Geegeez Content Survey 2022

Your Survey Feedback

A couple of weeks ago I invited some feedback specifically on the editorial content side of what we do here at It's important for me, for us, to be clear that we're providing information that is of interest to you. After all, both your time and our financial resources are limited; so it makes sense to optimise each. That's why when you speak, we listen. Here's what you said in the survey...

Question 1: On a scale of 1 (not for me) to 7 (YESYES!) how interested are you in reading about...

Your first 30 days for just £1


While the focus is mainly on the 7's - you really want more - it is important to consider aggregates of 5's and 6's, too. Those "nearly 7's" imply a yes and, taking 5-6-7 as a whole, it is very clear where your democratic priorities lie.

You said you want more on trainer angles, draw/run style, system building, and general form reading.

It is hard to understate the type of racing betting audience this marks you out as: you are, fundamentally, a different breed from the average viewer of, and so on; and a very different animal to those casuals who think will sustain and nourish them. You are a smarter, and more inquisitive, breed; and you are much smaller in number.

The flip side of this question reveals that ante post betting is of limited interest to many, as is pedigree chat and, to a lesser degree, sectional timing. On that basis, we've dropped the ante post pieces, and will not go too frequently to either the pedigree or sectional wells (though I will continue to pen occasional pieces on the latter, as I believe that one's relative novelty in UK means it has yet to see its demand rise - but it will, in my view).


Question 2: Which of those subjects are you MOST interested in?

Again, you have provided a very clear steer for us to work from. For this question, respondents could select only one of eight options. Almost a third of you chose general form reading, and over a quarter chose system building. Another quarter shared your votes between trainer angles and draw/run style content, meaning almost five-sixths of the love was for just a half of the options. We'll be bring you plenty more from those corners of the content globe.


Question 3 was the inverse of Q2, and asked which subject you were least interested in. You can work that out from the above and it need not clutter this shortish piece.


Question 4: How often do you read...

I found these responses particularly interesting as a barometer of what we're doing right and not quite so well.

On the plus side, it's brilliant that so many of you engage with our daily bulletin emails: they have a chunk of info in them, including some awesome stuff from the archives (all of which is hardy perennial and as useful now as it was when penned, so maybe hardly re-pennable... there's a pun in there somewhere!). They also link to the relevant course guides and free races / features of the day.

And those bulletin emails link to daily news articles which we syndicate from the Press Association. We do that to provide on these 'ere pages as much of the more transient intel as you're keen to absorb; your feedback suggests that this content is only an occasional consumption for many/most. Fair enough, and noted: it's there for those who want it.

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see how popular the trends articles continue to be, and not surprised that Racing Insights remains a staple of many visitors' daily habit. The pivot away from Stat of the Day was not without turbulence back yon, but I hope longer-term readers can see the slightly different value provided by its replacement.


Question 5: What could we do MORE of?

A free text question allowing you to say what you want, what you really, really want... 219 replies, and I think word clouds express the general sentiment best in such cases. So here's one of those.

What you'd like to read more about, in word cloud format

The gist is more of what we're currently doing, but also some additional trends output (I'll have a think about this because I feel there's a "right way and a wrong way" to present historical profiles), system content, ratings components and form guides.

The ratings part is a challenge, mainly because I believe such number sets require a HUGE amount of work and rework: it would probably take a year or two full-time to create something and even then it might only be 'quite good'.


Question 6: What could we do LESS of?

177 replies this time, and we'll word cloud it again:

Things you'd like to see less of in geegeez content terms


Generally speaking, this was a 'null response', with lots of 'nothing', 'all fine as it is' type of replies; but quite a few suggested a lack of interest in ante-post content and, to a lesser degree, sectional articles. Of course, I don't expect anybody to read everything on geegeez, so please do feel free to skip certain pieces... as I'm sure you do!


Question 7: If you were the boss, which one thing would you change? It might be adding something, removing something, changing the way we do something. It's your call!

There were 208 replies here, and I thought a lot of them were excellent! So, rather than word cloud them, I've actually reproduced them 'as is' below. You're welcome to ignore or to read through at your leisure. And, of course, if you've any burning suggestions as "boss of geegeez for a week" - or you just want to second or third one of the ideas below - please do leave a comment! 👇

More short, sharp webinars explaining certain aspects of the site
Adding % rivals beaten

Perhaps once a month one of the contributors going through a Race Card and selecting their picks
More actual race reviews rather than ‘angles and systems
lots more choice in query tool, for me its the single most important tool in Geegeez,

More system n report building functions using multiple choice of report types expand query tool function.

