We’re Hiring: Superstar VA Required

geegeez.co.uk is getting a little bigger and, with your help, we'll grow some more and help more people get more value from their racing and betting.

In support of this growth, we are looking for a superstar virtual assistant. The position has a fairly broad scope and will be very exciting for the right person. If you think that could be you...

Further details of the role, and how to apply, can be found here


p.s. separately, I'm also keen to speak to anyone who is keeping their own sectional times for British racing. If that's you, do drop me a line here.

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    Dhynes says:

    On the recent survey I filled out for you Matt, on my wishlist was sectional times!! Perhaps your working on my wish! Good luck with finding a suitable candidate for the job, if only I had the time. (Oh and my English is good and getting gooder!!!!)

    P.S. I am loving my subscription to Geegeez gold. Keep up the good work.

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