Draw Analyser Explained

The Draw Analyser gives users all the info they need about potential draw advantages at all UK and Irish flat courses.



Going and field size can have a huge bearing on how strong a draw bias is so these are two key filters to use with the Draw Analyser. 

It is also important to remember that the racecard draw isn’t always the stall a horse will break from as for each lower drawn non runner, the higher drawn horses will come out of one stall lower than initially intended. This means the ‘Actual’ radio button on the Draw Analyser can be used to show the true data for the stalls that were actually used for the race, rather than what the racecard would tell you. 

There are several sections to the Draw Analyser which will highlight the difference between low, middle and high draws, the differences between each individual stall and then arguably the best part of all, how draw and pace can work in combination with each other.

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