Walk Away Winner System Review

Walk Away Winner system review

Walk Away Winner system review

WalkAwayWinner System Review - Scam? Yes!!

As outrageous scams go, Walk Away Winner is really plumbing new depths. Walk Away Winner is an abhorrent scam of a 'betting system', which will cripple you financially if you follow it.

The sales copy says, "There are tons of crappy 4 page ebooks that say things like “just bet on short priced favourited and you’ll get lots of winners!” Yeah! You’ve seen for yourself how well that one works!"

This is a shocking eight page ebook, only three pages of which are dedicated to the Walk Away Winner 'system'.

I honestly don't know how to find words for how awful this is. It's not the £37+VAT it will set you back that's the killer, especially. Nor even the ugly and aggressive upsell that follows. No, it's the fact that if you were foolish enough to use real money on this system, you'd... excuse me... do your bollocks brains, pronto.

A better reason for paper trading a new system I've yet to see. Within a few days of paper trading this lamentable waste of bits and bytes, anyone of any level of betting experience could see how god forsaken it is.

Walk Away System Rules / Results

Quite simply, there are five rules and a staking plan. Let's first consider the rules.

Running them through a system builder tool returned the following yearly results.

Walk Away Winner system results

Walk Away Winner system results

Your first 30 days for just £1

Yes, that's a triple figure LOSS in every single year...

Now to the staking plan. This is a scarcely believable TEN PER CENT of bank per selection!!!

I mean, seriously, a four year old could probably come up with a better system and money management approach than this. I'm fairly confident that in over twenty years looking at betting systems, this is THE WORST product I've ever seen. Ever!

Quite simply, your bank would be lost entirely well within the first part of the first year, at any point during the last decade.

This is excruciatingly bad, and the company behind it - who have produced some half decent efforts off their largely spammy production line - should be ashamed to publish this.

I sincerely hope they do the decent thing and pull Walk Away Winner off the market immediately. It's contemptible.


p.s. If you have bought this, here's how to claim your refund.

1. Check the email from Clickbank for your order ID. It will look something like this:

2. Go to https://www.clickbank.com/orderDetail.htm?clear=true and enter the relevant details, as I have below:

3. Click the 'Get Support' image on the next screen, as per the below:

4. Choose 'more options' from the drop down, and then click the 'Request Refund' radio button. Fill out other fields to your own tastes, as in the example below:

5. You will receive confirmation that the ticket has been opened when you click 'send'. If the vendor tries to close the ticket, or otherwise avoid refunding, contact Clickbank directly using this link: https://www.clickbank.com/txnLookup.htm


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27 replies
  1. Kevin Bray
    Kevin Bray says:

    If this is a backing system, could you not turn it on its head and lay the selections for a profit?

  2. DAVE
    DAVE says:

    Hi Matt, thank you again for exposing such dross. I’m not tempted these days but I might have been when I started out.

    It occurred to me though, if it’s such a terrible backing system, maybe then it’s a brilliant LAY system.

    Back to the drawing board.



  3. ken
    ken says:

    is that the profit/loss or what barclays have lost that is the worst loss i have ever seen i personally dont get reeled it to these betting scams i get loads of emails about them i personally buy my stuff from highstakes bookshop but before i do see if there is any feedback on the book

  4. Roger
    Roger says:

    Now then Matt, its not like you to use such language. I would imagine you will have left some of your lady readers scratching their er er heads as what to make of that one lol.

  5. Geoffrey William Kember
    Geoffrey William Kember says:

    Matt…. Good one. I might have been tempted 20 years ago, Whats happened to your ex RAF
    Buddy and his system….. I was interested in that !!!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Geoffrey

      RAF Ray is doing well – turning a little profit as I write – in what is traditionally the slowest part of the season for his system. So, in short, we’re pretty pleased with how a) the results and b) the odds are standing up.

      We may be opening to the waiting list in August, but we want to see how many of the triallists stay on board first.


