World Cup Final: Free Money…

Best World Cup 2014 Bookmaker Offers

Best World Cup Final 2014 Bookmaker Offers

It's the World Cup Final tonight between Germany and Argentina, and those bookie types are going all out for your custom once more. That means a bunch more free money opportunities for players prepared to open a new account.

These are the best I've found...

90 minutes betting

Back Germany at 11/2 or
Argentina at 13/2

[Best odds are Germany 13/10 / Argentina 13/5]

Winner - £10 max stake, new customers only

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To lift the trophy

1. Back Germany at 4/1 or
Argentina at 11/2

[Best odds are Germany 4/6 / Argentina 5/4]

Paddy Power - £10 max stake, new customers only

Click here for this offer

2. Back Germany at 6/1

[Best odds are Germany 4/6]

Betfair Sportsbook - £10 max stake, new customers only, extra profit paid as free bets

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Your first 30 days for just £1

To score any time

5/1 Tommy Muller to score any time (he needs one to be joint top scorer in the tournament...)

[Best odds are 19/10]

Betfred - £10 max stake, new customers only

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£30 Risk free bet

Have a bet of up to £30 on any outcome you like and, if it doesn't win, you'll have your stake refunded as cash.

Betbright - £30 max stake, new customers only

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How to play these offers...

So those are the offers, but what's the best way to play them?

1. Well, first off, if you don't have a PP account AND a Betfair account, now is the time to get them. There are only two possible outcomes in the outright market: Germany lift the trophy, or Argentine lift the trophy.

So back Germany with Betfair Sportsbook at 6/1 and Argentina at 13/2 with PP. £20 staked, guaranteed return of either £70 or £75.

Fifty quid free money/bets, absolutely guaranteed***.

*** - if Germany win and you get free bets, just find a tennis match where the odds are short, and the difference between Betfair Sportsbook and exchange odds is small. Bet the free bets on the tennis player, and lay the same tennis player on the exchange. You'll then be able to withdraw your profit. 🙂

2. Next, how about combining Betbright's £30 risk free offer with Winner's Germany/Argentina 90 minutes offer? For this one, I'd back the draw with Betbright (£30 at 11/5), and which ever team you fancy - for me, that's Germany at 11/2 with Winner for £10.

If the game finishes a draw, you return £93 (of which £53 is profit, after the £10 loser is deducted). If Germany win, you get £65 (£55 profit) plus you'll have your £30 stake refunded from Betbright. If Argentina win, you'll be £10 down on the deal (£30 refunded from Betbright, £10 lost on Germany). You can of course have a saver of £4 on Argentina at 2.6/1, which will cover your stake on Germany. Make sense?

A free bet to win £50 on two out of three possible outcomes. No lose on the third outcome.

3. Tommy Muller... I have this bet running on, so will be cheering Tommy anyway.

Come on Tommy, Muller 'em!!

Come on Tommy, Muller 'em!!

If I didn't, and I didn't have a Betfred account, I'd be backing Tommy to score any time at 5/1, and laying him on Betfair at 2.96 (just below 2/1). That means you have a free bet to win £30 if Tommy does the bizzo.

A free bet to win £30 if Tommy Muller scores. No lose if he doesn't.


The World Cup Final has a goodly number of gift horses into whose mouths non-account holders with the above bookies should NOT look!

Treat yourself to a few pints or a couple of months subscription to Geegeez Gold, courtesy of the layers. 😉


Your first 30 days for just £1
12 replies
    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Yes, absolutely, Ken. And I happen to know from the last survey that 50% of readers don’t have Betfred, and 85% of readers don’t have Winner accounts. So alas not everyone will qualify, but most have at least one option in the above. Sorry you can’t get involved this time.

      Hope you’re keeping well,

  1. Hopper says:

    F.A.O: Matt & Co./Fellow Ggeezers…
    Any thoughts on how Existing Customers might Scalp (or at least a Close Shave) those Bookie Chappies. ..?
    Thanx Matt for all Your efforts ~
    PaulJo $

  2. Boggy2 says:

    The first offer is from, I’ve signed up and made a deposit but found no sign of the offer price advertised. Very disappointing.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter,

      If you read the terms and conditions it says you’ll be credited with the difference between the general price and the special offer within 24 hours. It also says it on the sign up ‘splash’ page: “Regular match odds will be displayed on the site, enhanced odds winnings will be credited within 24 hours of the event”


  3. Blokeshead says:

    Note to all:

    If you’re not in the UK, read those terms and conditions VERY carefully. A lot of offers are for UK residents (new or old clients) only. Quite why the pounds of expats are less desirable than the pounds of UK residents has never been very well explained to me, even though I’ve wasted a lot of bookmaker time by asking. Repeatedly. Coral are the latest of the big boys to tell all expats to take a running jump when it comes to their offers. “We do this because we can” was a memorable quote (in writing) from their customer “service” last month when quizzed numerous times on it – I kid you not.

    Betfred announced out of the blue last month that they are closing all accounts in Sweden (where I’m based). They didn’t say why. I’m on holiday in Greece at the moment, and several bookmakers make it tricky (if not impossible to the completely non-tech-savvy) for the punter based here too – even if he’s on holiday for a week or three and not actually based here. Two of those are Betfair and Bet365, one or both of whom are quite important to most punters, I imagine. My advice to anyone planning to visit Greece and still have a flutter is leave the PC on at home and install TeamViewer. Works a treat. Or, perhaps, learn how to hide your IP address. But be wary of such software that routinely uses American IP addresses. Bookies don’t seem to like American citizens much either.

    RaceBets don’t like you being in Greece (although they are a very welcome addition to the BOG club if you back the geegees – they are a pretty good bookie in my experience), nor do SportingBet. There are probably more.

    You punters stuck over there in Blighty have life very easy, you know? 😉

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very good information for overseas players, Stuart, and thanks a lot for taking time to highlight that.


  4. sam says:

    on betfair, do i place the bet at the normal odds, then it will give me the extended odds?

  5. RonCombo says:

    I use an IP address from – cheap and works a treat. Very helpful too when there’s the odd glitch.

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