Best value bet of the day

Trainer analysis Green in form red cold in racecards

Add saddle cloth numbers to the Full Form and Profile pages

Adding a 6 month tab to IE and maybe taking out field size and adding something more trainer related to that race in the end column
Making Form Listings clearer and more user friendly. I find myself using Racing Post Form as it is what I am used to and though it has less information / parameters it is an "easy" read.
Other than lowering the price (JOKE - you offer great value) it’s hard to think of anything. Maybe an online community for like minded folk as mentioned above would be good. I’d also make px form visible when you click into a horse from the race card!
find a lay angle
See above
I would stop promoting other products, as it eats into the integrity of Geegeez.

Just to repeat what I have already said, I am new to this but thoroughly enjoying the journey. I have a lot to learn and all articles are welcome. Great work!
More pedigree back ground
Short list of trends qualifiers.
Emphasis on potential of horse rather than just form - most horses ‘haven’t done it yet’ so how can we get better at spotting those well handicapped (HotForm is ace one this)

Learning is a good your ideas and my problem solving works well and having a tracker is very helpful best information that I keep my information when my memory of what I’ve backed I’m 58 but wished I had this earlier in my life thanks Matt and team

The biggest thing I'd love to see is advanced race pace mapping insight. I love your feature to help inform me on pace but I'd love to see it go further e.g. horse strike rates in slowly or fast run races, toggle fast early pace vs slow early pace to see if average position of horse changes , win and place stats to change based on predicted fast even or slow early pace etc. I think you get the idea
I would like to see the option to change the race cards between "standard" and "at a glance" on gold as in the RP. It's easier to look at large fields with my old eyes lol.
Hi, I sent an email a few months ago regarding the follwing but never received a reply. I had an idea to show hot/cold trainer in a horses form. To show if the trainer was in good or bad form at the time of that run. I think this could throw up an interesting angle when a horse has gone well despite the stable being out of form then returns with the stable going well.
Ability to place a bet through the Geegeez website via a betting partner
Nothing in particular comes to mind
Create a "Geegeez rating" for each horse (where possible), by pulling together all the RPR/Topspeed/PeterMay ratings, add in instant expert scores, profiler scores, trainer / jockey form, Draw PRB, etc
Simplify the way for MOST of us to arrive at the possible winner .
More filters on the QT and make it more user friendly especially for mobile (if possible!)

I have built my own dashboard for race analysis so really admire your work, I would make more use of hovering over something making a tile pop up, as clicking through when information is dense and bottomless is just not as nice a UX in my opinion. But I like the approach and should make myself more familiar with your offerings

Make the sorting of lists 'nested' as with Xcel. So things sorting equal are in the order of the previous sort
I'd just like the five-days from Ireland on the tracker for planning purposes and Ireland is my focus over Britain, but obviously, you're British-based. If in time, you could add the point-to-point form from whatever database you use and French form as well, that would be brilliant. It all helps to pain the picture! Great work, thank you.

provide exchange information and recognise no sensible bettor will go near a bookie

Return of a tipster, does not have to be every day.
See 'What could we do more of?"
I would like to see a 'FORM' selection (1-2-3) made by GeeGeeze for each race

highlight when you think short-priced favourites are poor value
Adding HiRPR (like HiOR) and customisable filters to Full Form tab in order to cover more than one going type/distance etc. Possibly, ability to ‘pair’ columns in Instant Expert to only show data for races where 2/3 columns apply, such as course and distance.

With the multitude of data and stats based information, reports and form I believe the bet finder needs and should have past data results of the combinations selected to give a better feel for whether the parameters and combinations selected have any substance in a similar way to other reports and inline drop downs show runs/wins/P&L/prb etc.
Make sure punters could see tips give trials before vip if doing vip tips help people learn betting
Your doing great
Add significant function to Query Tool
Very comprehensive and interesting site. Keep it going. My game plan is to cover monthly costs in year one and then looking for profit
Bring back Stat Of The Day

A one stop shop for all the pace/draw biases, so a one pager of the tracks where front runners do well. Obviously I understand though that the data and biases may change as time goes on.
In big races, combine trends with horse & trainer form, draw where relevant - then come up with a short list of 'probables' - probably in an easy-to-read matrix format
Why would you want to change something which already works

see above
do h/caps only

For national hunt racing trainer reports could have hurdles or chase as well as the all and handicap tabs as a filter

