Winter Webinar #4: The Tools One

In this fourth and final Winter Gold series web broadcast, we look at the tools available to Gold subscribers. Specifically:

- The joy of a (good) Tracker, and how to use one properly
- Draw and Pace blue sky thinking
- Know thyself (and thy bets)
- Query Tool: where the really good stuff happens

If you like to arm yourself with nuggets of profit-pulling intel that other people don't have, watch this video and then set to work!


Your first 30 days for just £1

p.s. if you'd prefer to watch/listen slightly more quickly,  use the ⚙ icon in the bottom right of the video screen and change the 'Playback Speed'.

p.p.s. If you missed the previous sessions, you can watch them here (#1), here (#2) and here (#3).

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Your first 30 days for just £1
8 replies
  1. wattyk14
    wattyk14 says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Thankyou. I had the tools all along to work out the returns on short priced horses in handicaps and didn’t realise.. Absolutely invaluable information.
    Something you said on The Price is wrong video really made me think. I bet solely on betfair. They have place markets for 2.3.4 and even 5 places. Matt. you prefer 0001 horses rather than ones that are often placed and struggle to win. I believe trainers can also be assessed in a similar manner. Did anyone ever back Barney Curley place only. ? I propose to now back and lay place only as I believe I can find value as the place price should often not be in the same proportion to the win price. Do you think this is correct? If I back place only do you think the pace angles. draw advantage would still be valid. I have lots of query tool angles .reports and use trainer stats . Do you believe they would still be useful or completely nullified.?
    One final point. I cannot see why anyone uses bookies anymore. I have not had a bet with a bookie for years. I find betfair far better for the odds to start with and in any case I get shut down as soon as I start winning. I have had at least 6 shutdowns which I find disgusting . A couple for winning about 50 quid. Why do you bother Matt? Are there any that let you win ? My son tells me Pinnacle Sports are ok but I am so fed up of them all I have given up
    . Cheers. Keith Watson

  2. RoosterCogburn
    RoosterCogburn says:

    Hi Matt,

    Watched all of these very good 🙂

    On the last one you showed you can hide a filter on query report and said you can revert that and make it come back although you didn’t show it. I have never been able to do that it never reappears , maybe a bug to look into.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rooster

      Yes, it is a bug. If you refresh the page, the hidden ones are no longer hidden; so that’s how to resolve your issue, but also presents another one.
      Basically, this feature doesn’t currently work and addressing it will form part of a wider QT upgrade in the New Year.


  3. cresswell91
    cresswell91 says:

    Always a good listen, Matt. Plenty learned over the past week.

    As a suggestion, would you do a video that covers the different type of betting? I’m a heavy user of Bet365 and their Betting wihout the favourites option as well as the place market. It may shed a light on possible bets other than the regular win only or E/W.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Mike, and regarding different bet types, that is the subject of part 3 of the challenge next week.

      So the answer is yes!


  4. sparty6
    sparty6 says:

    As a new “goldie” I have found the whole Winter Webinar series incredibly helpful. They’ve really helped me to explore the full functionality of this excellent site and focus my bets in a much more structured way. Great work Matt!

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