Geegeez Reviews Update

Victor bucks the trend…

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez System Reviews Update : 19/11/14

October & November are pretty difficult time to be a "tipster", trust me. Yet whilst all those around were losing money the VV Late Value Service from Victor Value was the only one of our triallists to make money.

The VVLVS service managed to make 7pts on the week, thanks to finding three winners at decent prices which more than covered the losing bets, which is always the aim! 😀 It also takes the service back into positive equity, giving them a chance of ending their review in credit.

Unfortunately, the other 7 services on trial lost over £440 between them to advised stakes, which makes a pretty big dent in most of their figures as you can now see below...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Sovereign Racing £424.14 (at day 59) 59 -£116.40 Click Here
Post Racing £363.19 (at day 48) 48 -£94.39 Click Here
Betting Insiders Club £231.20 (at day 60) 60 -£52.50 Click Here
TrainerTrackStats (TTS) £59.32 (at day 43) 43 -£59.96 Click Here
VV Late Value Service £47.50 (at day 57) 57 £70.00 Click Here
Betting Investments -£2.15 (at day 39) 39 £0.00 Click Here
Soccer Tip -£60.45 (at day 50) 50 -£63.30 Click Here
A Jump Too Far -£308.36 (at day 50) 50 -£54.72 Click Here

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Betting is cyclical at the best of times and Sovereign Racing is a good example of this. They're enduring somewhat of a sticky patch at present, as typified by a loss of 11.6pts on the week, but such has been the strength of their selections throughout their trial period, they still sit proudly at the head of the table with a profit of over 42.4pts with one day to run. It should also be pointed out that those profits are to Betfair SP, less an assumed 5% commission, so they could probably have been even more successful using BOG bookies at 11.00am when the selections are sent out.

I've enjoyed following Sovereign Racing and I'm quite confident in giving them an endorsement at the end of the review, not that I want to prejudge anything! Betting Insiders Club is another I'm happy to endorse. They've performed well under review, making 23.1pts profit, but those portfolio selections are just the tip of the iceberg as to what they offer. I've been a full paying member of the Club for over three years now and I don't like spending money that I don't need to!

In fact, despite the recent poor form across the board, there's only one service that looks beyond redemption from a review point of view. I know that the author of A Jump Too far really knows his stuff and the rules for the service are both logical and sound. It just hasn't happened for them this time around.

I promised you new reviews and they are coming; I've been unwell this week and haven't had the energy to start the new reviews off, but I'm coming back out the other side now and we'll definitely have some news stuff for you in next week's roundup.

If there's a product you like to see us review or if you've any questions about any services, why not add a comment below or email me at the usual address. I promptly answer every email I receive and I look for ward to hearing from you.

All the best, as always,

Chris & the Geegeez Reviews team.