Winter Race Secrets Review

Winter Race Secrets

Winter Race Secrets

Winter Race Secrets is the latest heavily promoted 'here today, gone tomorrow' system on the scene. It's a laying system being sold by 'Walter Samuels'. Interesting then that the website is actually owned by Steve Tenpenny. Not a common name, and so it's entirely possible that he's the same Steve Tenpenny of fame.

That's a site that is all about internet marketing, and gives an insight into how interested Steve is in horse racing and betting, perhaps.

To the system: £37 gets you the rules, or £27 if you cancel from the page in the first instance and then click the 'cancel' button on the pop-up. Presumably concerned by the wanton misuse of bits and bytes and general data transfer issues, Steve - sorry, Walter - doesn't even bother with a pdf this time, and instead just puts the rules on an unsecured webpage.

Winter Race Secrets is a laying system for use between December and January, and has four very poorly researched rules taken directly from One of the rules, if it had been properly researched would have turned this into a plausible laying approach. But, as is so often the case with these scam products, a couple of hours or days of additional research have been sacrificed in favour of lobbing the thing out of the door.

One of the rules is completely back-fitted and, unfortunately for the vendor, it's the same one that I've referred to above, which could have actually given Winter Race Secrets a chance.

As it stands, whilst the profit claims are probably accurate (I say 'probably' because I couldn't get the same research tool to deliver the same quoted results using the same parameters), the Winter Race Secrets system is extremely unreliable in my opinion due to the parlous rule alluded to above.



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  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    Well done Matt.

    I use a rule of thumb that if everybody and his dog are invading my inbox promoting the latest “incredible system” it is almost assuredly utter drivel.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  2. marilyn
    marilyn says:

    Given the clickbank guarantee, i was almost tempted to try this. But in my heart i knew it wouldnt live up to the hype, and that i would be asking clickbank for a refund again! Thanks for the confirmation Matt.



  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    Thanks again for some honest feedback Matt.
    I had this shoved both directly and indirectly through the affiliate pushers into my inbox but declined their generous offer for I myself have a system at hand.
    This is my VALUE SYSTEM system.
    A lot is spoken about value in a bet, the old better odds than actual chances, but I remember reading somewhere once that sometimes you can be getting too much value in that the price is just tooooo big and so maybe today isn’t a going day.
    So this is my system for the systems. Touted as the dogs danglies, infallible, profit on tap saviour of my dreamt of lifestyle I look at the cost to see if I’m getting too much value, which generally I am with most and then when they try to give me a discount on top well that’s like a trainer saying before the off that his 7lb claimer has a cold so they’ve had to put John McCririck in the saddle, sort of tells a story!

  4. martin
    martin says:

    Cheers yet again Matt, i get extremely cheesed off when i click cancel, and have to do it 4-5 times to get rid of them, thats what makes me wary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson says:

    Thanks for the update on the Winter Race Secrets. I too have had lots of mails about this product. Some even saying that the have reserved a special place for me asthey are almost sold out! Nice to see Sam from the all weather backing system also advising to stay away from this product. Keep up the goog work lads!

  6. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    I do pretty good anyway but I’m happy you guide people away from the B.S.

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