Wednesday Wamblings

It's Wednesday, dear weader, and I'm conscious you've not heard from me for a while. Weasons for this are thus... (time to dispense with the wascal wabbit pwose)

1. I've been experimenting with sending you less email

As I've tried to add more content - and value - to the geegeez site, and as excellent writers have offered their contributions, I've wanted to tell you about it on a regular basis, so that you wouldn't miss it.

I believe that the overall quality of the content on geegeez is better than any of the mainstream sites out there. I'm obviously biased, but the likes of Mal Boyle, Andy Newton, Tony Keenan, Ian Sutherland, and of course Tony Stafford have a freer reign here to write exactly what they think.

There's no editor politicizing their output; no 'ooh, you can't say that'. And the writers themselves enjoy that freedom more, as they do your kind words of support (something else you very rarely see on 'bigger' sites).

So, because of this, I've been emailing you most days to tell you what's new on the site.

But I've decided to stop cluttering your already crowded inbox, for a trial period, to see what impact it has on the site.

What do you think? Do you prefer email reminders of new content? Or are you happy to come over each day and see what's new? Leave a comment and let me know, if you wouldn't mind. (Thanks).

2. Here's what's been going on

So, having not been in touch, here's a quick run-down of what's been happening here on geegeez, with convenient links for you to peruse (they'll open in a new window, so you can still wead the west of my wamblings).

Mal Boyle has isolated the pick of this week's declarations, and the interesting runners therein, here.

Andy Newton has a view on the top trainer as we head into the St Leger meeting, which starts today, here.

Tony Keenan has some thoughts on how to get the best value out of the betting markets, here.

Ian's latest news stories, including pieces on the excellent Dvinsky and equally excellent Leger Legends race, can be found here.

And Stat of the Day continues to roll along (+106 points currently) here.

Oh yes, there's also Edge Your Bets, Tony Stafford's Sunday Supplement, and the racing system 60 day trials.


3. No Doncaster tips because...

Doncaster is not a good meeting for me. In fact, it's a bad one. In fact, I honestly doubt whether I'll have a bet of my own volition during the meeting (as opposed to one thrown up by one of my systems).

I thought Excellette was interesting in the 3.05 today, with her 100% place record in Listed contests (6/6) and her 5/6 record on today's going. But it's a warm race and even though she's 16/1, I'll probably swerve it.

She comes out badly on the trends for the race, some of which are quite strong. Twelve of the last fourteen winners were drawn eight or lower; ten were placed 1-2-3 last time out; twelve were aged four or five or six (3yo's 0 from 32); twelve were 8/1 or shorter; and, twelve were rated 100+.

A trends follower would be quite interested in Confessional.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Like I say, it's not a great meeting for me, so take the above with a pinch of salt. I do think Camelot has a decent chance in the big race on Saturday though. 😉

4.  We at geegeez are mighty fine at Fantasy Racing

Oh yes we are. What am I talking about? Only the wonderful British Champions Series fantasy racing competition which 160 of you entered. There are about 20,000 in the competition in total... and our league heads the 'league of leagues'. Oh yes it does.

Here's the proof:


Well done to our top team of tipsters there.

There are very few races remaining now, and some of them are this weekend (Friday/Saturday), so do keep getting your selections in. It could make all the difference.

5. Geegeez has a horse, and may soon have horseS!

As longer standing readers will know, Geegeez has had a syndicate horse for a couple of years now. Khajaaly is our chap, and he's won three races for us so far. But he's been off the track since March with a leg injury which required an operation.

Well, I'm delighted to report that Khajaaly is back! He's entered for a race next Monday at his beloved Wolverhampton (all three wins have come there) and, though he's likely to need the run after a long break, it will just be great to see him back.

I won't be able to get to the track this time, for reasons I'll explain momentarily but I know a number of the current syndicate will be. Best of luck to them, and give him a pat and a polo for me.

Here's a video of him winning this time last year.

Now then, I did say geegeez may soon have horses. As in the plural.

I am currently trying to pull together a second syndicate, this time for a National Hunt horse, to be trained by Anthony Honeyball. If you don't know about Anthony, he's a seriously up and coming trainer based in Dorset, and places his horses very well too, which means they get their winning chance, irrespective of ability.

