whatever you're backing today.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Steve says:

    Haven’t been able to get on the blog for a few days but just want to add my support for both you both (here and at Nag3) and all the work you guys do.

    From what I can gather the comments you’ve obviously received over recent days are totally uncalled for, and those individuals who have lowered themselves to that level shouldn’t be visiting such blogs in the first place unless they can handle what’s on offer in the first place. We’re better off without them anyway, and hope they don’t return unless they change their attitude.

    Keep up your good work guys and your thoughts and comments ARE appreciated by the majority on here!

  2. Edward says:

    Hi Matt,
    Sorry for the delay, I have been going though the e-mails from both yourself and Gavin.
    I’m new to both yours and Gavin website joining around the beginning of April or so, although I have been betting on and off for a number of years.
    I would just like to send you my support for the the great websites/blogs you both do, I can only say sorry for those idiots who complained and as you rightly said you do not need or deserve people like that, trying to rubbish the excellent work you both do.
    I only wish I had found you both long before now, I think it’s incredible the time and effort you both put into this and for free and I can only say thank you.
    Keep up the great work and I am look forward to a long and as you said over the med to long term profitable time together.
    Thank you once again.

    Edward Warhurst.

  3. Larry says:

    Just to affirm what it is you guys do and what Gavin has done today. Kempton 4.20 Dubai Dynamo Gavin picked out this horse this morning so I had a score on the nose at 14/1 early price with Hills. The horse won easily going away from the field, I walked way happy with 300 quid in me pocket. Am going to Sandown on Friday and Gavin, Dubai Dynamo and Hills have financed my day, thank you I’m much obliged to you both.

  4. GeorgeH says:

    On fire or what!? Seek the Fair Land a super winner at really decent odds (I got 7-1 from Hills earlier).

    Jolly good spiel. Thanks.

  5. barry clements says:

    got dubai dynamo 8/1, thanks gavin. just got seek the fair land 6/1. thanks matt. who says they cant pick em. well done both of you. critics wind your necks in. barry clements wincanton.

  6. Brad M says:

    Tanks both had 40e/w on Dubai Dynamo and 50e/w on Seek the fair land, so cracking day. Thanks both

  7. Philip Hoddell says:

    Well done Dubai Dynamo and Seek the Far Land

    Should shut those whingers up…..but probably not.

    Keep up the good work


  8. Cornelius Quinn says:

    I missed Dubai Dynamo and to add to the confusion I thanked Gavin for Seek the Fair Land. However I’m sure he wont mind, and I give you a belated big thank you.
    Many thanks

  9. Edward says:

    Thank you Matt and Gavin for a great day managed to back Dubai Dynamo at 18/1 e/w with Sky bet and got Seek the Fair Land 7/1 e/w.
    Thanks, 🙂

  10. dermot says:

    whos laughing now thanking you matt and for a every good day
    dubai dynamo 16/1 seek the fair land at s.p

  11. David Dickinson says:

    Morning Matt
    Just a quick line to say thanks for pointing me towards seek the fair land.
    Had it in a patent with Gavins selection which I got at a tasty 16/1 .
    Keep up the great job your doing.

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