As I said above what i like is if you really have a strong fancy for other wise I don't like to have a bet if it doesn't run as you thought that's horse racing I don't like second guessing
Providing Dobbing stats relevant to today's race conditions.
Not sure glad I'm not the boss 🤣

Make IE more flexible for the user
Add jockey and trainer sole representative at the meeting.
improve query tool..needs a lot to get up to others

Something similar to Racing Posts signposts section, all the relevant info condensed

Adding a trainers record at the track and a particular race

i find im overwhelmed at times so select articles ...less is more
back to lay software
Reduce the subscription for international patrons as the relativity of the exchange rate makes it difficult to buy gold subscription

do more syndicate ownership
"I love the site, loads of information but like any hobby you need to stay up to date and use the tools/skills on a regular basis to get the most out of it. When my yearly gold subscription came out of my bank I nearly asked for a refund, but I reminded myself of how good the site is and decided to give it another year.

The reason I nearly cancelled is because if I’m honest I don’t engage with the content outside of the race cards, the articles are too long, too many graphs and charts, I don’t have the time to digest the information (and act on it if I do find something interesting) and I don’t particularly enjoy reading on a screen. Personally I would much prefer a short 2-10 min video discussion/presentation on the topics that you write the articles about, even shorts (20-30 seconds videos) in the format of the 'elevator pitch', just tell us key information."
"I do like your in-depth trainer studies; perhaps more of them - and a review of the performance of the key tips from those a year or two later, to see how they’ve done.
Your recent review on Harry Fry and Dan Skelton was really good on both trainers. This emphasised the value of backing Harry Fry’s supported novice chasers. Unfortunately for all of us, he’s just had two chase winners all season so far. "

"As per my comments in 'more' - think strategically and develop 2-3 year plans because what is used now will probably not be as useful by then. For all of my sports betting I am more interested in (raw) data than interpretation and am always looking for quality data to enable me to make betting decisions (golf now has some real good sources).
Reading this back it sound a little bit negative on the service you provide. I only joined this year so I am probably not making full use of what you have to offer and I do really like the offering especially the way it's presented and can see how far you have come over the last few years. "
With so much info a more concise list of potential horses expected to run well
Not sure

Making the query tool better or drop it.

The adverts to join Geegeez Gold when I first log in. I already subscribe to Gold, so they are irrelevant to me.
one site with all sectionals available.
A structured pathway to learning for the novice punter.
Annual subscriptions but for weekend and festival racing, as many times I dotn have access at work to assess the racing on each working day

I would strive to continue to making geegeez the best site in the world (probably)
Allow users to suspend QT Angles and then reinstate them as required, without counting towards their 300 limit. My Epsom fast ground system is only needed for 3 months a year!

Nothing to change
Nothing I can think of, its an excellent source of data and might i add great value for money. Keep it up.
In the Tracker ( using mobile) the add notes button is to close to the remove horse button ( of the tracked horse above/ below ) and you can lose horses from the Tracker.
More articles on trading and pedigrees

Make Excel downloads available.
Shorter video's with less flickering around!
Put up a horse on Saturdays and big festival days with reasons for selecting it.Thanks and best of luck 👍
Longest Travellers would be good, with links to race to check horse/trainer/jockey form as well as how much the race is worth - a column added to the Racecard view/ instant expert for each horse travel distance would be ideal!
Adding pre-race predicted pace score into query tool
De clutter BLOG section. Suggest move older articles to archive later articles place under separate headings e.g racecourses, pace&draw, trainers, handicapping etc. making them easier to locate.
Having some kind of blank canvas with each race card for own working out ie spread sheet with just runners names when Iam doing a tissue have to write the runners down on paper which is time consuming
Nothing comes to mind.

"Add some kind of grade or points to say if this race was run above or below the standard/ medium for this class of race. It would save me buying the Weekender 😀
I’d love to see an angle for a sire’s debutants/2nd run.
Nothing that I can think of

Not sure

nothing happy with the product
It might be me, but I don't find the Query Tool particularly user friendly. I use for trends, systems, horse profiling, queries etc.

