Wo-Man Machine in the Z’Arc!

Formed at the end of the sixties, dear reader, and widely recognized as one of the most influential bands in popular music history, Kraftwerk were famous for such hits as 'The Model' and 'The Robots'.

Both these iconic tunes appeared on an album called 'The Man Machine'. Well, yesterday at Longchamp, we witnessed 'The Woman Machine'. (Apologies for the extremely tenuous intro link, and the plug for one of my favourite bands!)

Zarkava couldn't win the race according to the stats and, if you watched the event, the route Soumillon took on her suggested he'd laid her for his mortgage on betfair. He got the gap when he needed it, and she did the rest.

Take a close look at the race again, and you will notice that she beat a field including Soldier of Fortune, Duke of Marmalade, unbeaten French Derby winner Vision D'Etat and a host of top drawer Group 1 winners, without recourse to the whip.

Check this out... she beat the boys, and Soumillon didn't even lift the stick on her!!!! (It's in Japanese and the picture quality is not brilliant, but you'll get the gist of her superiority...)

This was a world class performance, and it is to be hoped that she isn't now retired to stud, although few could blame HRH Aga Khan if he chose that route.

Elsewhere on the card, Naqoos saved me from a Black Sunday when he went gate to wire in the Grand Criterium, undoing Mastercraftsman's lofty reputation in the process.

The farce that was the opening (and closing) Prix de l'Abbaye was bizarre. After Fleeting Spirit's gate failed to open, the delay to declaring a false start meant that many of the runners completed the course, including winner Overdose and 3rd placed Desert Lord.

It is fair to assume that a few more would have beaten the Lord, but Overdose may have got to eleven out of eleven in his career, because he was well clear. Understandably declared a non-runner when the event was re-run at 6.55 local time, Marchat d'Or for the irrepressible Freddie Head / Davie Bonilla combo dotted up. He's won from 5f to 7f, and was collecting his fifth Group 1 prize. Chapeau, as they say, en France.

Over at home, it looked as though TTS was going to have it's first barren day with a couple of frustrating 2nd places, but then up pops CC Bealby (who??!) at Uttoxeter with his 8/1 winner to put us £717 in front to the betfair odds (and £548 to SP) for £20 stakes.

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Today, Monday, is a no bet day, and instead I'd like to tell you a bit about a fantastic piece of software that I use to create TTS and TFS, and lots of other profitable systems besides.

It's called Racing Systems Builder (or RSB), and has been around for donkey's years. It's basically a research tool, with over a hundred different parameters that you can interrogate the database against.

It is expensive, but not relatively. This software has kept me in front against the bookies for the last three years and, if you like playing around with systems, or perhaps have aspirations to launch your own racing system product, then there are few peers to RSB.

I don't get a commission if you download the demo version (which is fine - this tool owes me nothing!), but do say I sent you if you wouldn't mind. They're nice guys, and I might just get my next data update free if a couple of you do decide to invest! :o)

(Incidentally, the demo is a fully functional version of the software. The only difference from the premium version is that there are only two years' worth of data here, as opposed to over 20 (!) when you pay up)...

[Right click the link below, and select 'Save File As'...]

Actually, while I'm on the subject of aspirations of racing systems, if any of you have your own system which you'd like help marketing, do get in touch.

A couple of rules if I may, which I hope you understand:

1. You must have at least two years verifiable data (I don't mind if you've been tracking it for that long and have the results in a spreadsheet, or if you've researched it using Adrian Massey or RSB or something else. But the results must be independently verifiable)

2. There must be sound logic underpinning your system (it's no use saying all 3 and 4yo's, and 6-8yo's but leaving out 5yo's. There would be no logical reason for doing that, except to unreasonable enhance the bottom line)

3. You must be prepared to work with me on the marketing side of things (but we'll discuss this further as and when it becomes material)

If you would like to discuss this opportunity, contact me at info@geegeez.co.uk, but PLEASE ensure you're adhering to rules 1 and 2 above first. It is more likely than not that we won't work together, so please don't be offended if that is the outcome: it certainly doesn't mean that your system has no future, it simply means that it may not be a good fit with the geegeez brand. I hope that makes sense, and seems fair.

Enough already - drop me a line if you're interested and have something to show me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Until tomorrow,

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