Using Query Tool to find Heavy Ground Angles

It's been raining. Rather a lot. Those courses which have dodged the abandonment bullet are largely racing on heavy ground just now, and that presents a challenge for us punters because most horses have little or no form on such a testing surface.

So how do we mitigate for this? Plan A for most is to guess. Not ideal.

Plan A for Gold subscribers should be to do a little digging; and in this shortish video I'll show you a couple of ways - via Instant Expert and the Query Tool - to home in on those sires whose progeny might be worth marking up when the mud is flying.


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Hope that's useful.


p.s. It's Royal Ascot next week - whoop! - and if you haven't yet secured your Gold subscription, you can take a £1 trial here (new users only, please). Alternatively you can access a short-term seven-day sub for just £12 by clicking here. Good luck!

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Your first 30 days for just £1
6 replies
  1. jashmeade
    jashmeade says:

    Thanks Matt, great video, i’ve had no luck using the Query Tool in the past and have all put given up trying to, to be honest with you. BUT after watching this video it has given me the confidence to give it another go, as i now know where i have been going wrong! (i don’t think the family will see much of me this weekend now).

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi jashmeade

      I’m really sorry that you’d struggled to get to grips with QT. There is a learning curve with it and I’ve not done enough in terms of this kind of video to help.

      I will try to do at least one QT video a month, to demonstrate various bits.

      In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do ask me.

      Enjoy your weekend, and apologies to the family!


  2. chrispj
    chrispj says:

    Very useful Matt thanks, I learnt a lot – I must read the manual in future!
    Will look forward to your next videos on the QT.

  3. Richard Carter
    Richard Carter says:

    Great video as always Matt. I’m a big user of QT and have been since it’s inception. Today’s video just clarified for me that I’m doing things correctly.

    Of more interest to me were the “Bisogno angles”! Be great if we could see some of these revealed in more depth in future videos?

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice you hide Peter May’s speed ratings, are these not something you refer to / use at all?



    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      Yes, I’ll be sure share some of my angles going forwards though it’s important to note that I use them to highlight things which are not necessarily profitable in or of themselves; rather they may be positive indicators.

      Re SR, good spot. You probably know that I don’t personally follow Stat of the Day, or indeed any other tip. Not, obviously, because of profitability reasons. Rather, the reason for that, which applies to SR, RPR, and TS, is because I prefer to back my own judgement in everything (for better or worse).

      One fine day, I hope to produce my own figures. But it’s an undertaking I believe is enormous and I don’t know enough about how other figures have been derived to use them in my own betting. Others love ratings of course, which is why Gold provides them.

      Hope that clarifies,

  4. mlcblackwell
    mlcblackwell says:

    Great video Matt… thank you.

    Thought I’d apply the same logic at York today albeit on soft going.

    The 4.05 Maiden obviously had little or no horse form but the Sires data highlighted Coach House with a 44% place strike rate from 16 runs on soft.

    At the Betfair price of 110 I thought it was worth a little each way dabble – Magical Max WON

    Thanks again…

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