What Exactly Are The Secrets of Successful Gamblers?

It’s a dream for millions of punters up and down the country: to become part of the one percent or thereabouts of betting people who can call themselves successful gamblers. Those whose profession is betting horses, football, tennis, whatever…

But what separates these pro’s from the rest? What special talents do they have which mere mortal bettors don’t?

Well, the answer, in short, comes down to two things: mindset and method. When people start betting, or – more accurately – gambling, they generally have neither of these attributes.

I very well remember when I started betting on the football, over twenty years ago now. I used to pick up the fixed odds coupon, and look for seven or eight home wins. SEVEN or EIGHT! When I look back, I realize how preposterous that was (you’re not putting seven teams in your weekend acc’ers, are you?!!).

The basic premise is that there are three outcomes for every game – home win, away win, or draw – and a reasonable rule of thumb is that for every additional short-priced team you put in, you double the chance of failure.

So, if you have three teams, your chance of success is roughly one in eight, or around 7/1.

If you have five teams, 30/1; seven teams equates to approximately 120/1. And this is if you’re betting teams at odds of around 4/6!

The mindset of the successful gambler is all about discipline and expectation management and damage limitation. Every event you bet on gives you another opportunity to lose money. So, it follows that the less matches you put in your accumulator bet, the higher the chance that you a) get your stake money back, and b) get a return on your investment.

It is simply the flawed maths of a novice to believe that you can catch a windfall by betting twelve teams in a bet. Sorry if this comes as a shock to you (I know it won’t to many, and I hope it’s a wakeup call to a few), but mindset is massive.

Discipline, expectation management, damage limitation. For professional punters, that is something of a mantra which they chant subconsciously, and which underscores the majority of their successful wagering.

Of course, they have one other thing in their gambling arsenal, which sets them apart from almost all of their peers, and that is an effective method. Or several effective methods. If you have the mindset but you don’t have the method, you will just go skint in a very orderly and measured way! Death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

Some of the methods I personally use are systems-based, and some are simply rules of thumb that I employ when sizing up a card. Most of this is so ingrained that it is in my subconscious and, as such, it’s hard to explain.

But, as an example, when I look at a race card, depending on the track, I’ll put more emphasis on things such as course form (e.g. at Southwell, Fakenham, and Cartmel). Often my start point is looking at the strength of the race favourite: do I think it’s a weak or a strong jolly? Should I be with it or against it? Normally I’m looking for reasons to be against it.

Things I’d look for are whether the trainer or jockey’s horses are typically overbet; if the horse has yet to win in the class of race (especially if it’s tried and failed previously); what the stable form is like currently.

Much of this is instinctive to me, refined gradually – and usually through the experience of numerous losing wagers – over time. But it is not just losing wagers that have informed my betting. You see, I am a voracious reader on betting and the science (that’s a rather grandiose term for what is at best pseudo-science) behind it.

This generally boils down to so much contrarian thinking. In other words, how do I get ‘value’ (ah yes, that elusive concept) by opposing the vox populi view. It is OK to be correct just 10% of the time, so long as a) you have a deep betting bank, and b) you are rewarded at odds of 11/1 or more!

If you want to be a better bettor, then you should read on the subject. Read my blog, for sure. And I hope you find some value here. Read the likes of Potts and Mordin. Read some of the US authors, like Beyer and Davidowitz. And you might also read a part-work that was sent to me recently called, Secrets of Successful Gambling. I’m going to call it SSG for short, and for obvious digit-drain-related reasons.

SSG is one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ sort of things. Somewhat unusually for our little online microcosm, SSG is a printed newsletter. It comes through your letterbox, with a stamp on it. And it’s not a bill, and it’s not junk mail. How novel! 😉

It is a monthly series, which is – as I said – sent to your home for you to chew on (or just read if you prefer) at your leisure. And, best of all, you get to try it out for… no charge. Marvelous! Ok, before I send you to the ‘grab the freebie’ page, let me just run through some small print so you know exactly where you are.

I think if you’re new to betting (or relatively new), you’ll definitely get value from issue one. If you’re longer in the punting tooth, you might enjoy the first issue and you should check out issue two as well.

There is plenty of meat in each issue, and lots of new angles to take at face value or work into your own betting patterns (the real value in almost any system or methodology is finding a way to weave it into the fabric of your existing betting knowledge, experience and practices).

And it's written in a clear and digestible format, with loads of little take-aways to apply to your betting straightaway.

The first issue will be sent to you free and, only if you decide to stay on board, you will be sent further issues at a cost of £29.75 per month. And don’t worry about any catches because there are none.

If you sign up, you’ll do it either through PayPal or direct debit. In both cases, you control the mandate and decide when to cancel. No problem. If you forget to cancel, or you simply don’t like the content of an issue, send it back and Mike (top man, by the way, whose company publish this letter) will see to it that you get a full refund. No if’s or but’s.

