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Gold Nuggets: Flat Fez Draw & Pace Research

One of the biggest weeks of Summer festival racing is upcoming, with both Galway and Goodwood hosting multi-day garden parties featuring Pimm's and ponies next week. The action on the track will be as heady as many of the next morning hangovers off it, and in such busy circumstances it can pay to revise ahead of time.

With that in mind, I've recorded a video looking at a few draw/run style angles for the two meetings. The idea, if not too pedagogic, is to share both a fish supper and an angling lesson. More specifically, here's what I'm looking out for next week, and here's how/why you might use a similar approach at other courses and distances.

In the video, I've referenced some other content on geegeez, as follows:

Draw Analyser

Draw Biases at Galway and Goodwood blog post (updated prior to 2021 renewals)

Goodwood Course Guide

Galway Course Guide

Chapter list:

00:00 Intro
01:10 Establishing weather conditions
05:45 Galway course configuration
08:20 Draw and Run Style analysis setup
09:35 **Why use Percentage of Rivals Beaten?**
13:25 Galway 7f Draw / Run Style analysis
17:55 Galway 1m+ Draw / Run Style analysis
21:40 Goodwood 7f Draw / Run Style analysis, part 1
22:40 Goodwood course configuration
24:30 Goodwood 7f Draw / Run Style analysis, part 2
27:55 Goodwood 1m Draw / Run Style analysis
29:58 Outro