Racecard Icons Overview

There are many icons on the Geegeez Gold racecards, but what do they all mean?

This video walks you through what information each of the eleven icons can display for you and how to switch them on and off.

For reference this is what each of the racecards icons represents:

1 – Horse form, up to last six runs

2 – Jockey’s recent form, and longer-term course form

3 – Trainer’s recent form, longer-term course form, and contextual form snippets

4 – Head to Head: Horse’s record against today’s rivals

5 – Number of Report Angles relevant for this runner (see Report Angles section)

6 – Number of QT Angles relevant for this runner (see QT Angles section)

7 – Form comment

8 – Sales/breeding comment, as well as sire performance statistics

9 – My Ratings: Add a note, rating or tissue price for this runner (see My Ratings section)

10 – Add this horse to your Bet Tracker (see Bet Tracker section)

11 – Hide this horse from consideration

Clicking on an icon will expand the page to reveal further information in most cases. The clicked icon(s) has a red border when open.

Clicking on the icon in the top menu will open that information for all runners. Clicking it again will close the selected information set.

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