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Geegeez Gold Upgrades: December 2021

The final upgrades to Geegeez Gold for 2021 can be seen strutting their stuff in the video below... or for those who prefer words and pictures, I've outlined them on this page beneath the vid 👇

The headlines:

- Profiler gets charts!
- Profiler gets PRB!!
- Full Results get sexier sectional charts!!!
- Proximity Form is now a Racecard Options option!!!!


What's New in Geegeez Gold?

PRB on Profiler

Profiler has rapidly gained a sizable fan base, and hardly surprising as it readily cuts through the form to showcase optimal conditions for horses, trainers and sires - and even the odd jockey. This round of upgrades has a few treats for those Profiler fans, none bigger perhaps than the addition of PRB (percentage of rivals beaten) to the Profiler tables.

This new column, found on the right hand side, tells us how a horse (or trainer or jockey or sire) performed against the variable, and the sub-categories within it. For example, if you wanted to know how progeny of Frankel have fared by going, you can view that by win and each way percent, and now also via the PRB data.


A PRB of 0.50 equates to 50% of rivals beaten, in other words "we beat as many horses are we were beaten by", while 0.55 or better is a good performance and 0.45 or lower is a poor performance in general terms. With Frankel here, we'd expect him to go well and he does; but he does best away from soft or heavy turf. [The blue highlighted row is the going of the race in question and not really relevant to what I'm trying to illustrate].

PRB can be especially useful when the sample sizes are smaller, as every performance - be it a win, a place or a last placed finish - is awarded a score.


Charts on Profiler

Whoop! We've added charts to Profiler. You can view the data in line or bar format, and may select any of the variables within Profiler from a dropdown. Thereafter you can chart that variable against any of win strike rate, each way strike rate, win profit/loss, each way profit/loss, and of course, PRB.

Here's that going PRB in bar chart format:


And here is the line chart version:


There are controls on the line version, which include zooming in and out, and exporting to an image or csv file.


Also on Profiler...

We've also moved the Trainer, Jockey and Course variables to the bottom of the list. This is simply because they have so many rows that it can make scrolling down the Profiler page a little unwieldy. They're still present, of course, just a bit further down as a means of rendering the rest of the information more accessible.


Proximity Form: Racecard Options item

Proximity Form is a handy gauge of how well a horse ran based on the distance it was beaten. But, until now, users needed to select it via Full Form each time they logged in. Hereafter, it's simply a case of checking the box on your My Geegeez page:


The Px Form traffic lights will then automagically appear on the left hand side of your Full Form:


Full Result Sectional Chart Makeover

Finally, we've also deployed the same charting software we use on Profiler and Full Form for our sectional timing charts on full results. They look nice. 😊


Hovering over a runner name (or 'Par') at the bottom of the chart will highlight that line, making it easier to view the context. Hovering over a point on the chart will, as before, bring up a bunch of info about the horse at that point during the race.


Extra Racecard Filters

And finally, as an unadvertised bonus (!), we're also bringing you a couple of extra race filters on the racecards menu page. They are:

- A breakdown of National Hunt races by race code

 - A breakdown of race type by handicap or non-handicap (replacing handicap or all)

These filters should be online later this week... everything else is live right now. Hopefully there's something of interest for you in the above.