Winners To Losers Day 2…

Do you ever have that feeling, dear reader, when you know you left your glasses / car keys / spouse somewhere, but you just can't find it. Then someone pops up and says, "It's there", and points right in front of you... well yesterday was one of those days for me.

Having had a feeling there was a Winners To Losers (W2L) qualifier yesterday, I just couldn't see it, so accepted that there weren't any. Enter Dave, stage left, to highlight the error in my research.

I'll let him explain to you:

"Hi Matt,

I've noticed on your Blog that you are saying there are no WinnersToLosers selections today. There is actually one... 5.00 GRAND VIZIER"

And so there was. Well backed... and well beaten at 3/1. A good start for the laying system.

Today sees two lays, if I've done my maths right this time, and they are as follows:

Ayr 3.20 Wicked Wilma
Yarmouth 4.10 Jagger

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You may recall from yesterday that I mentioned another service from the same people, called TAPS (The Alternative Punters Syndicate).

Well, I have some great news on this front too. Again, I'll defer to Dave for the details:

Your first 30 days for just £1

"We normally "sell" the service on the basis of a one month's free trial. Anyone who hasn't been a member in the last 2 years can sign up for free and judge the service for themselves. That way prospective members get to read the Operations Manual and so get a 'feel' for what we are all about as well as test our results 'live' first hand at no risk. They can cancel at anytime without explanation.

Anyway, the main part of our service, Best Bets & Sports Information is currently showing a profit of £5,329.58 for this year to date. The profits for the whole of 2007 for the main part of our service were £13,495.41.

Profits are based on £100 stakes at SP for racing bets and at freely available bookmaker prices for sports bets. Obviously, anyone taking the best early prices and/or using Betfair would have won substantially more. As would anyone using the 'Maximise Your Profits' techniques as detailed in the Operations Manual."

So there you go - a month free. No questions asked if you don't want to persist. Nothing to lose. Big profits last season. Where's the downside?! Sign up for a free month trial now.


Looking back at yesterday's tips, and Bountiful Beverley was up to its usual lucrative muster. An easy winner in the first (backed from 9/4 into 6/4), and a couple of close shaves, were mere foreplay to the main event: 7/1 winner beats 12/1 into second for a recommended forecast (I also added one other horse for six bets in combination).

I backed the exacta for a fiver, which paid £374 for my £30 stake. Alas, the Computer Straight Forecast would have paid £441.60. Ho hum, can't complain etc. I hope that one or two of you followed me in...

No such fancies today - in fact, I'm going to have a day off from the geegees and my only interest will be to see how the W2L lays get on.


As you may know, here at, Thursday is now the new Friday, and so it must be time for Thursday Fun again...

With the Ryder Cup set to hog the press this weekend (and rightly so - you can't beat a bit of Yank baiting in my book!), here's one reason to be grateful the Tiger isn't prowling... Enjoy!

Until next time,


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Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about laying 14/1 shots, but three losers from three (all out of the frame) is fair enough. Will continue to watch with interest. JB

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