Nothing really can’t fault anything on the web site.
Same as ' What could we do MORE of'.
I would make the a-z runners report a CSV as per other reports

Absolutely love Geegeez so the answer I’m afraid is nothing springs to mind
Add Betfair Win and Place prices if possible
Able to export data from query tool
Assure your faithful that you won't sell the website to ANY third party anytime soon and that the even then it will be only to someone wanting to provide exactly the service you currently provide and never to a company whose interest is in bending the truth of statistics to suit their own aims and ignoring the interest of horse racing enthusiasts.
Proximity Form on Instant Expert 🙂 ps/ lovin that proximity is now within the recent form tab - Cheers
Advice on how YOU use the reports and features
Everything fine as it is.
The thoughts of trainers through a weekly/monthly column ?
"Hard to say as I don’t have access to all your data. A daily PATENT or LUCKY 15 with decent-priced horses would be useful (4/1+). As most outlets just stick with favs (this could be a Premium feature).

Don’t try to do too much. Pursue an idea and explore it properly. For example, choose a trainer (or 3) and properly assess their chances using your tools on a daily basis (if they have no runners then fine).

You could also do this by course (pick a handful that have a lot of meetings like Wincanton or Ascot).

Offer personalised training sessions on how to use your software. Following videos is only useful up to a point and there’s no substitute for real-time questions."

Less Emails
"Don’t like the having the how to use Geegeez stuff at the bottom of every racecard..but it’s not a deal breaker
Keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s not broke don’t fix it
Best regards "

Help with profiler please . If you review the card and take down the horses you are interested in from say 8 to 4 that doesn’t feed through to the profiler page so all the 8 are still there . Might be me but it’s the only frustration I’ve got with the site .
the weight horses carry with regards to form some can carry big weight some can't
Adding more to the query tool, such as 1st run under that code or 1st run for yard. Also trainer targets (attempts in race etc)

I'd charge a little more for what you have and include more ante-post race analysis and "tipping" (I know it isn't tipping, but race summaries might be a better way of putting it)
Daily news More

I'm satisfied at present.

"When going through a race I often end up using trainer snips, which is really good, to check on a trainers record in a novice race on first start record, or a trainers record with a horse fresh '+60 days' if its been on a break. Obviously that tool's great for seeing what the trainer is like if it has a runner that meets those requirements on that day.
But what I'd like is to be able to see a trainers record when it doesn't meet those requirements on the day, the reason being that a horse may have run poorly after a break and is having its second start, in that scenario I'd like to see the trainers record after a break to potentially dismiss that run, but on the day they have no qualifiers running after a break so I can't see it. So a trainers 'snips' section that includes all data. I have no idea if this would be difficult, the info. is there, but I guess it would be a huge database to be on hand all the time.
Hope this helps."

It’s only trivial but I’ve started using Proximity form.. it would be ideal if you could add them to the drop down horse form on the main racecard page rather than full form. So you can scroll down and browse all the horses at once.

Explain PACE diagrams. I look at them but unsure if I'm reading them correctly
Add French and German Group 1&2 form to Instant Expert

Would add Irish especially and or English point to point form useful for novice races nh
More trends info
no idea, I dont want to be the boss.
Add betting moves /relevance to form cards to use in current race analysis
Have a simpler step by step article about Query Tool
Not sure on the P2P sources of data - if that could be added would be helpful - I use France Gallop for the French runners info - can find a P2P ditto - overall EXCELLENT which is why GG keeps winning best in class - very well done to the team ; - )

"I'm retired, punt for fun, like studying form most mornings - probably not your normal gee-geez punter. I use GG as a secondary source of information to the Racing Post paper and website. I use RP for most of my studying, and GG as additional source, or prime source when I try to work out the way the race will be run. Your Pace feature is unique and if I was boss I'd do all I could to utilise, develop and promote that function before the Post use their resources to add the feature themselves. They're a bright bunch of lads and must provide pace data soon so GG need to kick on.

You've done well to invade their market as well as you have, and to give the more data-based punter the tools with which to work. Your probably better looking after their needs than those of 1 77yo Post reader. There aren't that many of us left!"