Anyway, I do have an interested list for this already, which is very close to full if a majority take up their options. If you'd like to be added to it, drop me a line at and I'll send you the details.

6. I'm grounded...

The reason I can't get to Wolverhampton on Monday is because I'm currently grounded. Not allowed very far from Geegeez Towers.

And the reason for that is that Mrs Matt is eight-and-three-quarter months pregnant with Matt, Jr. Or Leon, as he will probably be known.

The little fella is causing poor Carole all sorts of grief just now, which she's heroically dealing with. But, naturally enough, I'm on standby for a frantic hospital run, two days of excruciating pain, and at least six years of no sleep. And that's just me.

When baby does emerge, I will be missing for a couple of weeks or so. Chris has kindly agreed to take on as much as he can, and I'll try to check in as often as possible, but it's likely to be a 'skeleton' service for a short time.

So, please do bear with us. Thanks.

7. And finally...

Although I'm not allowed outside of London, I am allowed as far as West Kensington, where the London Racing Club will be meeting tomorrow night. Lee Mottershead, the excellent Racing Post journalist (definite article used advisedly), will chair an evening in the company of not one Brendan Powell, but two!

Yes, father - ex-rider and now shrewd trainer - and son - promising young pilot - will be quizzed, Parkinson-esque, by yer man Mottershead.

It should be a fun night, and we might get a couple of dark ones to follow for the season. Come along and say hello if you can. Full details are here: (right hand side of the page, not very well highlighted!)


That's all for today. Like I say, do please leave a comment (just scroll down below) and let me know if you prefer the lack of email contact, or if you'd rather have it the way it was... or perhaps just a weekly digest mail. Or something else.

Also, do drop me a line if you're interested in getting involved in the racing syndicate. Places are filling fast, and we may well be into waiting list territory by the end of the week.

Best Regards,


Your first 30 days for just £1
24 replies
  1. Ian says:


    Firstly I am sure everyone will pass on their sentiments wishing you and Mrs B and Master B ALL THE VERY BEST – fingers crossed all goes perfectly!

    With regard to the website in general and your contributors my own personal view is that the balance, the content and the information is dam near perfect. I am not sure who you see your “main rivals” as, because I cant think of a site out there that gives such impartial, informative and thought provoking FREE information!

    Finally, I guess that sometimes “less is more” and you may well find “absence makes the heart grow fonder” in terms of mailings and their impact……enough of the cliches for now other than to say “keep up the good work”

  2. britwriterinphilly says:

    Hi there Matt,

    Reminders to new content on your website are always welcome for as much as I enjoy reading the content I do sometimes forget to visit the site to look at such regulars as Stat of the Day.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Martin Tory says:

    I do like an e-mail when there is something new on the site,be it every day or not.Best wishes to you and Mrs Matt and of course matt Jr.

  4. Joe says:

    I think it is just fine as it is,dont always remember to visit website.
    Good Luck with the baby.Joe

  5. Mondo Ray says:

    Why go to any other site when this has everything we need? I use Mal B’s stats and trends if I’m having fun tv bets of an afternoon, and I back Stat Of The Day because it’s free AND profitable.

    I see you’re naming your child after my favourite hitman 🙂

    Hope it all goes smoothly on the day Matt.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It IS an excellent movie. Not a bad burger joint either. Pretty good car too. And I believe there is a range of bathroom products on the continent with the same name…!

  6. ColinB says:

    Most important, everyones good wishes that all goes well for Mrs Matt and Leon

    There is so much in ones inbox, and many of us are selective in what we read, so I believe reminders are good, as they help catch attention. I feel your “open” rate could drop if you do not

    Kind regards

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Colin – and all – for the kind wishes regarding Mrs Matt and Jr. I’m not an unhatched chicken-counter, and these will be a few worrying days in due course. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.


  7. D.Hynes says:

    Hi Matt, big fan of the site and the work you and the team do, don’t think there is much need for much change, I prefer not getting emails everyday. If I want the info I come direct to the site when I can and want(which is almost everyday!!) I would also be interested in some info on the racing syndicate… would love to get involved. Money being the only issue!!! You have my email with this message I believe. Keep up the smashing work!

  8. Robert says:

    Hi Matt,

    First of all I hope all goes well with the new rugrat and everyone emerges unscathed from the traumas to come. Ahem, I hope you see what I mean?

