Geegeez Sectional Data Chart: Squid Diagram

Video: Sectional Data Overview

In today's video, you can catch a first glimpse of not one, but two, new things!

First off, want to know where is now based? The introduction to this video reveals all - fancy Italian coffee shop included 🙂

More importantly (perhaps, what is more important than coffee?!), today I reveal for the first time how Gold subscribers will be able to interact with the sectional data we're soon to publish.

Please don't worry if you're new to sectional content, and/or if it doesn't really make sense at this stage. Over the next year and beyond I/we will be doing lots to bring certain sectional scenarios to life so that you not only understand what the data are saying, but also when they're saying something notable in the context of today's race.

I'm not a sectional expert; rather, I'm a publisher and a student of (old style) form looking to cut my teeth in this new time-based world. It will be an interesting journey for all of us, and it starts for you - if you want it to - with the video below...


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5 replies
  1. Ian
    Ian says:

    Hi Matt

    Fascinating! I look forward to see how this progresses as there is so much useful information here.The main question which you may well being going onto later is whether there will be the possibility of predicting the kind of race (perhaps in similar way to pace) that might be run, given the characteristics of the horses involved. And of course identifying possible contenders.

  2. betman
    betman says:

    This looks extremely interesting – when will it be included?

    Obviously, I would love for it to somehow also be included in the QT, but in all honesty I am not quite sure how that would be… 🙂 More realistically, like it was also mentioned in a previous comment, getting the software to estimate (based on the horses involved) how the race can be expected to be run, would be excellent. Then perhaps the next thing would be to make some kind of “calculation” on how suited the individual horses are vs today’s race by giving them some kind of percentage score (e.g., 100% means the horse’s racings style is perfectly suited to how the race is expected to be run etc.). Anyway – lovely work and look very much forward to be able to use it.

  3. mrplow
    mrplow says:

    Delighted you are doing this. Been doing a lot of work and reading on these angles, hoping we can hover up.

  4. Sluggy5084
    Sluggy5084 says:

    Chuffed to see you are including sectional data, I was looking at a way to incorporate this into my form study and here it is

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