What next for Geegeez Gold?


As so many of you know, Geegeez Gold is beginning to shake up the established players when it comes to race cards, tipping and form study.

We already have some of the coolest features in Britain - like Instant Expert, Pace Analysis, The Shortlist and the knowledge-packed race cards themselves. But there's zero chance of us sitting on our laurels, and Phase 9 (yes, we're up to Phase 9) is currently on the drawing board.

In this post, I'd like to offer you a sneak preview of what's mooted for this next tranche of features. It's not set in stone yet, and I'm still awaiting confirmation of whether we can do all of it. So keep that in mind as you walk through with me what next for Geegeez Gold.

1. Gold Forum/Chat Room

As the Gold community grows, I'm keen for you to be able to share ideas, best practices, winners, hard luck stories and, well, just generally shoot the breeze. This will be an exclusive 'Gold only' area, where users can discuss freely, and my hope is that it will be a self-policing environment.

I've yet to decide whether this will be via a chat room or a forum, though I'm leaning towards the latter.

2. New Gold Reports

Phase 9 will herald the arrival of five new reports, the pick of which may be the two 'snippets' reports.

2a. Trainer: First Time in a Handicap

The 'Trainer: First Time in a Handicap' report will show, for each trainer with handicap first time starters that day, the trainer's performance with such types in the last year, two years, five years, and specifically at the course in the last five years.

I'm expecting this to shine a light on the practices of some of the wilier members of the training community, and you'll be able to get the juice without doing any of the legwork.

2b. Trainer: First Time Out

A report that will come into its own in the early parts of the flat and jumps seasons, but which will also throw up interesting items year round, the trainer FTO report will focus on those handlers who can most adroitly 'get one ready' for their initial racecourse experience.

2c. First Run for New Trainer

Some trainers are better than others. It absolutely goes without saying. The purpose of this report is to alert users to the trainers who fare best when snapping up horses from other barns. Again, it will have more content in the weeks after the major sales and at the start of the jumps season; but there will be year round interest for its users.

2d. Sire Snippets

Snippets are a prominent feature in the US equivalent of the Racing Post, the Daily Racing Form. Having spoken to their national handicapper, Mike Watchmaker, about my affection for these mini-insights, I've borrowed them to incorporate into Geegeez Gold, both in the main cards and in their own report.

Here's how these things look on the DRF race card:

Example of DRF Trainer Snippets

Example of DRF Trainer Snippets

For each snippet - for instance horse moving from synthetic surface to turf - the figures in brackets show the trainer's number of runners (e.g. 81), win percentage (e.g. .12, or 12%), and return to a level $2 stake (e.g. $1.28, or a loss of 72c per two bucks invested) over the previous two years.

The Sire Snippets report on Geegeez Gold should be a bit easier to read, and a bit more familiar to Gold users, as it will follow the existing report format, and display views for Race Type (i.e. Flat Turf, AW, NHF, Chase, Hurdle); Distance Range (i.e. flat sprint, middle distance, staying; NH speed; middle distance; marathon); and, age range (i.e. FLAT: 2yo/3yo/4yo+; JUMPS: 3-5yo/6-8yo/9yo+)

Here's an example:

Sire Snippets Report

Sire Snippets Report

Clicking on a sire, for instance Galileo in the above, will reveal a dropdown showing that sire's performance against the selected view. [Note, there needs to be sub-division of results to cater for the different ranges, e.g. Galileo 3-5yo will show a different set of data to Galileo 6-8yo. This is not shown in the image above]

2e. Trainer Snippets

This is a massively exciting report and, if we can pull it off, I think it will be one of the most revealing in British racing. If not, THE most revealing. It's actually ten reports in one, but the ten elements are drawn together under this single banner.

It is also a very complex design to get right, and so it might be that the totality of the functionality is released over more than one phase. But this is the general direction I'd like for it to head.

The magnificent Trainer Snippets report

The magnificent Trainer Snippets report

The current snippets planned are:

  • Trainer race code (always present)
    • Flat Turf, AW, NHF, Hurdle, Chase
  • Trainer race type (always present)
    • Novice, beginners’ or maiden/claimer or seller/handicap (not covered elsewhere, e.g. novices handicap = novice)/Conditions/Group, Graded or Listed
  • Trainer distance range (always present)
    • FLAT: Sprint (1640 yards or less)/Middle Distance (1641-2530 yards)/Staying (2531+ yards)
    • JUMPS: Speed (4290 yards or less)/Middle Distance (4291-5500 yards)/Marathon (5501+ yards)
  • Trainer distance move (contextual only)
    • FLAT: Up 440 yards or more
    • JUMPS: Up 770 yards or more
  • Trainer last time out winner (contextual only)
    • Where trainer’s horse won under the same race code last time out
  • Trainer first time starter (contextual only)
    • Where horse has never raced in UK or Ireland before
  • Trainer second time starter (contextual only)
    • Where horse has only raced in UK or Ireland once before
  • Trainer first run (for horse with existing form) (contextual only)
    • Where last race trainer is different from today’s trainer
  • Trainer with horse 60+ days off (contextual only)
    • Where horse has not raced under any code for 60+ days
  • Trainer with horse 7- days off (contextual only)
    • Where horse raced under any code within 7 days of today’s race

