What Are You Doing This Weekend?

It's Wednesday, dear reader, which means that after midday (i.e. by the time you read this), we'll be on the downhill run to the weekend. With that in mind, I've got a selection of weekend activity ideas, including tickets to Doncaster, an big race preview, and news of a short window of opportunity in time for the weekend.


Let's start with the short window of opportunity. I'm delighted to report that I've *finally* managed to get the Horse Racing Experts tuition DVD's converted to a video format that you can watch through your internet browser. As a result of this, I'll be reopening Horse Racing Experts (HRE hereafter) on Friday. But... there is still a problem (isn't there always?!).

The video presentations you'll be able to watch are big files. I mean, really big. One of them is one and a half gigabytes. If that means nothing to you, please refer to the preceding statement!

Horse Racing Experts

Horse Racing Experts

So, as always, I have a concern around the 'customer experience', i.e. how it looks for you if you decide you want it. I'm worried that if there's too many people trying to access the video at the same time, then it will be detrimental to everyone's experience. I've spoken to the guys who host my websites, and they say - and I quote - "it shouldn't be a problem, but we'll see". Er, yes, thank you, guys!

[Sidenote: they are far and away the best website hosts I've ever had, and I'm delighted to recommend tsohost.co.uk should you be thinking of changing provider.]

OK, cutting to the chase, I'm planning to allow up to 100 new people in on Friday. It might be less, depending on whether there's any degradation of the viewing experience or not. But it won't be more. One of the ways I'm hoping to mitigate the very real video presentation worry is by showcasing what else there is inside Horse Racing Experts (which is just as compelling, but much less bandwidth hungry!).

So, with that in mind, allow me to share one or two snippets with you now:

1. There is a downloadable report with 20 angles from which to think about researching your own systems. HRE is predominantly about empowering you with the tools and know-how to start building your own profitable systems and methods, and this manual provides a kick-start of ideas to get you out of the blocks with some real inspiration.

2. Even if you're not that fussed for researching your own systems, within that same 20 angles report, I've highlighted no fewer than SIXTEEN little systems to illustrate the majority of the angle therein. So, for instance, I highlighted the value in following Noel Fehily (Tony McCoy's understudy at Jonjo O'Neill's yard) when his horses are fancied in the betting. Backing them blindly at 7/2 or shorter would have yielded a 20% return on investment, and it's proving profitable to follow again this season.

Your first 30 days for just £1

3. One of the problems that systems designers have is accurately tracking results. Not with HRE. We've included systems tracking spreadsheets. Whether you want to back or lay, at SP or Betfair odds, you can do this very simply by downloading our spreadies.

4. In the articles area, you'll find stacks of content to get you thinking, and to help you back more winners, and less losers. For instance, there's a four part series on the effects of the draw at the all weather tracks. This proved extremely popular, and one subscriber shared his own method for taking advantage of a particular Kempton bias. Since he shared it, a lot of subscribers have collected on a lot of wagers!

5. And that's the joy of HRE. It's not about me having a monopoly position on content (although I am very proud of the content I've published there). Rather, it's a community of people who ask questions and share ideas. So even if you don't think you have any ideas, you'll soon get stimulated by others. Currently, there's half a dozen different systems being trialled in the 'System Proofing' area of the forum, a number of which are showing promise.

6. Getting back to the articles, there's also a couple of great pieces by Paul Graham (ex of Online Betting Exposed, and a very knowledgeable guy) on the age-old question of 'what is value?' and a hugely popular article entitled, "A Risk-Free Way To Make £500+ A Month". That stimulated much subsequent debate, I can tell you. Paul has also produced another great spreadsheet, this time for betting bank management, and he's accompanied it with a comprehensive article on the subject.

7. And finally, as a member, there's an opportunity to get hold of a copy of Racing Systems Builder, the research software that launched me on the internet, when I first released Trainer Track Stats way back (!) in 2006. Since then, it's been my trustiest tool in the battle to find winning systems, and 'out' losing systems. HRE members can get RSB for £100+VAT, a saving of £598 on the original price (terms and conditions apply).

