Winning Trainers 2.0 Review

Winning Trainers 2.0 system review

Winning Trainers 2.0 review

Winning Trainers 2.0 Review

First things first. You need to know right from the outset that I created this service, so I have a rose-tinted view on it! If you're still reading, let me tell you in completely objective fashion about Winning Trainers 2.0.

Firstly, and obviously, it's a follow on from Winning Trainers 1.0, a service which made a profit of over 120 points, or £1,200 if you prefer £10 stakes.

The problem with the original was clearly not its profitability, but rather its volatility. You see, the P/L column fluctuated wildly making it a roller-coaster ride for all but the hardiest of punters. But, the method worked.

So, the main driver behind Winning Trainers 2.0 has been to retain the core 'under the radar' trainers' methodology, whilst doing what I can to mitigate the peaks and troughs experienced with the original.

Your first 30 days for just £1

I hope I've achieved that by removing the lower price threshold. This means we mix in a few strongly fancied types with our value punts. I've also put together a group of trainers who I expect to have fantastic seasons. And I'm planning on visiting each one of them to bring members the low down on their stable stars (and, naturally, a few of the lesser lights being primed to win).

That's the main service then - ten trainers you may have never heard of, with extremely impressive profit credentials. All qualifiers are listed in a members' area so if you're a bit pushed for time you just log in and get them.

So, how have the Winning Trainers 2.0 performed historically? Brilliantly, in a word. They've been responsible for £11,233 profit to £10 stakes since the start of 2010.

But I want to sound a note of caution here. Whilst that averages out at around £3,373 a year, or 337.3 points profit, the thing about statistical research is that it is backward-looking. I know that's obvious but it does mean the future won't necessarily operate to the same level.

I've set myself a target of 125 point profit this year, or £1,250 to £10 stakes. The original Winning Trainers achieved this, despite the bumpy ride, and it's my great hope that version 2.0 will do likewise, with a smoother transit for followers.

As well as the main guide and selection service, there's a bouquet of beautiful bonuses. Perhaps the pick of the pile is called Racing Angles EXTRA, a collection of ten trainer-based systems destined to provide plenty of fun and finance for followers. There's some really good stuff in there, whether you choose to follow it blindly, or 'think out' some of the angles and use them in your own betting.

And finally, as I mentioned before, I'm really excited to be bringing Winning Trainers 2.0 to life by actually visiting the yards of our trainers, and getting the inside track (as far as I can, and with as many as I can). I'm due to attend my first stable this Friday, down in Surrey, and I'll be sharing my findings with subscribers over the weekend. Really looking forward to that!

So, apologies if this was something of a party political broadcast on behalf of the Winning Trainers 2.0 party, but at least you know I'm biased... and now you know a little of why I'm so excited about the service.

You can read more about Winning Trainers 2.0 here. Spaces may well have sold out by the time you get there, though, as this is a very limited offer.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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    Josh W says:

    You couldnt have hoped for a better start!! selection 1, winner 1! drifted quite a bit as well.

    really like the members site, and the bonus material is fantastic – and fact you are highlighting the selections for the bonus trainer angles as well is even better – they are worth the fee alone!


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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Josh. Yes, I have to say I didn’t especially fancy it, but that’s precisely the nature of Winning Trainers 2.0. We rely on our trainers to know what they’re doing, so we don’t have to!!


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    David says:

    Hello Matt

    I have subscribed to the system today and entered the members area, i have looked at todays selections (Mon 27th) and noted there are six possible selections, can you tell me if i now have to watch these horses up until race time to see if they qualify for a bet or am i missing something here with regards to the process of selection.


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David. Please read the post called Oddsgate on the Winning Trainers blog for a full explanation.


  3. Avatar
    kevin wragge says:

    Hi Matt
    I subscribed to Winning Trainers on Friday I got as far as the register email,username and password but my laptop crashed part way through the process and I didnt get any further.or redirected to a login page.
    Ive been sent a receipt to my email addy but nothing else.
    Could you let me know what I need to do to get access please


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    Roddo says:

    The sold out signs soon went up and the expectation was rightly very high.
    Then quiet.I purchased but didn’t like the price stipulation so it wasn’t for me.However,i did feel as Matt was behind it the profits would flow steadily.
    Paul Ruffy was quick to say he was a fan of Matts trainer based approaches and recommended it.
    Insiders Edge recommended it on May 27th but nothing since.
    Betting systems truths put up a bizarre message saying the review of winning trainers has been removed by mutual consent and Matt has also removed stand out stats and betting systems truths.Presumably Matt owns the site and doesn’t want a biased review although its not clear.
    So its left to The Betting Rant who have been following the method on a daily basis..On the 6th July it was showing a loss of 49.16 pts.Its still early days but the hundreds of subscribers must be disappointed and some I am sure will be getting itchy feet and wanting out.
    I am not a fan of trainer based stats because I believe you need to be much more fluid and need more ingredients than just the trainer to find winning selections.
    However,Matt is one of the best in this type of area and has had success with past ventures in this area.Betfolio,i believe wasn’t a great success and up to just winning trainers is finding the going difficult.I do hope things turn around and a couple of big price winners is all it needs to get on track.
    However,can it produce the goods over a long term? I have my doubts due to the ever changing racing scene.Matt, I am sure will introduce new trainers and remove dead wood.If he gets that right then he has a chance.Will the subscribers show enough patience.Thats the acid test .Their patience will be tested and you feel this method cant produce the goods.I wouldn’t have that patience but I do believe Matt will be trying as he is a good man.Matt gave me the dubious honour of being the first to get my money back.I am not proud of that but I do believe it was thought out and a decision made.
    Subscribers will make their own decisions about winning trainers.Lets hope a lot of winners are around the corner and that will make their decision easier.

  5. Avatar
    Roddo says:

    Sorry about that Matt.It was the text of the message that said Matt has removed by mutual consent stand out stats and betting system truths that I misread what they were on about.I am even more confused now.
    Good luck anyway, I still believe you are on the side of the punter. I haven’t quite got the right one from you yet.
    I am hoping to retire soon,so then I can be a little more open in what products I purchase and not relying on services which post the night before racing.Thats why I am reluctant to stick with price sensitive selections as I am not in control.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      It’s no problem, Ian.

      Best of luck with the retirement plan. Despite what some people might think, I’m actually further from that than ever, but I will continue to run the business my way: as you say, on the side of the punter.


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    simon says:

    Having followed the tips…written them down …paper traded and had a few punts here and there
    I must confess to a bit of a tilt in the confidence in this system. I have for sometime now been using the tips as a way of identifying races to look at and this has resulted in a reasonable success rate(although I did miss the 16-1 shot). Today however sorted out all the negatives and some as two single bets and a double came up trumps : Mount Tiger and Floating Balerino 11-4 and 5-2….i missed the big prices as I got up too late. Well done Matt, trhings seem to be turning a corner… you said they would. patience, patience , patience!!

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Simon – good of you to post. It’s been hard graft so far, but the trainers are – as I’ve said repeatedly – very good trainers, and still mainly under the radar. With luck, we’ll get plenty more to shout about in coming days and weeks.


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