3. Existing Gold Reports

3a. Addition of Statistical Significance Measures to Reports

Phase 9 will see the addition of two measures of statistical significance - Impact Value (IV) and Actual/Expected (A/E) - to the following reports:

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  • Trainer Statistics
  • Jockey Statistics
  • Trainer / Jockey Combo
  • Trainer Snippets
  • Sire Snippets
Impact Value

Impact Value is a measure of the statistical significance - or trustworthiness - of a dataset, where 1 = ‘normal’.

IV = % of winners that were [criterion] / % of runners that were [criterion]

Example: Trainer James Fanshawe has had 67 AW winners from 302 runners at Kempton since 2009. This is a subset of the 3827 winners from 37327 runners at Kempton during that time.

So IV = (67 / 3827) / (302 / 37327) = 2.16

All you need to know is that more than 1 is good, and the more the better (on bigger data samples, at least).

Actual vs Expected

Actual vs Expected is a measure of the relative value of the available odds, where 1 = neither good nor poor value.

A/E = Number of winners (Actual) / Sum of all qualifiers’ odds (in decimal) (Expected)

Example: Trainer James Fanshawe has had 67 AW winners from 302 runners at Kempton since 2009. The sum of the odds in decimal [1/Odds+1, e.g. 3/1 = 1/(3+1) = ¼ = 0.25] of those 302 runners was 51.9.

Therefore, Actual / Expected = 67 / 51.9 = 1.29

3b. Filter Tweaks

Reports like the The Shortlist and TJ Combo are absolutely brilliant at spotting diamonds in the rough. Time and time again they unearth horses with far better chances than their bookmaker odds imply. And Phase 9 will enhance some of our existing reports, and introduce some brand spanking new ones.

The first things we'll be doing is making the report filters at the top of the page - where you define the runner, win, place, etc ranges - more configurable by including all values from 0 to 100, plus Any.

That will allow you to be far more specific about the results you want to see on these reports. A simple enough change, but one designed to give you more control over your Gold experience.

We'll also be adding a new filter to enable you to look at all qualifiers (as now), or handicap qualifiers only. With Britain's race programme now around 65% handicaps, it's well worth separating them out from the entirety.

New Handicap or All filter

New Handicap or All filter

3c. New 7 Day Form Option

The Trainer, Jockey, and Trainer Jockey Combo Reports will all have a new seven day view, alongside the existing four views, so you can see who's hot right now.

See who's hot right now with the 7 day form view

See who's hot right now with the 7 day form view

3d. Changes to Hot Form Report

The Hot Form report is best used around recency and, for that reason, we're removing the 365 day view, and replacing it with a 45 day view.

3e. Minor Amends

We'll also be fixing the fact that the 'Win PL' filter setting doesn't 'remember' itself, so that in future when you set this to, say, at least 10 units profit, you'll only see report results where that condition is true.

And references to 'Course Form 2009+' will change to be 'Course 5 Year'. This means that view will display a rolling five year performance history, as opposed to a growing duration which may be less relevant as time passes.

4. Horse Form

A couple of overdue updates to the Horse Form window (both the pop out new window, and the Full Form Filter tab) are the addition of official ratings, and the publication of five day entries. The revised Horse Form screen will look something like this. [Note, all images in this post can be clicked on to view full size in a new window]

Upgrades to the Horse Form view

Upgrades to the Horse Form view

5. Snippets on the Race Card

The snippets mentioned in the above reports are to be included on the racecard as well. The sire snippets will hopefully feature under the existing breeding/sales icon; and the trainer snippets will appear under a new icon.


So that's Phase 9. It's a biggie. And, like I say, it may be that some things are impossible to implement or at least extremely difficult. The likelihood is that Phase 9 will consist of 'sub-phases', to allow for the drip-feeding of new features, rather than asking you to wait until everything is complete.

Here at Geegeez Gold, we are totally committed to creating an environment where information is packaged as knowledge. In other words, where it is readily accessible and usable. As TS Eliot once wrote,

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

It might sound grandiose - maybe even a bit wanky - but I'm fine with that. Because I think over the last seven years, geegeez.co.uk has shown itself to deliver on 'ideas above its station'.

Everything we do here is geared towards arming punters with knowledge, rather than information. Information is a tree, knowledge is a wooden chair. And wisdom is knowing when to sit down.

