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Geegeez Placepot

Geegeez Placepot

Dang. It was a juicy pot at York yesterday, and I could have easily taken Trading Leather on B for a sniff of it. Woulda coulda shoulda. Didn't. Day two then beckons, and this post is a little earlier than usual, so check for non-runners and price collapses.

These picks are based on my Day Two York Preview here, and this is a very tight perm meaning a higher than usual risk of crashing and burning...

1.55 - Leg 1: Loads with chances in a valuable sales race. I'm taking solid form on A, and potential on B.

A - 4 (Thunder Strike), 13 (Nezar)
B - 10 (Green Door), 18 (Xanthos), 20 (Tobougg Happy)

2.30 - Leg 2: Wind Fire is a fairly solid option if you can forgive one bad run, and I'll take her and Lucky Kristale against all-comers.

A - 1 (Lucky Kristale), 9 (Wind Fire)

3.05 - Leg  3: Wentworth as an A banker, and Es Que Love and Hot Bed on B. It's a streamlined route through a trappy race, and carries a fair bit of risk, for sure.

A - 8 (Wentworth)
B - 4 (Es Que Love), 7 (Hot Bed)

3.40 - Leg 4: Venus De Milo. Please.

A - 8 (Venus De Milo)

4.20 - Leg 5: I'm focusing on Say and Songbird here, the former a proven stick, the latter one of a pair of extremely progressive fillies and preferred to the other, Our Obsession.

A - 5 (Songbird), 12 (Say)

4.55 - Leg 6: Likely to go to the in form fillies or former winners, I'm taking Ghasabah and Shesastar on A, and Dutch Rose and Elle Woods on B.

A - 13 (Shesastar), 15 (Ghasabah)
B - 3 (Dutch Rose), 9 (Elle Woods)

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Just A's - 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 = 16 bets

All picks - 5 x 2 x 3 x 1 x 2 x 4 = 240 bets

Ticket builder optimized perm - see below.

York Day Two placepot

York Day Two placepot

Readers can use the ticket builder at www.geegeez.co.uk/ppot/ to create their own part perms.


Place your toteplacepot bets with totepool directly, using the link below:


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  1. george
    george says:

    I know the feeling Matt-although I didn’t follow all your selections I had 8 20p lines if I had included Trading Leather. Silly me thinking Al Kazeem was a banker!
    The joys of the placepot eh!

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