Geegeez Gold: June 2021 Updates

Just a few small tweaks this month, and some minor bug fixes.

DR / RS columns in Card form

The biggest of the small changes, for me at least, is the addition of draw (DR) and run style (RS) columns to the racecard inline form. These valuable snippets of info can help understand whether horses were compromised by their pace profile in relation to the race conditions and, by the same token, whether they were favoured by those things. In other words, whether a horse can be marked up or down for recent runs.

Of course, in the case of jumps races - as can be seen above with the 22nd December form line - the output shows only run style (RS). In case the notations are not self-explanatory, they are:

L - Led
P - Prominent
M - Midfield
H - Held up

I'm excited about this change!

Gelding notifications

We have also added a gelding notification to the cards where a horse or colt had previously raced as an 'entire' (i.e. with his testicles still attached!) but is now sans noix. We record this for the first three runs post-gelding, as g1, g2 and g3. This race today articulates the full gamut of g123:

You may of course elect to use the g1 notification in conjunction with our recently published 'Trainer 1st Headgear / Surgery' report (shortened to H/S1 to us in the know!) which can be found here.

Bits and bobbins

A few other minor amends have also been taken care of, some of which you may not have even been aware were broken...


We changed the obnoxious green odds toggle on the card to a more congruent colour:


We reinstated official rating on Full Form mobile view:


We centred the 3LR label in pace data view (man, you've *no idea* how much this annoyed me!!)




We made the season dropdown on Full Form contextual to a horse's previous run:


And we removed the 'Show/Hide Inline' buttons from the Horses for Courses and Hot Form reports. Because there was nothing to display inline!


All tiddlers in the grand scheme of things, but the ongoing removal of friction and the addition of bits of information amounts to a great deal over time. I hope there's something in the above that will make your Gold experience marginally better.