Weekus Horribilis

It was 1992, dear reader, when the Queen so memorably referred to her most testing year as her Annus Horribilis (literally, unsurprisingly, 'Horrible Year'). Well, albeit on a much smaller scale, this has been akin to my online Weekus Horribilis.

First, there was the parting of the ways with the provisional future Mrs Bisogs; and then there was the brouhaha with the wrong TTS qualifiers being posted on the members' site last night (the man who does this, rock solid all season on the flat, had an extremely rare aberration and was looking at the trainers for Ayr, rather than Perth!).

To add final insult to already embarrassing injury, it transpires that I've been interpreting the Winners To Losers selections incorrectly this week as well. Oh dear oh dear oh dear...

You see, being away from home as I am, recuperating in the familiar Bisogno bosom down in Dorset, I am using my 'travel' laptop. Very convenient and portable it may be... but it doesn't have the W2L system loaded on it.

I thought I'd committed the system rules to memory, as they're not too many and they're not too complex.

Alas, my memory betrayed me (or my ability to read the manual in the first place), and I've been misusing one of the rules.

I will publish a full interim review of the current status quo tomorrow, when I'll be happily reunited with my clunkier, but more comprehensive, information repository.

Accept my apologies for now, and I'll redouble my commitment to the presentation of accurate information here at Geegeez henceforth.

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On a more positive note, we had a couple of high drawn winners at Beverley yesterday, and one - drawn 11 of 14 - that got away. Johnny Lester's Hair was the amusingly named slippery fish, and on sodden turf, this chap looks one to follow.

He's been progressive most of the season, and I don't think is done with winning just yet. (He's entered at Musselburgh on Sunday and, if the rain comes, he'll be worth an interest).


Alas for TTS followers, the well backed I'm Your Man fell at the last fence yesterday when taking it up. After a couple of second places, that completed a frustrating week for the jumps portfolio.

That said, the September Perth meeting is normally very good for us, so I have my fingers crossed for this afternoon and tomorrow.

Indeed tomorrow, where they also race at Fontwell, goes down as the best TTS day ever. For it was on this day two years ago that the fledgling TTS service had no fewer than nine qualifiers...

Of those nine - almost unbelievably - eight of them won! The nonet was completed by a horse who finished third at 12/1 in the same race in which TTS had nominated the 4/1 winner.

The full glorious tale of that day is recounted numerically below...

21/09/2006 Fontwell Irish Whispers 1 12 £240 £260
21/09/2006 Fontwell Sonoma 1 10 £200 £460
21/09/2006 Fontwell Eljay's Boy 1 4 £80 £540
21/09/2006 Fontwell Saby 3 12 -£20 £520
21/09/2006 Perth Glingerbank 1 0.67 £13 £533
21/09/2006 Perth Knowhere 1 2 £40 £573
21/09/2006 Perth Billyandi 1 1.38 £28 £601
21/09/2006 Perth Scribano Eile 1 1.25 £25 £626
21/09/2006 Perth Thai Vango 1 1.38 £28 £654

Is it impossible that lightning could strike twice? Almost certainly.

But, in a shitty week like this one, let us dare to dream. :o)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you could do with some good fortune Matt. Similarly, I have been afflicted by the demons recently (no lost potential wives though – got rid of one about 15 years ago and ain’t looking back), unfortunately mine don’t arrive in the traditional threesome but sort of drip feed one, two … anything upto 6 a bloody day! For the last three weeks – egads! I need a win tomorrow too for gruel rations. To skill, talent and a healthy dose of luck my friend.

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