8. Oh yes, I nearly forgot. There's also those three hours of video presentation and tuition, where I show you my favourite 'free and nearly free' resources, where to find them, and how to use them. You can watch them online, or download smaller versions to watch on your computer at your leisure.

Phew! I don't know about you, but I think that represents reasonable value at £197 for lifetime membership. That's the price of two 'miracle silver bullet little-known-loophole retirement plan' betting systems (ahem). And even if you were only interested in point 2. above you'd have immediate access to sixteen proven, working, workable systems. And a little wandering around the site would bring you into contact with at least a dozen more systems.

In truth, there's probably too much information in there. Data overload might mean you don't know where to start. My advice then is to follow the sequence numbered above. Take your time, you're in there forever. 😉 If you're not sure about something, ask. Either I will answer or, more likely, a fellow HRE member will. That's the kind of place it is. And I have to say I'm very proud that it's like that.

I'd love to allow more people in, but - for now at least - I really can't, for the reasons outlined above.

Just one more thing. I'm not going to charge you £197. I'm not even going to charge £97. On Friday, you can get all of the above for a single, one time investment (and in this case, I think that's the appropriate term) of forty-seven pounds.

No more sales pitch from me. I sold 370 in 23 hours when I first released this in October. And I only had 300 to sell! These will sell out quickly, so if you want a spot, be ready at midday on Friday... as this will give you plenty to play with over the weekend!


Now then, they race at Doncaster on Saturday, and one kind reader has contacted me to say they've two tickets (Combined Enclosure C) for the meeting but cannot attend due to other commitments. So, if you'd like the tickets, please contact me via email (info[at]geegeez.co.uk) by 6pm GMT today with your name and address, and I'll get them posted to you. First reply gets the tickets.

[Sorry, tickets now gone...]

Thanks to Kerry for this very kind gesture.


There's lots of racing today, and one of the most keenly scrutinised events - if unlikely to be the hottest betting contest - will be the 1.50 at Huntingdon. It's a novice hurdle and features the favourite for the Triumph Hurdle, Mille Chief. He's a 1-4 shot this afternoon, and needs to win like one to justify his lofty ante-post perch.

Good Reason looks a cast iron each way proposition against him, and I'm almost tempted by the 1-2 quotes on Betfair for a place. Almost...

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I'll be putting up my Triumph Hurdle ante-post preview tomorrow, and Mille Chief is sure to come under the microscope further then.

That's all for today. Remember, if you want the Saturday Donny tickets, drop me an email pronto. And if you want HRE, be ready for more info on Friday at midday.



Your first 30 days for just £1
7 replies
  1. Chris says:

    If I wasn’t a already member of HRE I’d certainly be taking up Matt’s offer at that price.

  2. William says:

    Been a menber since off, great site, good value, certainly better than paying for the latest so called wonder systems out there, which are on offer every two minutes. Go for it.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gerard

      RSB comes with over twenty years of historical data, and is fully up to date for the flat turf season. As you may know, the guys at Racedata Modelling have decided against continuing with their service offering. Whilst I have a faint hope of persuading them to change their mind, that’s all it is. As such, anybody who purchases their copy of RSB through the link does so cognisant of this ‘snapshot data’ fact.

      Hope that clarifies,

  3. sim says:

    Hi Matt,
    Does HRE cover stats / tables for trainers & jockeys over particular distances, also i would like to see if certain trainers do better over particular going extremes i.e heavy, soft, firm.
    I will be working Friday 7am till 8 pm and wont have access to a computer till approx 8.30ish.
    Many Thanks,

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Sim

      HRE doesn’t cover the things you ask about. But RSB does. If you’re a member of HRE, you have the option to upgrade to advanced membership, which offers the possibility to download RSB.

      Hope that helps,

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