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How To Use The New Speed Ratings

How To Use The New Speed Ratings

Unless you've had your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, you'll have heard me talking about the new speed ratings we've added to the Geegeez Gold package.

How to use speed ratings

How to use speed ratings

They sit right within the card itself - and we're working on adding them to the pace tab too, for those who like to combine pace and speed - and are already proving to be a huge hit.

But some people have questions about the new numbers, the main one being "How do use the speed ratings?".

It's a good question, and not a simple one to answer, insofar as there is no hard and fast response. Rather, there are lots of ways to incorporate speed ratings into your existing methods, or purely as a standalone betting tool. In the video below, I've outlined a few, using the first few races from Monday 1st September. In it, you'll see examples of:

  • Backing the top-rated
  • Backing the top-rated when clear
  • Backing a horse at a value price in the top two or three ratings
  • Combining multiple horses when they're clear of the rest
  • Using ratings in conjunction with pace profiles
  • Using ratings in conjunction with Instant Expert (form profiles)




p.s. if you have an approach based on using the speed ratings in conjunction with aspects of the racecards, do leave a comment and tell us. Sharing is caring. 😉