USA Road Trip / Fancy Fillies Update

Still alive, dear reader, but suffering from serious sleep deprivation, due to burning the candle both ends and in the middle over the last eight days.

I'm currently in Orlando at a conference, and will be back in dear old Blighty sometime on Thursday.

In the meantime, a quick update on Fancy Fillies laying system. After a blistering start that saw us up nearly £400, there were two winners (and therefore losers for us) last week, which brought us back to the c. £250 mark, prior to Riobamba redressing the balance by finishing only 4th on Friday.

I've not been able to report the weekend selections for obvious reasons, but I can tell you that today's pick to get beaten is Chirkova in the 12.55 Leopardstown. She was trading at around 3.4 early doors, and is now at slightly bigger.


By the way, advance warning that you will be hearing a lot from a fair few people about something pretty cool that is happening next week. Yes, of course I'm involved ;o) and so are lots of other top guys. I can't say any more than that at this stage (I'm sworn to secrecy!), but rest assured that all will be revealed in due course.

I'll be back with more later. Off the conference now (caffeine drip at the ready. I seriously believe that America's economy would seize up if caffeine was made an illegal substance!!!).


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