Winning Selections – Final Review


Unlike previous systems I have reviewed where you are provided with a set of criteria and it is up to you to identify possible selections, this is very much an "armchair" process. With Winning Selections all you need to do is logon to the website the night before, any selections for the following day will then be visible; it is then up you to place your bets.

Service Claims

The service has been in operation since August 2009.  The results of the service  at the time we commenced our review were as follows:

Selections Advised = 190

Winning Selections = 93

Losing Selections = 97

Strike Rate = 49%

Points Staked = 190

Points Returned = 234.01

Overall Profit/Loss= + 44.01 Points

ROI = + 23%

Review Results

Selections Advised = 36

Winning Selections = 9

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Placed (for specified E/W bets) = 2

Losing Selections = 25

Strike Rate = 25%

Points Staked = 36

Points Return = 20.819

Overall Profit/Loss = - 15.181 points

ROI = - 42.169%

The recommended Starting Bank of 25 points has now been reduced to 9.819 points.


During the review period the performance of the service was poor however, and in fairness to Winning Selections, this is by far the worst run of results they have experienced since the inception of the service in August 2009. As we all know, the sporting programmes (particularly NH racing) have been badly hit by the weather over the past few weeks. That being said, the weather cannot be deemed fully responsible as Winning Selections provides advices on a range of sports.

Whilst the performance of the service during the month of our review was dismal this has to be placed into the context of the overall performance of the service since August. Overall since August and to the end of our review period the service is still in profit as follows:

Strike Rate = 46%

Overall Profit/Loss = + 29.83 Points

ROI = + 13%

All results are publicly available for review on the Winning Selections website and you do not need to be a paying member to see them. The service is clearly experiencing a poor run of results at the moment with a number of horse selections coming second. This poor run has been fully acknowledged by the Winning Selections team who posted the following in their Members Area:

".... subscribers to the Winning Selections service will receive a no cost "bonus" of an additional late information service  Each afternoon at 1pm there will be a post of all the selections that are received from various other sources ..... these sources have proven to be highly profitable over many years".

Personally and given the current poor run, I would consider monitoring the service for a short while longer until there is evidence of an improvement in fortune.

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