Jockey Form Dropdown

Jockey form doesn’t necessarily change in the same way trainer form can but there is far more to the jockey form dropdown than just ‘form’.



The 14 day and 30 day indicators will show the current form of each jockey. Changes in form could be related to the form of the trainer from whom they get most of their rides, or any other factors. Losing streaks can affect confidence which is also worth considering.

Previous course form is also an important consideration. Some jockeys will simply ride some courses better than others because those layouts suit their styles. Again, trainers can also have an impact on jockey course records as if a trainer targets a certain course that trainer’s retained jockey should have a better than average record there.

Jockey and trainer relationships are also highlighted in this dropdown with the trainer jockey combo 1 year record. This adds yet another layer of data to this thoroughly insightful dropdown which provides a massive amount of data without the need to navigate to a different page or tab.

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