Wolverhampton Placepot Picks, 9th July 2013

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Geegeez Placepot

Geegeez Placepot

A nice return from just eight lines on A yesterday, and also a fair return from the ticket builder and A/B lines as well, despite the dividend only playing £63.90. Today, I thought I'd show you how I put a placepot together, which may or may not be interesting to you.

Yes, I thought I would, but having spent 45 minutes recording the video, I discovered it didn't save properly!!! So time is now against me, and below are the picks only. Apologies for brevity - I tried to add more, and you wind up getting less!

1.45 - Leg 1:

A - 1 (Whipphound), 13 (Almaty Express)
B - 5 (Little Jimmy Odsox)

2.15 - Leg 2:

A - 8 (Haadeeth)

2.45 - Leg  3:

A - 2 (Brigadoon), 6 (Thorpe)

3.15 - Leg 4:

A - 8 (Winterlude)
B - 6 (Successful Year), 7 (Top Set)

3.45 - Leg 5:

A - 2 (Akeed Dubawi), 7 (Spirit Rider)

4.15 - Leg 6:

A - 7 (Pravda Street)
B - 2 (Abbraccio), 4 (Four Winds)


Just A's - 2 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 2 x 1 = 8 bets

All picks - 3 x 1 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108 bets

Ticket builder optimized perm - see below.

Wolves Placepot

Wolves Placepot

Readers can use the ticket builder at www.geegeez.co.uk/ppot/ to create their own part perms.

Place your toteplacepot bets with totepool directly, using the link below:


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9 replies
  1. Avatar
    simon says:

    matt , shame about the video, please can you do another one !! keep up the good work.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Will do, Simon. I need to script it for next time, in any case, as it was quite rambling: ruminating in real time!


  2. Avatar
    simon says:

    thanks matt , I love the placepot . your strike rate is pretty good lately so it will be interesting to see how you go about it.

  3. Avatar
    BHC says:

    Little Jimmy Odsox
    Red Cape
    Spirit Rider
    Pravda Street
    My Anchor
    Bang Tidy

  4. Avatar
    Jim Cannon says:

    I don’t think Wolverhampton is good for the placepot – low rewards on the last few attempts and missing by 1 is not worthy reward for your efforts.

    best wishes


  5. Avatar
    Trajan says:

    Matt is there any chance you could provide. Records page for placepot selections based on your recommended stakes. I want to se how profitable it is proving as the outlayi is often considerable so the risk and reward ratio needs to be identifiable. No wish to criticise your excellent website though just a suggestion .

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Trajan,

      That’s a perfectly fair request, but I’m afraid not. I simply don’t have the time to do that, alas. My own records show decent profitability largely thanks to the big (and infrequent) wins like Royal Ascot and Aintree. The day to day stuff can be a bit less exciting in truth, though we have three £200,000+ pools at Newmarket to look forward to this week.

      Sorry I can’t accommodate your request, and I hope you understand.

      Best Regards,

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