VIDEO: Using Trainer Snippets for Profit

Trainer Snippets is one of the newer Geegeez Gold features, and it's a brilliant insight into how trainers operate. I've written about the content before here, but was asked if I could record a video on the subject of Trainer Snippets. Well, Barry, happy to oblige (and thanks for the prompt).

In this video, I explain what Trainer Snippets are, the two places to find them, and why and when they're useful. I also highlight a few examples using this afternoon's racing.

I also reference A/E and IV in the video, with a link to more info on that. For expediency, here is that link.

Anyway, on with the show. I hope you find it useful...


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    chrisiwyg2 says:

    Are there any plans to extend the snippets? I’ve seen some revealing stats from Horseracebase about profitable runs on second start following a trainer change for example.

    I’ve had an email conversation with Chris Worrall about this and have just realised he didn’t actually say whether anything was planned.

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      It’s an interesting request, and probably one we can do. Actually, technically, we can definitely do it. It’s just a case of working out how to accommodate it from a presentation perspective…

      Will add it to the list.

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    chrisiwyg2 says:

    Regarding your Distance Move snippet, an interesting anomaly.

    Toon River (3.00 Gowran) is highlighted today (as he was in December) because of the increase in distance. But the horse’s four wins have all come following a reduction in distance.

    This must make Mary Hallahan’s stats of 33% winners even more impressive.

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Very good spot! It’s fair to say that she’s a bit of a dab hand with playing around with distances, regardless of how Toon River runs this afternoon.


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