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I received a lot of emails a couple of weeks ago, dear reader, when I recommended a forex trading package called TUFXP (short for The Ultimate FX Predictor). Most related to enquiries such as how easy was it to use, could anyone use it, and so on.

The others related to the price being prohibitive, or the fear that it would take too much time to operate, or that it might not be from a reputable seller, or whether there'd be enough liquidity if 'everyone' was doing it.

I'm posting again on the subject because I've just heard that TUFXP is being taken off the market on 31st July, and will not be reinstated at all this year and, if/when it re-emerges next year, the dreaded price hike is likely. I'm also posting again because I think this package is fantastic. And regular readers will know that there are VERY few services out there about which I say that.

In this post, I'll try to go through all of the above points and, hopefully, by the end I'll have armed you with all the info you need to decide whether or not it's for you. Suffice it to say that I'm enjoying 'paper trading' it, am showing a good profit, and will be trading for real from mid-August (holidays and other commitments preclude an earlier start).

So, if you think this might be of interest, read on for the answers to your outstanding questions...

PLUS I'll show you the exact settings that a friend and colleague of mine used to make £56,270 in a year at £10 a pip...


You'll probably recall from the month long test that my forex man, Graham, undertook, that this is a serious tool and has huge profit potential.

Indeed, the figures from that trial were pretty darned impressive - the GBPUSD pair (i.e. trading between Pounds Sterling and US Dollars) figures are repeated below:

As always, these are the figures for those taking profit targets, not letting trades run and using three possible profit-taking points (+25pts, +30pts and +50pts) and three possible stop-loss points (-10pts, -15pts and -20pts).

They are bang up to date and are the final totals…


5-min chart

61/108 trades (56.48%) made +25pts…+1055pts with 10pts stop…+820pts with 15pts stop…+585pts with 20pts stop.

55/108 trades (50.93%) made +30pts…+1120pts with 10pts stop…+855pts with 15pts stop…+590pts with 20pts stop.

38/108 trades (35.19%) made +50pts…+1200pts with 10pts stop…+850pts with 15pts stop…+500pts with 20pts stop.

15-min chart

30/35 trades (85.71%) made +25pts…+700pts with 10pts stop…+675pts with 15pts stop…+650pts with 20pts stop.

28/35 trades (80%) made +30pts…+770pts with 10pts stop…+735pts with 15pts stop…+700 with 20pts stop.

19/35 trades (54.29%) made +50pts…+790pts with 10pts stop…+710pts with 15pts stop…+630pts with 20pts stop.

30-min chart

16/18 trades (88.89%) made +25pts…+380pts with 10pts stop…+370pts with 15pts stop…+360pts with 20pts stop.

16/18 trades (88.89%) made +30pts…+460pts with 10pts stop…+450pts with 15pts stop…+440pts with 20pts stop.

14/18 trades (77.78%) made +50pts…+660pts with 10pts stop…+640pts with 15pts stop…+620pts with 20pts stop.

If you played the 5 minutes, you could have been between 500 and 1200 'pips' up on the month.

At 15 minutes charts, the profit range was between 630 and 790 pips, depending on your appetite for risk (i.e. where you placed your stop).

Your first 30 days for just £1

And on the longer 30 minute charts, you'd have made between 360 and 660 points.

Of course, to avail yourself of all trading opportunities, you'd need to sit in front of your computer a lot. But, even if you only traded for an hour a day, you'd still be looking at 10% of these figures (i.e. 36 to 120 points profits for an hour a day!)



I do appreciate that the above is all well and good if you know and love forex already. But what about if you're new to it and don't really know all the terms, and are afraid of the potential downsides?

Well, the below video should help you to understand how the signalling software works. Basically, you turn it on when you're in front of your computer, and wait for the audible sound signal and the visible symbol signal (both of which are simultaneous of course).

This video is presented by Keith Cotterill, the creator of TUFXP, and it clearly illustrates how you use the tool.

But TUFXP is much more than just a brilliantly accurate signalling tool. It's also a fully supported training course, in both a manual and a video course. It'll take no more than three hours or so to get up to speed with what happens and how you use the kit.

And you don't need to worry about liquidity... Forex is a £1.6 TRILLION business. EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! (That's how you can continue to be successful as often as possible and not even dent the surface... unless you turn into a George Soros type in short order!)

When you first start, if you're not familiar with forex, you should be 'dummy' trading (i.e. not using real money - the software will allow this). After a couple of weeks - or however long you need to get comfy - you'll be ready to play for real money. And, if you've already decided it's not for you, just send it back.