Actually, that is almost certainly the wankiest thing I've ever written on here. But I believe it, and that sentiment - if you can understand it - is at the heart of our vision here.

So yes, it promises to be another hugely progressive year for Geegeez Gold, and I'm thrilled to be sharing the journey with so many of you.

If you're not already a Gold subscriber, the 35 day (FIVE WEEK) trial will be taken down before the weekend is out, so now is your chance to lock in a very long window to test drive Gold. Instructions are below. Before those, though, here's something for existing subscribers...


And, for those already subscribing, if you know you're going to be using this long term, and are excited by the new features being mooted, this is also your last chance to upgrade to Lifetime Membership for just £297+VAT (little more than fourteen months at the current prices). Click here for your last chance to get discounted Lifetime access.


1. If you already have a free geegeez account, you need to log in first (use the box top right on this page).

Then, WHEN YOU'RE LOGGED IN, click here and follow the one line instruction.

2. If you don't have a free geegeez account, click here.

For those.

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  1. ChrisJB says:

    Wow! Sounds awesome. I think I may have to be more disciplined and take myself back to school to ensure I’m benefitting enough from all these great tools.
    So glad I took a lifetime membership.
    Like the idea of a forum – helping each other is always good.
    Look forward to a great ongoing partnership.
    Cheers. Chris

  2. RonCombo says:

    Crikey Matt…this is the Real Deal!! Lifetime membership is the best thing ever, thanks for all this, almost too much to grasp in one read. So I’ll read it again!
    Just one little beef…..any chance of getting your techies to have a look at OS for iPad? Can get the race cards but none of the drop downs (shortlist etc) appear. Tracker is fine btw.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Arthur

      Yes, there are a series of bug fixes scheduled as well, one of which is to work out why reports don’t work in Safari/on Apple.


    • NMerrywe says:

      Not sure if it helps but whilst the drop downs don’t work on my iPad, the hyperlinks (at the bottom of each page) do (in Safari)…Took me ages to spot these!

      Matt, I didn’t think you would ever be able to top Silver Jaro (which I fear dates us both) but with each release you exceed my expectations – splendid stuff!

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        Thanks Neil, and yes, the sidebar blog links (which also appear in the footer) are a way to get to the reports while we find why the dropdown functionality isn’t working on iDevices.

        Silver Jaro. Ah, now that was a GREAT day! 😀


  3. Karl says:

    Looks phenomenal, really glad you had the change of heart and didn’t sell the site. Can’t wait to get stuck in and the forum sounds great.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Karl

      I very much hope it will be phenomenal. And this is just the latest phase. There will be more to come after that (we already have a pipeline!) 🙂


  4. richard firth says:

    you have double dutch in the gold package don’t you, also stat of the day so if you have those what is statpicks do you get that and any other new stuff down the line richard

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      Statpicks is a totally separate service, run by Chris W, who also works at geegeez. The two are entirely separate and distinct (though they do share a commonality of approach).


  5. vhlmurphy says:

    Looking forward to the new content and hopfully a successful year punting ;-). Keep up the good work Gents.


  6. Karl Gray says:

    Hi Matt

    Wow, what a feast of possibiities. If you manage to pull all that off or even most of it, i’ll be rooting for the Cherries as well as my Tractor Boys!

    PS I Think the way your guys play football is a credit to the division!

  7. graeme says:

    WOW MAN!!!!!!! Without a doubt this is going to be THE go to site for the most in-depth info ever gathered in one place. Trying to figure out just how all this can be done in one day melts the brain. The only other “Tweak” as such would be an “in-running style” of a horse over the last 3 races, this “could” be useful for in-play traders, if not no biggie. In all honesty you are a mega genius Matt for the gigantic amount of work involved and all for the benefit of your members!!!! Respect

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Graeme

      I’m always conscious of the dangers of overload, which is why we’re keen to build the tools in the most consumable fashion possible. The hardest part of the process is to actually create something where the ‘user interface’ doesn’t become the learning curve… if you see what I mean.


  8. David Sutton says:

    Hi Matt,
    I welcome the use of the A/E stat and the IV stat. I’ve started using them myself more recently and it’s an eye-opener. These give a little bit more colour to the bare facts but also highlight how some stats (and results) can be a misrepresentation. How many times do we see claims of 40% strike rates and fabulous profits derived from elaborate staking plans? And when you dig a little deeper, the selections are all odds on or even money. The A/E value will show this immediately.
    I’ll have to study a bit more on the IV figure and strengthen my knowledge of Archie and I think it will build a better picture for me when doing the reviews.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks David though, for the record, you already do an excellent job on the reviews!


  9. Kev says:

    Looks realy exciting Matt. Its going to be a breed leader (as we say in my line of work) with all these tools. As an aside, if you are looking at device compatibility, I still cannot use the site at all on my Vista laptop but it works fine on W7 and even my old XP machine.
    Best, Kev

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