It’s a straight up service that aims to teach the twin towers of any successful gambler: mindset and method. And you can try it for free, here: www.ssg2.co.uk/p10

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27 replies
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  2. jim
    jim says:

    well that is amazing and can I expect to be pocketing a £1000 a week now that I have the two secrets
    or are they
    1. build recurring affiliate commissions regardless of value
    2. build even more recurring affiliate commissions regardless of value

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:


      What specifically is your point? Are you not aware about Geegeez? Are you unhappy that I don’t provide enough free content? Do you resent me occasionally sharing my awareness of what I consider to be excellent value and/or free trials?

      SSG has lots of different angles for punters to consider, and involves no money up front, i.e. try before you buy. Not only that, but even if you were charged and actually didn’t want the next issue, you’d STILL get your money back! I’m not sure why / how you’re trying to be a hero here.

      If you resent me running a business, you ought to go read elsewhere. I also assume you think all my racing commentary and freebies are a waste of time too. Man, I have to be honest. People like you really @#$% me off.

      The unsubscribe link is in every email I send – kindly treat yourself to *better content* elsewhere.


      p.s. to avoid further confusion, you might also check my ‘Abou.t’ Page, here: http://www.geegeez.co.uk/more/about/

  3. Jim Cannon
    Jim Cannon says:


    Just remember that not everyone called Jim thinks the same way!!

    As you so rightly say – if you don’t want to read it then click the unsubscribe button.

    Like Billy, I appreciate what you’re doing (or trying to do!!!)

    keep smiling and nil desperandum


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Jim C and Billy. I’m fine, really. Just struggling with working from so many internet cafe’s currently while my house is undergoing serious structural renovation. Dust e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Yuk!

  4. kein
    kein says:

    matt I dont say much but I can honestly say that you have helped me out more than I can say just by reading your emails keep up the good work.

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    I found this really good website called Utopia. They recommend new systems which are free and always make money. They never have losing bets and make people rich within seconds. The people behind it will even put money on for you and then send you a cheque in the post – marvellous.

    Seriously though, I’ve signed up for SSG which will cost me nothing if I don’t think it’s worth £30 a month. What’s to lose?

  6. Joker John
    Joker John says:

    Ha ha, good rant Matt. There’s always a bad egg who wants ‘owt 4 nowt.’ You crack on, it’s no yolk reading fowl feedback. Don’t let them ruffle your feathers kid.


  7. Arthur Judge
    Arthur Judge says:

    Why is it when you try to give FREE advice these idiots insist on having a go, if you charged for the info I`d see the point, Keep up the good work m8, the rest of us truly appreciate what you are doing.

  8. tony
    tony says:

    Hi Matt, dont let this guy get to you,I as well as thousands of others look forward to your e.mails every day.
    I enjoy everything you have to say and I hope that you carry on the good work.
    Regards, Tony

  9. kevin
    kevin says:

    Hi Matt
    Can you tell me anything about 2percentracing.com and there claims thank.

  10. David Wilkinson
    David Wilkinson says:


    You missed out the virtue of patience. If all conditions are not met then don’t bet. You may miss a few winners but you will also miss a lot more losers. You don’t have to bet every race every day.
    Keep up the good work, and don’t be deflected by knockers.

    Have fun.

  11. Peter Colledge
    Peter Colledge says:

    Dear Matt,
    Why is ‘Jim’ reading your blog? I’m with the others on this post. Why shouldn’t you make money from posts? I love your work, Matt and I wonder about the likes of ‘jim’ (if that is his real name).

  12. John Shuff
    John Shuff says:

    Hi Matt

    Ever wondered how ar****les like him get through life? Well maybe it’s because they don’t have a life in the first place. Some people with medioca brain activity find they need to exersise it some how… like scratching it ’till they come up with something that was never going to be of any interest to anyone but them.
    Pleased you got your rant out. And keep this race rolling mate 99.99999999% of us enjoy what you’re doing.

  13. Julian
    Julian says:

    Hi Matt,

    As previously expressed, dont let the negativity get you down. I believe your doing a far better job than I could, and greatly appreciate your time and efforts in trying to reduce bookies profits.

    Well done,

  14. Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson says:

    Hi Matt, I really enjoy reading your emails, always interesting and informative, keep up the good work. Paul

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi all

      Thanks very much for your votes of confidence, which are always much appreciated and never taken for granted.

      Jim is allowed his opinion, and thankfully the vast majority disagree (that’s why you keep coming back here, right?!)

      So no harm done. Please try to keep comments from being too personal, if you don’t mind. 🙂

      Thank you again,

  15. Gordon Mills
    Gordon Mills says:

    Me Thinks it much wiser in the beiginning to spend your hard earned on material which offers advice and procedural methods than it is to go in boots and all and end up with some grotty system which sends you down the poo pot:

    I dont care who gets what for what: All I care about is getting value for money on every penny spent, be it from written material or just plain old betting for a buck:

    I believe that every serious punter should reach a stage where he/she can develop their own systems and run with them, learning as they go untill they have either perfected it or learned a valuable future lesson from it: It’s more fun that way and definitely offers a better chance of success:

    Since inventing my own systems I have enjoyed much more success than I ever did by following the dictates of the so called pros who pedal their lack lustre crap to the starry eyed and the lazy punters:

    Gambling should offer two things: It should offer enjoyment and success but not neccesarily in that order. If you get neither, its time to walk away from it and partake in a sport rather than investing in it.