    On the missives topic…………. Remember the adage “Out of sight, Out of mind”
    So any updates you make or any news to pass on…… a nudge in their direction would receive no complaints from me.

    My very best wishes

  9. Paul Williamson says:

    Hi Matt, firstly i hope all goes well for you and Mrs Matt and good luck! I look forward to reading your comments etc on a regular basis and would also agree that the reminders are important cheers Matt and best wishes Paul W

  10. Stuart says:

    Good luck with everything, Matt!

    And I hope I wasn’t the only one with a small E/W punt at 25/1 based on this little nugget of info from you:
    “I thought Excellette was interesting in the 3.05 today, with her 100% place record in Listed contests (6/6) and her 5/6 record on today’s going.”

    I wish I’d had the balls to use more than half a point. What a wuss/wimp/chicken (delete as appropriate) I can be sometimes.

  11. Stuart says:

    Bah! I only logged on to say thank you and then forgot to say thank you. Hopeless….

    THANKS MATT! :o)

  12. Gary says:

    Hi Matt, all the best for the new addition to the family. No doubt you will be very busy for the next five years, until school will give you a little respite. Keep up the brilliant work, once a week will be fine for me, after all it takes this time to digest such brilliant info. Many thanks , Gary

  13. Rob says:

    Hi Matt.
    Some of the stuff you put on is interesting. But if you did a quick email with what you think is the best horse what race and odds that would be fine.
    Many thank Rob

  14. pete new says:

    Hi Matt,
    First off, all the very best of luck to you and Mrs.B and jnr. Hope all goes well when the time
    comes. As regards your site I must admit it suits me fine as it is but you must do whatever
    fits in with your family commitments, they must take precedent. I’m sure all of your readers
    will be with you, the content is too good to ignore. Keep up the good work and the very
    best of luck.

  15. Chris says:

    Hi Matt
    I think what you do currently is just fine. I wouldn’t want less – my memory is hopeless nowadays!
    Cracking site; thanks.
    Best of luck to you and your good lady; hope all goes very well.
    Will see you back on mainstream in the fullness of time.
    Cheers. Chris.

  16. Pete says:

    hi Matt
    I welcome a prompt now and again. Given the volume of mail i prefer to see a very descriptive subject heading – it allows me to filter what i read very easily.
    best wishes

  17. Ian L says:

    Hi Matt – firstly every good wish to you and wife for the impending new arrival. I log on every day for SotD and then read what I can of the rest.
    I like to read and understand the rationale for the bet and learn from it if I can. I also appreciate the independent, open and honest style of the articles. Personally a weekly summary of what is coming up would be interesting and sufficient. I do get emails from other horse racing services, and many I don’t read because I have already evaluated the sources. So for me, quality eclipses quantity. BW Ian L

  18. Bob Grimes says:

    Hi Matt, Site is excellent as it is, interesting,informative, provocative
    lively and free, I do not mind how often you e mail, if i do not take to an article,I delete it, good tips on systems and betting info, it gets saved and filed, more often than not,I think Geegees is my largest sports folder by far, all the best to Mrs B and your forthcoming event, here`s to a bonny brid.

    my best regards

    Bob Grimes

  19. Chris says:

    Good luck Matt when the big day arrives, site is fantastic and I remember to have a look on most days, although an e-mail nudge now and again is always much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work and be interested to know your thoughts on the Leger – I feel Main Sequence has a great shout over the extra 2 furlongs and is an e/w bet to nothing…..but then I thought that Bonfire was a certainty to be place in the Derby, so what do I know!!

  20. Johnny5 says:


    Great site , writers , columns & reminder emails fine … Nowt to grumble about at all

    I love the INTELLIGENT writing on SotD – nowhere (win lose or draw ) has such smart analysis of a race in my mind

    Going down ( or up in today’s case – well done) using intelligent methods is ok as they will always turn around for the best

    Your site is THE best in the land as its free and most important genuine

    Best wishes to yourself and Carole – but do not fear the future … Seeing a child born is the most amazing thing you’ll both ever do and if you help take the weight together it’s not as bad as the martyr parents make out… They are only after sympathy !

    May Leon NOT end up being a pig farmer ( great movie if you’ve not seen it) and may he be happy and healthy ( more you can’t ask for ) and may all three of your dreams come true ….

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