Geegeez Gold mobile-friendly racecards

Watch This! Geegeez Mobile Coming This Week

I'm excited to share that, later this week, we'll be introducing the new mobile version of the Geegeez Gold racecards and form tools. There will be little to no change to the desktop cards and tools, but users on tablet and mobile will see a quite distinctive new style. In the video below, I walk through how things will be in the new 'better mobile' world.

NOTE: This is change. Humans don't like change. Some things will require a little getting used to. Stick with it, please. I have, and I can tell you I now find the new mobile cards miles better than they were (and miles better than any others out there 😉  ). But, of course, I would say that, wouldn't I?!

Here's the vid...

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  1. Simon Morrison-Peacock
    Simon Morrison-Peacock says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the run through on the mobile version. It all looks fantastic. Looking forward to trying it out as will be ideal to look at when on breaks at work or out and about.
    Hope the launch goes well. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Yours in racing.


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