Video Walkthrough: Picking out a Place 6

I've always been a big fan of placepots, and these days I play Place 6's at Colossus Bets most days. The reason for that is related to the better features and also the ability to frame syndicates, which I regularly do.

In the video below, I walk through how I scope up a meeting. It contains a good few pointers on strategy, and some tactics I deploy as well. As it turned out, it was a losing bet. Worse still the race that went down I was influenced in a way I very rarely am: by a whisper for a horse! Even worse still, I gave the winner - a horse with no form - a big shout on a trainer angle. Sigh. The dividend was £360, and my ticket is shown beneath the video.

Hopefully you'll find something of interest in the recording. And if you'd like to play Colossus Bets pools yourself - I recommend them - there's more info here:

Account Registration

  1. You need a Colossus account. If you haven't got one, you can sign up here and Colossus will fund your account with the same amount you bet in your first 72 hours, up to a maximum of £100. YOU MUST USE THE REFER A FRIEND CODE TO GET THE BONUS (SEE BELOW).
  2. You can be a friend to geegeez by using the 'Refer A Friend' code, geegeez - Colossus will then send a small rebate to us from their takeout when you bet. They welcome winners and you absolutely do not need to lose for us to get our small commission. In fact, they give us a tiny bit more when you win, which is why I'm keen to promote them. So please, take down some of the big pots, would you?! 🙂
  3. Here's the signup link again (and thank you).


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Your first 30 days for just £1
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