  6. Gordon Mills
    Gordon Mills says:

    Well Matt, you certainly tore this excuse for a system to shreds and good on ya for doing so: Without watchdogs like yourself pounding the beat while we sleep more and more suckers (Myself Included) would enter the nightmare senario and wake up broke:

    There should be a review body which forces these fly-Be-Nights to submit their trash for scrutiny before being allowed onto the market: Maybe One Day eh:
    Keep Pounding the Beat PC Matt:

  7. Barry
    Barry says:

    Come Matt!!! It gives you 60days to have a look!! through ClickBank!!! Ok the past is crap!! but who knows the future!!! let you know results!!! nothing to lose to take a look!!!!!

  8. TOM
    TOM says:

    Thanks Matt, good to know some one is looking for these scams and passing information on to the average punter
    Regards td

  9. Martin Hudson
    Martin Hudson says:

    Well Done Matt for exposing such rubbish. Keep up the good work.

  10. Stuart W Hogg
    Stuart W Hogg says:

    Over the past few days I have assimilated all my methods into what I feel is the holy grail I have been seeking for the past 50+ years. It is a place only system based on the staking concept of Little Acorns, (yes, I know Little Acorns is a laying system), but which allows prices to be big enough to allow losses to be recovered at substantially less cost. I cannot establish the cost of recovering losses yet as I have yet to experience a losing, (that is non placed) selection within the past ten days. I would love to market this product but as Matt has agreed there is not enough fluidity in the market for this to be feasible. I have no doubt that myself and some close friends and relations will be able to do very well out of this assuming that, like all systems, it does not grind to a halt a bit further down the line. I will report on this in a few weeks time mainly from an egotism stance.

    • Stuart W Hogg
      Stuart W Hogg says:

      Correction – poor grammar. I should have written, “from an egotistical stance”

  11. Dave
    Dave says:

    Yes Matt, I signed for it yesterday, Read your urgent warning and promptly asked for my money back, I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole had I known what horse fertilizer it is.
    Thank you so much for advising me, Kind Regards, Dave

  12. stan
    stan says:

    i had a look at this and when i clicked on the disclaimer it opened up and had http://www.betturbo.com mmmmmmmm so i clicked on review only to find bad very bad review’s about bet turbo ,lets face it nobody going to make a lot of money out of systems if you can have a couple of sytems making a few points a month betting than buying crap that dont and wont work ,there are some around making at least 10-20 points a month ,

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      In five years online, this is one of the most observant statements I’ve read in the comments: “nobody going to make a lot of money out of systems: if you can have a couple of systems making a few points a month, better than buying crap that don’t and won’t work”

      So true Stan. If something keeps you out of the red, and gives you some fun along the way, that HAS to be a winner. 🙂


  13. Skweek1
    Skweek1 says:

    Thanks, Matt. Like Dave, I took one look at it and within 2 minutes had opened a request for a refund. I’ve seen some really naff “systems” but this one is just another rehash of the “follow all horses that were 2nd LTO” rule and, as you say, the “staking plan” is a joke. Thank goodness that Clickbank does seem to be as good as its word!

  14. geoffrey
    geoffrey says:


  15. Ian
    Ian says:

    Thanks for your tutorial on Clickbank Matt.I claimed back £34 which I had given up on for a system (not the walk away system)I had purchased.

  16. graeme
    graeme says:

    surely Clickbank have so many requests for refunds from disgruntled system buyers they would need to consider opening an investigation/research section to investigate whether or not these scammers are worth the effort BEFORE offering these things for sale??.

  17. Geoff. Kember
    Geoff. Kember says:

    All very interesting especially about Click bank, but I am sorry I can`t say that I would be
    tempted in the first place. Geoff. Kember.

  18. Barry
    Barry says:

    Hi Matt;
    I saw your WaW article, also how to get the money back!!!! thanks. Thought I would put it to the 60 day test Starting Bank @,100 Win bets 10er a day!!!!( just on paper) well you’ll be surprised It didn’t lose money!!!! at 1 stage the system had doubled!!! , but alas fell away towards the end, but after sixty days was in profit!!! 100 quid to 145 quid!!! A 100 pound day bets , would have given 450 pounds to the good!!!!!! better than a kick up the wotever!!!!!!

    So for me it can’t really be called a SCAM can it!!!!

    Oh by the way got my money back thanks to Clickbank

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