Add distances to trainer form to give a better picture of trainers general form a 20/1 beaten a length can tell more than an odds on winner also proximity could be utilised
Not much at all to be honest

Some in who was clear so see
Add days since last run angle to the query tool for creating betting angles systems

Complete overhaul of the user interface for building angles.

going at each course on the day & if the going suddenly changes make one aware of it
Analyse actual races with Gold, preferably before the event, but after would also be good
I’m more in to trading horses pre race so I get all I need only using free version at the moment I would like to no more about Dutching horses in double and trebles perms plans to cut the number of bets More perms snd plans would b great like the lucky15 plan
Ability to export Instant Expert to Excel
Whilst the website provides loads of information it is a pity that you do not offer the opportunity to watch replays either in full or just the finish of a race. This information is available elsewhere for free so by adding this feature this would really make you the number 1 website for the total job of finding winners. A link to the BHA website for checking latest going reports would also be helpful.
More in depth analysis in Irish Racing.
more race trends
You are doing a great job and very creative. I am glad you are the boss 🙂
The price
Personally, I would like to see the Sire, Dam, Dam Sire on the racecards.
don't know
Trainers sending single runners long distances to meetings.
Change the way racing insight is used ie use new features each week

race trends, I like making my own but it takes time I don't know if there's a way to make query tools race trend friendlier

Shorter more focused videos
sorry notsure again
Think everything is pretty much covered above, at least getting feedback from your data base is the right way to go, to gauge if the mix is right in terms of content offered.

Wouldn’t remove anything think you’ve got most stuff covered

not sure
maybe incorporating 1st call sectionals to the pace map if possible

Me personally id like you to pick just one race maybe couple of times a week. And put a selection up and see if we are reading the race correctly if that makes sense. Not a tipping service but more an educational kind of thing.
I struggle with the Query Tool, it’s just not intuitive enough for me.
Being able to disect more in query tool, such as highlighting novice, maiden, claiming races
Nothing What I don't like others will and vice versa
Make query tool easier to work/better designed
Nothing - all good as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Matt.
Bring back STAT OF THE DAY... Chris doing Racing insights, is like putting Ronaldo in goal. your not getting the best out of him.
Have a Horses current OR on their Full form page when looking back at previous form (currently shows rating for last run I think) The Nirvana would be if the current OR was alongside the result for each Horse. Eg, I’m looking at a race today, I look back at the result of a Horse’s last race and I can see the current handicap mark for the Horses in that race, so I can immediately see for example that it beat Horses now rated 125, 130 & 135 in a Novice and is today running off 120. Appreciate that might be difficult but it would make a massive difference to my form study.
Customer service
See query tool message above.
Offer a life time membership again or if someone takes a yearly offer like i did for £297, offer them the chance to pay monthly(£24.75) or quarterly(£74.25) the following year because with covid money has become tight, I'm sure many members myself included could have afforded to stop! and we do miss geegeez.
If you could provide BSP as well as SP it would be awesome.

Query tool top/bottom weight performances

Sadly I still loved Stat of the day AND double Dutch, but I understand completely why they’ve gone
highlighting horses that match a particular trends or criteria
I realise this one is pretty unrealistic, but my ultimate choice would be a selection from yourself/the writers in races (even it's it one meeting a day/week) rather than just having the RP spotlight pulled through.

Maybe asking for articles by subscribers on subjects put forward by yourself

Shorter and more concise videos.
Don’t know
make it more like old past superform simple

More horses / trainer trends for courses

Make the query tool as useful as Flatstats / Horseracebase
Just keep doing what you do best

Have a geegeez forecast based off the data and angles...bit like Timeform
Bring back SOTD
The only thing I would introduce is race replays, but I am not sure that is practice.
More info on jockeys normal riding weight

"Well as I said ratings and conditions
and draw are the only way.
Sectionals ,pace ,and all the rest you cover are ""by the way"" . You guys can't see the Trees for the forest...sadly
Try telling in advance how a race will be run, times are irrevelant except where two divisions of a race are run,especially maidens/ novices
I wish you would include more races, so we can drop the short price horses and play more races whereby the horses are no less than 7/2.

More blog post type articles.
"At the risk of this becoming an essay I find that Gold is at the same time absolutely brilliant and practically useless. That is not meant to be an insult to Gold itself and is most definintely aimed at the user, but I find that there is simply too much information and I suffer from the oft-mentioned overwhelm. The result of this is that I feel I cannot spend the time I would need to sort out the relevant information from the less vital nuggets and so I tend to end up not bothering at all. (I am on the autistic spectrum - not on the Rainman level but enough to affect how I use data and information. I need to have time to analyse to my satisfaction or I can get a little stressed. What I can't do is dip in and out quickly).

I find that if I look at reports and find a horse I then discover reasons not to back it once i check the pace or instant expert tabs. Or I find a horse in instant expert but then the pace looks wrong or the form points to too much weight today etc etc. In the end I usually run shy and back nothing. A quick check of my obsessive-personality-structured spreadsheet shows that in total I have placed 180 bets as a direct result of Geegeez obtained info or insight since I signed up for Gold and have made a total loss of £33.23 over that time. This may be down to bad luck or bad choices or insufficient faith in the 500 bets I could perhaps have made but didn't which might have made me a healthy profit, but it is certainly not what I need to fund the lifestyle I would much rather be enjoying than the one in which I seem to be stuck!