As with everything recommended here at geegeez, you either get a free trial period or a money back refund period. And you don't need to worry about whether the guarantee will be honoured, as you do with some racing systems. TUFXP is promoted by one of the biggest companies in UK information publishing. Canonbury Publishing have established their reputation for fairness and excellent products over more than a decade now, and they're not about to start welching on refund promises!



I've searched around the forums and forex websites for some unsolicited views on TUFXP, and have not been surprised with the amount of praise it's been receiving:

"how you getting on? I made 94 pips today. Not bad!!" mattyy

"All I can say is EXCELLENT...

The man is a genius and his advice and product are worth ever penny and more. I wish there where more people like him around. The world wold be a much better place. " sgm229

"I like the tufxp system for someone new and not knowing if you are going to find it workable and i think it will turn in to a good little money spinner and make an interesting hobby as well with all the reading of the financial markets....." Steve O

"It is brilliant, NOTHING is idiot proof, but the professionalism of Keith and his support team belies belief. Just go for it." Bejay

And... get this... TUFXP even has it's own fan website... check this out:



So you've seen how good the results are; you've read what users think of it (google it - I've never seen such unanimously favourable comment); you've watched Keith demonstrate how straightforward it is get 'in and out' on your trades; you now know that there is full training and support; and you also know that if you can't make it work for you, you can simply return it for a full and unequivocal refund within 30 days (that's over four weeks).

But, despite all this, I have to admit that I was worried about the price being prohibitively high, especially in the current economic climate. Keith and Canonbury are also aware of this, and have decided to make a concession.

And it's this concession, allied to the fact that TUFXP is being withdrawn from sale imminently, that has prompted my hasty missive.

Oh yes, the concession. I need to tell you about the concession. Basically, two grand is a lot of money to pay, even for such a well-respected, top drawer piece of cash creating kit as this. So, for these last few days of July only, you can take advantage of a 'three pay' option.

A 'what'?! A three-pay option is a means of spreading the cost over a period of time, in this case three months. But here's the kicker - what is means is that you get to try the whole thing for 30 days for just £649+VAT. If, within the first four weeks of using TUFXP, you can't see the profit potential... or you find it too difficult or time-consuming to operate... or you just don't like the sound of Keith's voice on the tutorials!... return it to the publishers for a prompt and courteous refund.

I know some of the guys at Canonbury, and they're a sound, reliable, eminently trustworthy mob. Which is why I'm happy to recommend so wholeheartedly a 'high ticket' value package such as this. (And, believe me, I get approached to promote much higher-priced, lower-value packages pretty much every week...)

I think I've said enough now. If you've made up your mind to get involved, or if you're not sure and need more information, you can achieve both ends by clicking this link.


As I say, if you've any questions, drop me a line at, but do it before the end of the month, or you'll be too late.

Along with Favourites Phenomenon (771 points profit since 2006) and my own Laying System (114 points profit since November last year), TUFXP is the only other service to get my highest recommendation.

Best Regards,



p.s. Once you've got TUFXP, you'll be interested in those settings that made over £56,000 in a year. That's a very decent salary right there, working part time from home... the post with all the juice is here:

Your first 30 days for just £1
7 replies
  1. mattgiffin says:

    when i trade i use the same principle on the horses…………do you think this software would work on the horses..or would this not work ?? been on my mind for some time now

  2. David Wilkinson says:


    How much of a bank was £56k generated with?


    David Wilkinson

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      It was £10 a pip. I’m not sure what bank size that was.

      Best Regards

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt,

    How long did it take you to pick up the TUFXP system and be able to work your own way through it. Having no experience at all on FX, do the training manuals alone give you enough info to be able to know what you are doing. Am thinking about buying the system at the last minute and wondered if maybe Graham would be available for a training session on it.


  4. Matt Bisogno says:

    Hi Kevin

    It’s taken me a few days to get the hang of it. But only at a couple of hours a day. The course materials are very thorough, and there’s both DVD’s (that you can pause, rewind, replay etc), and a manual which has a transcript of the DVD’s.

    Regarding trading, I’m playing for smallish stakes at the moment, as I want to make sure I’m doing it right. But, so far so good.

    Graham is a Forex guy but not affiliated to TUFXP in any way. TUFXP itself has excellent support, both on telephone and email.

    Bottom line: you try it, you can’t make it work, you get your cash back.

    Hope that helps,

  5. Steve Eyre says:

    Had this system for about 6 months and its only 20% accurate and produces more losing trades than winners. Support team are very nice but have not solved the problem losses now stand at £200 plus cost of datafeed,etc.

    System is a no go and advise everyone to keep there money and/or find something else to trade Forex with. I feel ripped off.

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