  16. David Bowles
    David Bowles says:

    Matt .As far as I am concerned you run a good site and you can take or leave as much as you like.

    I nearly came down to Ling field yesterday to support the racing club horse but the weather forecast put me off and the result would have dissapointed me.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to meeting you again at the track sometime.

    Best regards


  17. Dave
    Dave says:

    Afternoon Matt ( sorry but I’m an individual and can’t follow the herd with the opening ‘Hi Matt’ 🙂 ),

    Just to add my tuppence worth FAO the first poster. If this was all about earning as much commission rate as possible to enhance the global presence of Bisogno Towers then this site would be so chock full of crap that it would need a dedicated server just for the recommended systems.
    Just to take a couple of minutes timeout to look at what’s here would surely at least temper down the cynical cynicsm of most cynics from Cynicsville.
    Top right we have a list of ‘approved systems’ but then followed by ‘neutral’ and ‘FAILED’, click on any one and the reasons behind each classification will, as if by magic, appear on your screen. Easy to understand, straightforward and transparent. As a service this is second to none.
    Also anyone who’s been using for a while should recall occassions where Matt will clearly upfront say ‘I earn a big fat disgustingly large mega-commission for this’ or conversely ‘I don’t know why I’m recommending this cos I’m not earning a bean, God how is my family going to eat!’

    Some of us love stats, my fav at the moment is +ve/-ve post %, currently standing at 13/1 which in any market is a top price for a nailed on winner.


    PS. Matt got SSG sent to me, thought it ok but for me not a great value at the price so I cancelled and no problems.

  18. Kris
    Kris says:

    G’day Mattster,
    yep, I would have to agree with the 99.99% of loyal followers that you have, and that is that we (almost) all enjoy the site, even half-way ’round the world here in Oz!! It is designed to save us money, and educate us at the same time in our chosen field of interest……and that’s exactly what it does!! So what’s to moan about, it’s all good. It does what is says on the tin. Pure’n’simple….so, keep on keeping on.
    Hope the renos aren’t too stressful, and no need to worry about the dust — I live in outback NSW, breathe in dust everyday — hasn’t killed me yet. Visual: touch wood – me scratching my head…..
    Good to see the Mother Country rattling the net again, after a poor World Cup.
    And Joker John really is a Joker, a good belly-laugh is always good medicine!!
    Love the site Matt, and your use of the Queen’s English, always a good read.
    Please keep it up.

  19. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Matt, you’re one of the good guys in what is really a huge cesspool of crooks. Just because one guy has spent so long in the cesspool that he can no longer see the wood for the trees doesn’t mean that you aren’t appreciated by everyone else.

    I’ve signed up for this deal. If it’s crap, I’ll cancel it and will have lost nothing more than two minutes of my time. If it isn’t crap, everyone wins. I’m not quite sure how this can be a bad deal.

    Hang in there, sport! :o)

  20. roddo
    roddo says:

    Hi Matt
    i have had my disagreements with you and even asked and got my money back on a product of yours(i think i was right on that one).However, i have to agree with Dave,the service is second to none,easy to understand and transparent.
    As far as SSG, i tried it found it ordinary and not worth nearly 30 quid a month.

  21. Fred Ives
    Fred Ives says:

    Hi matt, the greatest bogger around, I just winder why Jim is the way he is , maybe it stems back to an upset in the past that he holds you responcible for?, and maybe with all the rational feedback aginst him he will reveal why he feels the way he does. In the mean time GREAT BLOGGER, carry on and make friends with your builders tell them they are grest too. Fred Ives

  22. Si Genaro
    Si Genaro says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’ve just happened upon your brilliant website today and am finding it intriguing stuff…
    I constantly receive emails about horse betting/laying systems and beating betfair, from a guy called Chris… The latest is a system called ‘ultimate five step lay’…
    Do you have any opinion on this system?
    I am now a follower! Thanks for the informative read!

  23. Paul Faulkner
    Paul Faulkner says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been reading your blog for some time now, the information you provide is outstanding and you have helped me construct my stratagy, which I will be putting into place early next year.

    I have read negitive comments on your site before, but always side with you and trust you and your site are geniue, how many years have you been doing this?

    I also enjoy the free advise which you give on other systems of which you have no interest for money, some negitive, some positive.

    For all those who do not believe in what you do, THEIR LOSS.

    I look forward to many happy years of reading your very fair comments,

    Keep up the excellant work,

    Kindest regards,


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