The fault for the above results lies with my choices and not the information available. However, the effect is that I will not be renewing in February despite the fact that I would gladly tell any horse racing fan how amazing Gold is.

I have long thought that rather than a binary choice of all the info in the world or virtually nothing that there could be a 'Silver' option which contains some of the manifold Gold benefits without serving up the whole a la carte menu. Which bits should be included and which shouldn't and what the price should be are, of course, the tricky areas. Ideally the member could pick and choose which bits they would want but I realise this could be problematic for the programmers to engineer. At the end of the day I am just tossing the idea into the brainstorm meeting and leaving it to the management to thrash out the details!

Anyway, thank you so much for the great content and information and the time you all clearly take to provide the same and best wishes for the future.


Pretty happy with the balance tbh
More form explanantory videos.
Make it all free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sort can't think of anything I want to change
"I was going to suggest a make your own card, but that's already in progress. Thanks for everything you all do.

Building more of a community perhaps?
Somehow create a quick view summary of the profiler tab, using filters selected so all horses data can be viewed at the same time
tricast or exacta articles - perms or pointers for the big handicap on a Saturday

Monthly subscription offers instead of 6 month and yearly winter warmer offers
A tipster competition
Improving the ability to visualise the performance of QT angles and perform admin (update and delete)

Is there any way to incorporate prize money won by Horses

I would be grateful if there was a quick way to find out whether horses are more likely to run up sequences in better grade races - for example are they more likely to do it in Class 2 handicaps than say Class 6 ones. And how much more likely are they to do it.i
Continue to improve the query tool. The dates can be annoying as it includes todays runners before they have run unless you manually alter the date.

Definitely, without a doubt, I would get a new SP service provider, to give the correct price of a horse, like sporting life. Also I wouldn't change any of today's information once the race is run. It's almost impossible to back test a betting strategy or system on Geegees because the information you are looking at on yesterday's races has all changed because the race has been run, like jockey stats, trainer stats, horses win %, then what? This information is all useless information once the race has been run because it's all changed. Even horses, if you go back and see how a horse run in 2020 and it's jockey and trainer stats and is races, it's all changed and updated automatically to today's information. That's no good for back testing a system. Nice questionnaire, it covered a lot. Thanks 😁👍
Apart from the expansion to the query tool (which I can't wait for!!) maybe some more trainer angles in relation to the jumps. For examples trainers record first time over hurdles and fences. And when a trainer is highlighted in the first time headgear/surgery report if we could see the stat that on the race card when we click on the trainer icon that would be helpful
In reference to my comment above - I like the fact that Geegeez is a one stop shop for me in the main with my betting. Maybe improving the timeliness of the fast results coMing through
as stated, 5th place result would help me, save me trying to find it
Having to constantly log in is a pain, a small pain

Look at the site's search functionality. I do sometimes find it very difficult to find articles that i've read previously, with most search strings returning 'news' items that are not what i want. Really don't know enough about how practical that would be but anything to increase the ability to search would be appreciated.
Shorter videos
Have a cheaper silver version with all the basic facilities but maybe no tools or reports



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3 replies
  1. Chris J.
    Chris J. says:

    Hi all,

    One thing that isnt mentioned above in the comments box is a list of hot/cold races, like horse race base have got? So the ability to show a list of races over a certain period that are working out or not working out form wise, thank you, Chris.

  2. dbirch
    dbirch says:

    Good evening although I can’t always respond to an email or I report.
    One thing I would like to touch upon is that I have been a long ish time supporter of GG’s, having been introduced by a friend.
    My point is I have read the responses to what you could do better, this would be a very important point from my standing.

    I’m sure Matt put this down in an email sometime ago and it’s still important to me.
    “I would stop promoting other products, as it eats into the integrity of Geegeez.
    The reason many of us log in and pay for our subscription is because it is not affiliated with any of the big boys, my apologies for the terminology.
    But if I found it affiliated with a better insight or something along those lines I would certainly cancel my subscription.
    As Matt has put many times before, this is not why we sign up or subscribe.
    If you are onto a good thing why change it.
    Basically – don’t sign up to one of the big f***ers for money.

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