Viva Las Vegas

Apologies, dear reader, for the recent pause in proceedings. It has taken me a day or two to acclimatise to my temporary surroundings. Fortunately, with the aid of Mr Gordon's fine tipple and Mr Schweppes' equally excellent mixer I am now back into a groove...

So what's happened in my absence? Well, on the system front, quite a lot. Except, obviously, for the Legacy which continues its aestivation (summer hibernation does have a word, and that's it! Thanks to anon for the comment / insight).

So nothing to report except that, unless you like your systems slow and (potentially) steady, Legacy may not be for you...

Over at Fancy Fillies, and the system continues it most purple of purple patches. Jon, the FF selections man, tells me they have had an unbroken run of losers (and therefore winners) since 1st October.

Given that this is three weeks and FF lays shortish priced horses, that's some run. Of course, after a good run expect a bad run, so this will change soon enough. But the merit of the system is highlighted by this nevertheless.

The results to date, official and unoffical, are as follows:


Date Course Horse Name Odds Position Stake Payout Returns Balance P/L
£900.00 £0.00
09/10/2008 Newbury Dunes Queen 1.65 3 £47.70 £0.00 £47.70 £947.70 £47.70
10/10/2008 Lingfield Applause 2.6 2 £50.00 £0.00 £50.00 £997.70 £97.70
14/10/2008 Leicester Three Clouds 2.82 2 £53.00 £0.00 £53.00 £1,050.70 £150.70
15/10/2008 Kempton Key To Love 3.32 4 £56.00 £0.00 £56.00 £1,106.70 £206.70
16/10/2008 Nottingham Gilt Edge Girl 2.9 3 £59.00 £0.00 £59.00 £1,165.70 £265.70
17/10/2008 Dundalk Caherassdotcom 2.02 3 £62.00 £0.00 £62.00 £1,227.70 £327.70
21/10/2008 Lingfield Our Day Will Come 3 3 £65.00 £0.00 £65.00 £1,292.70 £392.70


Date Course Horse Name Odds Position Stake Payout Returns Balance P/L
£900.00 £0.00
08/10/2008 Nottingham Bees River 2.3 2 £47.70 £0.00 £47.70 £947.70 £47.70
09/10/2008 Newbury Dunes Queen 1.65 3 £50.00 £0.00 £50.00 £997.70 £97.70
10/10/2008 Lingfield Applause 2.6 2 £53.00 £0.00 £53.00 £1,050.70 £150.70
11/10/2008 Hexham Laureldean Melody 2.44 1 £56.00 -£80.64 £0.00 £970.06 £70.06
12/10/2008 Bath Miss Sophisticat 2.86 3 £51.00 £0.00 £51.00 £1,021.06 £121.06
14/10/2008 Newcastle Allformary 2.8 1 £54.00 -£97.20 £0.00 £923.86 £23.86
15/10/2008 Kempton Key To Love 3.32 4 £49.00 £0.00 £49.00 £972.86 £72.86
16/10/2008 Nottingham Gilt Edge Girl 2.9 3 £52.00 £0.00 £52.00 £1,024.86 £124.86
17/10/2008 Dundalk Caherassdotcom 2.02 3 £54.00 £0.00 £54.00 £1,078.86 £178.86
18/10/2008 Catterick Glamorous Spirit 3.3 4 £57.00 £0.00 £57.00 £1,135.86 £235.86
19/10/2008 Cork Western Rose 2.36 9 £60.00 £0.00 £60.00 £1,195.86 £295.86
21/10/2008 Lingfield Our Day Will Come 3 3 £63.00 £0.00 £63.00 £1,258.86 £358.86

Whichever way you look at it, that's over £350 profit since we started tracking on 8th October. Pretty tidy, no?

You can get it now if you want to here. Or you can wait until the end of the month, knowing that for the next ten days I'll be posting the selections here anyway (at least when I can, as the fact that I'm eight hourse behind you is causing problems in blogging in a timely manner currently). Moreover, I'll offer a full review at that time too.

Today's lay looks like being Wajaha in the 2.40 at Great Leighs.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Meanwhile, over at TTS... The predictable bad run came, and we went fifteen runners with just two winners (10/3 and 5/2). But bouncebackability is something that ardent followers of the system (and there are quite a few!) have come to expect. And again, today TTS didn't disappoint.

Although qualifier The Nightingale fell in bizarre circumstances AFTER the last with the race in the bag, our other runner, Shalone at 6/4, was the beneficiary.

Later on, Sir Harry Ormesher won at fat juicy odds of 12/1. And earlier, Bump In The Night just failed by a neck at 14/1.

TTS is now a whopping £863 up to betting exchange odds for £20, and is even spanking the bookies for £593 at SP (not that any of you savvy punters settle for SP any more - if you still are, you should click the betdaq banner up and to the right and get an account set up toute suite / pronto / sharpish, because you're leaking money. Why in these days of choice would anyone accept 12-20% less money on a winning bet?!)

TTS is still accepting members, and you can sign up here should you so wish...


On to matters pending, and the reason for my foreign foray is of course for the annual puntfest that is the Breeders Cup.

Santa Anita hosts the cards this year, and - for the first time - there will be 14 races over two days. I've been slaving over the Daily Racing Form for most of today, and reckon the Euros have a great squeak in a number of races.

It is my duty to publicly humiliate myself again by telling you my nap bet of the meeting, in which I am suitably invested. Goldikova is the horse (mare actually) who will be finding ways to get beaten when victory seems inescapable.

Long time readers will know that when I put my cash down in a big bundle, fate tends to raise its middle finger at me and evaporate said loot.

It was the way with Sizing Europe in the Champion Hurdle when he cruised into contention only to go wrong. It was the way with banker place bet, Blazing Bailey, on whom Ruby decided to have one of the worst rides of his career. And that only after regular pilot Choccie Thornton decided My Way de Solzen was the better stable option. That Thornton would have made the frame is beyond doubt in my mind.

It was the case last year at this very meeting when Dylan Thomas sank without trace. No excuses there, the horse just failed to run any kind of race. And it was the same with wondermare Ouija Board the year she finished second in the Filly & Mare Turf.

(Of course, I've had it off on Ouija a couple of times as well!).

So, yes Freddie, you are the man. Or l'homme as I should say. And Goldikova's form is head and shoulders above anything else in the race. With normal luck in running, she should win. 7/4 may not be your idea of value, but value is a relative term and, relative to this field, she is no better than an even money - perhaps slightly odds on - chance for me.

I will be back later with more thoughts on the BC but, for now, say a little prayer for my bank balance and Goldi's safe passage to the winners' circle.

Pip Pip!


Your first 30 days for just £1