What do YOU want to see next on Geegeez?

I need your help, please, dear reader. As the seasons are a-changing, so it's time to add some fresh ideas to geegeez.co.uk

But, rather than us guess what you, our loyal website visitor, wants we reckon it's best if you tell us yourself. So, to that end, below are three questions, as follows, to which your answers are invited at the bottom of the post. Thanks!


We love great writers and thought-provoking content here. This site was first and foremost a blog showcasing original thinking and maybe a bit of humour and/or controversy from time to time, and it will always be the essence of what sets our scribblers apart from much of the rest. So how could we extend that offering? My initial thoughts are these, though if you have an alternative suggestion, I'm all ears!

- Statistics-driven article designed to challenge established thinking: a weekly piece, similar in style to Tony Keenan's excellent contributions, that flies in the face of convention and invites us to re-consider what we thought we knew

- "A week in the life of..." jockey blog: a chance to understand the highs and lows of a jockey, as well as all of the aspects of that profession which maybe don't make it into print but which define the nature of that business

- "Name" writer opinion piece: a weekly comment from an established name in the world of racing writing. Clearly, geegeez is not a site that accommodates too much 'wallpaper journalism' so we'd be looking for someone whose opinion is both challenging and well made

- Other: add your own suggestion!


If you're currently a free user of the geegeez.co.uk racecards and form tools, we'd like to enhance your experience still further. Obviously, we wouldn't want to do that to the detriment of our paying Gold users, whose wise custom facilitates everything else, so that estimable group will have their own set of options below. 😉

So, free geegeez users, which of the following would you most like access to?

- Horse/Trainer/Jockey Tracker: our tracker tool allows users to add not just horses, but also trainers and jockeys to their 'follow' lists, and further to receive daily email prompts when listed entities are engaged.

- Pace Analysis on Sundays: as an extension of the current Feature of the Day functionality, how about having access to the Pace Analysis tab for all races on Sunday?

Your first 30 days for just £1

- 'Trainer Handicap 1st Run' report on Sundays: alternatively, what about having sight of this awesome report, which frequently highlights horses with little or no form that can be expected to run much better for their astute trainers now handicapping?

- Other: again, if you'd be interested in another part of the existing Gold feature set, suggest it here. No promises on being able to grant this wish, though!


Finally, for the growing army of loyal Gold subscribers, how can we enhance your existing Gold subscription further?

- Trainer 2nd Time Out report: a new report highlighting how trainers perform with second time starters. Similar to the various 1st time reports, this one would highlight trainers whose animals invariably improve for their first race day experience.

Trainer James Fanshawe has had 67 AW winners from 302 runners at Kempton since 2009. The sum of the odds in decimal [using the equation 1/(Odds+1), for instance 3/1 = 1/(3+1) = ¼ = 0.25] of those 302 runners was 51.9.

Therefore, Actual / Expected = 67 AW winners / 51.9 cumulative odds using equation above = 1.29


Phew! Right, that's the explanation of the options, and now for the questions.

Thanks a million in advance for your response - we're very keen to provide YOU with what YOU want, and not what we think you might want. This is the best means we have of establishing what it is you're interested in, so thanks again 😀


Your first 30 days for just £1
8 replies
  1. zynaldo says:

    How about a yearly Geegeez day at the races for goldies. Monthly competition and guest blog that is sport related?

  2. Bigalh65 says:

    I use tips,tracker and reports most days and think they are excellent, not sure what else i need from you.

  3. guy weaver says:

    Hi Matt,
    This all sounds positive.
    On the editorial, I would enjoy a bettors blog, similar to Steve Palmer in the RP on Sunday as well as your suggestions.
    I love the idea of highlighting actual vs expected on the Gold reports. I work long hours and I’m always short of time so this would be like a better version of the Edge column in the racing Post.
    keep up the good work!
    cheers, Guy

  4. Duncan says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for the invitation to comment, I know we always can but time is normally pressing. Nick Mordens articles in RP Weekender weren’t everyones cup of tea. Whilst Nick lost me in some of the stats theories they always provoked a thought or raised an observation eg LTO comment “stayed on”. An occasional stats off the wall article leaving you thinking …. genius or nutty professor would be welcome. Great to see you keep up the tempo and am enjoying the journey. Duncan

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