Coming Soon: Gold's new Query Tool


In this post, I want to share a new feature which is going to be available very soon. I also want to politely remind you that today (Friday 27th January) is the last chance to secure your discounted (for life) Annual Gold subscription.

Let's cover that off first.

Geegeez Gold is continuing to invest in innovation. After this week's latest 'bell and whistle' enhancements - Pace Predictions on the pace tab, and Proximity Form on Full Form Filter - we have a much bigger enhancement in early stage testing. More on that below.

Unlike some publishers, we don't increase our prices for existing subscribers. Instead, we prefer to reward commitment and early adoption, by offering our best subscription rates to our most loyal community members, and by guaranteeing that the price at which you sign up is the price you pay for the lifetime of your subscription.

This means that, regardless of what new features we introduce or how much a subscription might cost in the future, you get the lot for the price now. That's only fair, after all, because without your investment in Geegeez Gold, we are unable to re-invest in you.

So, no big fanfare, but just to say that today is the last day you can lock in your subscription for 68p a day (£249 annually). From tomorrow, the annual price rises to £297 (81p a day), which still offers two months free against the annualised monthly subscription of £360 (99p a day). That's the very best value you can get, so if Gold is something you currently enjoy, and/or if the new feature highlighted in the video below excites you, then now is the time to upgrade.

Your first 30 days for just £1


YOU CAN UPGRADE HERE (make sure you're logged in first!)


Oh, and if you're currently a free subscriber, you can use that same link to upgrade directly to Gold Annual. One fee, swallowed (!) now, gives you full 'access all areas' for the entire year of 2017 - both flat and jumps, UK and Irish - and into January 2018. Nothing more to pay.

Enough already, because I think you probably already know if this is something you want to do... If you're still unsure, here's a sneaky peek at a 'COMING SOON' feature...




What do you think? Anything in particular you'd like to see included? Leave a comment and let me know.


p.s. here's the upgrade button one last time. Best value racing form for 2017 lives here

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Avatar
    buster1938 says:

    Hi Matt
    this looks like a winner ,should be a good tool to use to stitch up the book-makers
    be lucky


  2. Avatar
    Harchibald says:

    Looks very interesting Matt and as usual the presentation of both input and results looks spot on. This is the strength of geegeez imho.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Tony – we’re very keen to make things intuitive and usable. There are more established products, but they tend to have very hard to use interfaces. I agree that the user interface/navigability is a strength of Gold, and it’s not accidental!

      Thanks again,

  3. Avatar
    grahame18 says:

    hi Matt
    when you use the date button will we be able to change it to the latest 1st and not the oldest and it definitely looks good
    thanks Graham

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Graham

      Yes, it will definitely be in reverse chronological order, i.e.most recent first, when it goes live.


  4. Avatar
    future says:

    first thing that hit me when watching your video taking sires was the going on how they performed , could this be included as i think it is important in that respect .

  5. Avatar
    future says:

    also with there be a ” save ” button to save systems you have made .

    After this week’s latest ‘bell and whistle’ enhancements – Pace Predictions on the pace tab, and Proximity Form on Full Form Filter – we have a much bigger enhancement in early stage testing………………can you tell me about these as i cannot see anything different so far

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stephen

      There are no plans to provide a ‘save’ function at this time. It is a basic query tool, NOT a system builder. Just want to be totally upfront about that.

      Regarding pace and Proximity Form, if you can’t see those, please do the usual cache refresh things, as outlined on the FAQ page here:

      Best Regards,

  6. Avatar
    parallax says:

    Re:”After this week’s latest ‘bell and whistle’ enhancements – Pace Predictions on the pace tab, and Proximity Form on Full Form Filter” I do not have these options on the respective tabs.

      • Avatar
        parallax says:

        Dear Matt,
        clearing the cache, my browsing history,my active logins and my search history and cookies did not resolve this.


        • Avatar
          Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Sean

          I’ve manually cleared your cache from this side, but if anything is stored locally your end, it may not have jurisdiction over that.

          Can you please email me with the device and operating system you’re using?


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